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Four weeks of ROH TV tapings from Toronto, ONT: June PPV main event announced

By Jeff Lam

Here are the results from the ROH TV tapings in Toronto, Ontario.  They shot 4 episodes all together.  Good crowd, really hot for any Bullet Club appearances.  However, not the hottest for anything else on the show.  As the show was for TV tapings, the matches were shorter.

Prior to the tapings, Nigel McGuinness announced that at the next PPV, it would be Jay Lethal v Jay Briscoe II.  McGuinness then joined Kevin Kelly on commentary for the TV tapings (no Mr. Wrestling III tonight).

1st Taping:

ACH d. Lio Rush
Fun Match.  Post Match had a run in attack by Silas Young on ACH.

Motorcity Machine Guns d. The Addicition and RPG Vice

Addiction came out and cut a heel promo on the Toronto crowd.  The MCMG came out to make a challenge, followed by RPG Vice, and started a 3-way tag match.  Match ended with Alex Shelley getting the pin on Christopher Daniels.

The Elite (Kenny Omega, Young Bucks) d. Michael Elgin, Yoshitatsu and Tanahashi
Kenny Omega getting the pin on Yoshitatsu after hitting the One Winged Angel.  Loudest pop so far, with the Bullet Club appearance.

2nd Taping:

Okada (w/ Gedo) d. Matt Sydal

Okada with the win after hitting the Rainmaker.  Big pop for Okada's appearance (much louder than the other NJPW talent so far, apart from Bullet Club).  Really great competitive match between the two.

Colt Cabana d. Adam Page (of the Bullet Club)

Big pop for Cabana's appearance.  Chants of CM Punk and Art of Wrestling during match.  Post-match saw Bullet Club (represented by Tama Tanga and Tanga Roa) hit the ring with a beat down on Colt.  Adam Page now carries around a hangman's noose.   Choked out Colt with the rope during beat down. 

BJ Whitmer Promo
Had the most heat on the show so far, but not the good kind of heat though.  Crowd just didn't like him or cared what he had to say.  Chants of boring.  Segment was at least saved by a Steve Corino run-in.  But Whitmer got away before Corino could lay hands on him.

Jay Lethal d. Donovan Dijak
Finish saw The Elite run in and super kick Dijak while the ref's back was turned.  Lethal pushed the Bullet Club members out and took advantage of the downed Dijak and got the pin after hitting the Lethal Injection.  Other Bullet Club members ran in after the match to beat down on Lethal, however, the Briscoes make the save.

3rd Taping:

Dalton Castle d. Gedo

Tetsuya Naito d. Moose
Really good match.  Naito sold a lot for Moose.  Naito mocked Moose throughout the match with his fist pump taunt.  Naito's character was amazing and over with the crowd.  Really contrasts his appearance last year, when the crowd had a more tepid reaction to him.  Amazing to see what a year can do.

ANX d. Cheeseburger and Jushin Thunder Liger
Liger with maybe as big a pop as Okada in terms of NJPW talent.  Rhett Titus with the pin on Cheeseburger.  Big chants for Liger post match.

Silas Young with promo on ACH
After cutting a promo on ACH, Young gets down and into the crowds face.  While being held back by officials on the outside, ACH sneaks to the ring makes a running top rope dive, taking out Young.  ACH with the escape into the crowd.

Kyle O'Reilly d. Kushida
Best match of the night so far.  Great technical bout with the two exchanging holds throughout.  Great back and forth match.  It's too bad that they couldn't go longer, but it was a TV taping match, so it's understandable.  O'Reilly with the upset victory over Kushida after a quick roll up.  

4th Taping:

Dalton Castle d. Kamaitachi, Cedric Alexander, Caprice Coleman

Four-way match, and again, Dalton is the crowd favourite.  Kamaitachi got a nice pop when he entered.  His entrance didn't have a video package though.  Dalton picked up the win after landing the pin on Kamaitachi.  Lots of fun high flying action and comedy spots.  Another win for Dalton to build up to his eventual TV title match.  Post-match saw Veda Scott with heat on Cedric Alexander, unimpressed with his losing.  Scott about to fire Cedric, but before she can, he quits on her.

Tomohiro Ishii d. Will Ferrara
Maybe weakest match of the evening.  Crowd wasn't buying into Ferrara, but they loved Ishii.  I think by this time, the crowd was getting tired as well.

Team ROH (Briscoes, Roderick Strong, Jay Lethal) d. Bullet Club (Tama Tanga, Tanga Roa, Matt Jackson, Kenny Omega)

Finish saw Jay Briscoe hitting the Jay Driller on Tanga Roa.   Fun TV main event, although not as exciting as last year's Team ROH vs Bullet Club matches.  It was interesting having Jay Lethal fight alongside Jay Briscoe since they're fighting on the next PPV.  I don't recall them butting heads during the match.  However, post-match, a confrontation ensued between the two. 

After Lethal leaves, the Briscoes make an announcement that they're coming to NJPW to take the IWGP tag titles off of Tama Tanga and Tanga Roa.