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WON Preview: The saga of TNA continues, Goldberg rumors, more 

Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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October 10, 2016 Wrestling Observer Newsletter: The saga of TNA continues, Goldberg rumors, more

Cutting through a lot of major rumors regarding what is going on with TNA, and the Brock Lesnar vs. Bill Goldberg talks, are the lead stories in the new issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. It's a double issue week including a major story on the 2016 Hall of Fame ballot and candidates.

The lead story regards when the funding came in for Bound for Glory and the television tapings, notes on the meeting Dixie Carter had with talent and where things stand going forward with the company, the tape library, ownership, and more issues going forward.

There is also a look at the story behind the Lesnar vs. Goldberg match, how it came to happen, why it is happening in November, as well as a look at Goldberg's prior WWE run. Also see how this story is similar to many others in recent years, and more things that led to this match happening now.

Inside has updated plans for the next two WWE PPV shows including a match not yet announced that will be a first ever in WWE history.

Also look at the Royal Rumble coming to the Alamodome, a look back to the 1997 Rumble in the same location, and how big an undertaking running the stadium right now really is.

There is an article on the death of Josh Samman, a UFC fighter who passed away this week and how struggles to make it to UFC, and his outside the cage struggles in life.

Plus examine the strange situation with Alberto Del Rio and examine the different stories, as well as the about face of AAA, and full coverage of the Heroes Inmortales show.

Also inside, a complete rundown of the ROH All-Star Extravaganza show, with background on the show, notes on the Final Battle show and future direction coming from the show, poll results, match-by-match coverage and star ratings, as well as a look at the crazy main event.

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Also in this issue:

  • A look at the Volador Jr. vs. Cavernario Reyes del Aire final and the crowd reaction
  • Update on the Elite promotion
  • What Jack Evans said about AAA that can't do wonders for him
  • Latest Dragon Gate angle leading to the departure of Akira Tozawa
  • A look at Dragon Gate's big shows over the past week
  • NOAH looks to be drawing its biggest Korakuen Hall crowd in some time this week and what main event is doing it
  • Notes from the King of Pro Wrestling show
  • Who to expect new pushes from in New Japan
  • Notes on the new Tiger Mask cartoon
  • Notes on a benefit show for Masa Saito
  • A title belt from 1975 being defended next month in Japan
  • Japanese promoting closing up at the end of the year
  • Notes from the Stardom promotion in Japan
  • Notes on the debut of the Diamond Star promotion and what Americans are involved
  • Update on Tammy Sytch's legal situation
  • How pro wrestling will be affected in new commission legislation that comes from adding MMA to the commission auspices
  • A look at how this will change things for the smaller promoters in the state
  • Update on the WWC Aniversario weekend
  • A look at the wXw tag team tournament week
  • Lots of notes regarding the career of Magnum T.A.
  • Lots of notes regarding the planned movie on Chris Benoit
  • More notes on the career of Moose Morowski
  • Cody Rhodes talks about a wrestler he thinks should be in WWE
  • Former ECW, WWE and TNA star doing an MMA fight soon
  • Ricochet vs. Tessa Blanchard match notes as more from Beyond Wrestling
  • Lots of notes form last week's Crash show
  • Promoter talks about issues dealing with Alberto De Rio
  • Update on Marc Mero after heart surgery
  • Former WWE & TNA star has first match in years this past weekend
  • Popular reality show star resurfaces, keeping his pro wrestling dream live
  • Lucha Underground star suffers serious injury
  • Lucha Underground signs new wrestler
  • Two of the best wresters in the world start with ROH as regulars imminently an more on that
  • Notes from ROH TV that will air through the first week of November
  • Crazy Eric Bischoff legal threat and what he was mad about
  • Notes on the next several weeks of TNA television
  • More on the new celebrity owners of the UFC
  • Tons of new UFC matches signed
  • Jose Aldo talks more about why he wants to leave UFC
  • More UFC departures
  • Story behind Michael Graves domestic violence allegation and being pulled from his next fight
  • Why Michael Bisping refuses to defend his title against one of the "big four"
  • Another UFC star threatens to leave the company if he doesn't get the title shot he feels he deserves
  • Longtime UFC stars announce retirement
  • Tito Ortiz talks a timetable for fighting Chael Sonnen
  • Scott Coker talks about the possibilities of Ryback in Bellator

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