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X-Pac, Brian Myers appear at The Wrld on GCW

Both were involved in the aftermath of Matt Cardona vs. Joey Janela.

Sean "X-Pac" Waltman and Brian Myers were among the many outsiders who were involved in Matt Cardona vs. Joey Janela and its aftermath at The Wrld on GCW.

Waltman, Myers, Chelsea Green, Hornswoggle, Marko Stunt, Virgil, and Mark Sterling all made appearances either during Cardona vs. Janela or immediately following the contest. X-Pac and Myers were the focus, however, and a Janela and Waltman vs. Cardona and Myers tag team bout was teased for a future GCW event. 

Myers attacked Janela while paying tribute to the Edge/John Cena/Rob Van Dam angle from ECW One Night Stand 2006, leading to Cardona pinning Janela. Waltman then appeared and cleared the ring. He teased landing a Bronco Buster, but Myers and Cardona escaped. Waltman then celebrated with Janela in the ring. 

The cameos were not limited to the Cardona vs. Janela contest. 

ECW mainstays Sabu, Bill Alfonso, and GCW regulars Mance Warner and Atticus Cogar also made special appearances in the very next segment.