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EC3 details battle with severe infection


EC3 took to his blog to talk about the infection that has kept him out of action for the last month.

In the blog, he wrote about his experiences with a severe infection that occurred following his battle with COVID-19 last year, citing a torn toe tendon procedure and a cut suffered during a match. 

“A couple of weeks ago, I noticed a swelling developing in my arm, and in other areas of my body,” he wrote. Paying it very little attention while using bro-science and internet diagnosis, I continued my daily missions and the overwhelming burdens I place upon myself in training, performing, business, and creative endeavors. When I thought about getting it looked at professionally, another thing would come up that I’d give priority.

"This repeated and I lived life normally, consistently going, no rest," he continued. "Finally, after an attempt at some athletic based therapy, my arm became a gigantic, swollen, horrifying, ungodly, painful atrocity and I went to the ER. Next thing I knew, words like cellulitis, staph, and stenosis were thrown around, I was being pumped full of fluids, antibiotics, and morphine, and was in an ambulance to my STAYCATION DESTINATION, Advent Health Downtown Orlando."

He continued to write that for the next ten days, he shut down both physically and mentally, tuning out family and friends. 

“It was a reminder of both a childhood spent very ill, and a career spent where when things were very promising, began to reach an apex, and accomplishments being achieved I would drasticly be shattered with catastrophic injuries (torn ligaments, tendons, concussions etc.) Completely unforeseen. Completely unnecessary,” he wrote.

EC3 went on to write that he was now at home to heal and to rest, and he had circled three dates on his calendar, with May 27 being the first.

Last month, EC3 wrote on Instagram that he had been in the hospital with an infection. He has not wrestled since April 9, when he lost to Moose by DQ at a Game Changer Wrestling event.