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AJ Styles says he'll work Ring of Honor Final Battle and Tokyo Dome


By John Pozarowski

These are highlights from an AJ Styles interview on the Two Man Power Trip radio show.

TMPToW: Do you plan on wrestling at both Ring Of Honor's upcoming Final Battle & New Japan Pro Wrestling's Wrestle Kingdom 10:

AJ: As far as right now I definitely plan on doing both events. I've just been rehabbing a little bit on the back, I don't know if it's a slipped disc or a herniated disc it was very minimal which is good. The Doctor says it looks like it mostly seems like it is muscle so basically that's just rehabbing that and I am feeling pretty good. I just got into DDPY. He (Diamond Dallas Page) doesn't like it being called yoga. It is a little bit different and man, this thing has done wonders for me and everyday you do DDPY and you get your heart rate up to 150 just stretching and it just awesome. 

TMPToW: Does potentially favoring a back issue hamper your preparation for such a big match vs. Jay Lethal at Final Battle:

AJ: Well I don't plan on favoring it. If it's something that I have to favor than I am not 100% and if it's not 100% it's just going to get worse. I believe by next week I'll be ready and I don't see anything messing with me and I'm not in a lot of pain. For starters I was and I didn't want to make it worse and that's why I came home from the (NJPW Tag League) tag tournament. After rehabbing it I feel like I'll definitely be ready to go next week and be 100%. 

TMPToW: Has there been a pursued interest by WWE to get you into NXT and join both Samoa Joe and James Storm:

AJ: I haven't had a call from someone who wants to hire me so nothing really and I'm okay with that and that's not a big deal to me. I think it's more of the fans wanting something like this to happen than what I am wanting to happen. I want to be able to retire in a couple of years so I am going to go wherever that takes me. But I have no problem doing the Independents, I love it. I have a great time on the Indies. I've had a lot of great opportunities to wrestle a lot of great wrestlers.  Also doing Ring of Honor and Japan that's a good combination. 

TMPToW: Before you retire do you even want a full time spot in NXT since that seems to be the gateway to superstardom in the WWE: 

AJ: Like I said before, I want to support my family and I am going to go wherever that takes me. Would I like to have a "WrestleMania moment"? Sure. But I am very content with having a "Wrestle Kingdom moment" in front of 60,000 fans. I think that is pretty awesome walking down that long ramp of the Tokyo Dome in probably one of the bigger matches on the show. There is probably a couple other people out there that want to do the same thing.