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WON Preview: Who funded TNA's Bound for Glory anyway?

TNA Bound for Glory

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"The saga of TNA continued this past week with the big question left unanswered.

Exactly who funded the Bound for Glory PPV and tapings this week? TNA President Billy Corgan did media interviews during the week and couldn’t give a direct answer as to whether the tapings would take place, although pushed the idea that he expected they would. He said he was hoping to purchase the company, and without giving more details, said the process was complicated.

The funds to do the PPV live came in three days before the show, as that is when the people who needed the money up front for the satellite uplink to go live were contacted. PPV providers, knowing the issues, in some cases weren’t taking orders for the show until that point in time. But they were not sold the source of the funding. Talent was expecting to be addressed at Bound for Glory on 10/2, but that came and went without a word.

After it was made clear that talent wanted answers, Dixie Carter, and not Corgan, addressed them at the television tapings the next night. The meeting was described as not much, that there wasn’t much news because she said things were still ongoing. She did claim the rumor going around that they sold their tape library to WWE to fund the tapings was untrue, and that they still own their tape library.

She said she wouldn’t let WWE buy the promotion, but said WWE was interested in doing so. John Gaburick last week visited with Kevin Dunn, who he has been close friends with for decades, and brought WWE back to the table so there were talks with them as late as this past week."


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