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Ridge Holland suffers injury on WWE NXT


Ridge Holland appeared to suffer an injury to his ankle on tonight’s episode of NXT.

After defeating Danny Burch, Holland continued to attack him until Burch’s tag team partner Oney Lorcan came for the save. Holland was taken out initally, but he came back and attacked Lorcan. At one point, Lorcan went for a pescado to the floor, which Holland caught, On landing, Holland appeared to injure his ankle. Lorcan was pulled off and the referee held the X sign.

Upon return from commercial, Holland was stretchered out, giving a thumbs up sign as he was taken out of the arena.

Holland played a part in the closing angle that took place on TakeOver this past Sunday. After Finn Balor retained the NXT Championship against Kyle O'Reilly, Holland appeared with an injured Adam Cole on his shoulder. He dumped Cole on the floor, with the rest of Undisputed Era coming in asking what happened as the show went off the air.