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PCW Supershow of Honor II results from shows 2 and 3: Adam Cole Ironman match

Submitted by Jan Buxton in Preston, England


Show Three --

Roderick Strong beat Dave Rayne, Charlie Garrett, El Ligero, Bubblegum, and Kenny King.

Usual fun 6 man opener.

Sha Samuels beat Dalton Castle.

The East End Butcher vs the Peacock of Professional Wrestling was everything one thought it might be. Sha remains undefeated.

Adam Cole beat Ashton Smith to retain the PCW Cruiserweight title.

Decent match.

Noam Dar beat Cedric Alexander.

This was really good and a lesson in how to work with a tired crowd.

T Bone and Rampage Brown beat Martin Kirby and Joey Hayes, War Machine (Hansen and Rowe), and reDRagon (Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish).

All action 4 way tag action with T Bone and Rampage picking up the win with a double pin on Martin and Joey. A highlight of this match was just how ill O'Reilly looked, clearly very hungover.

Dave Mastiff beat Silas Young.

Solid match and Silas has impressed this weekend.

Lionheart beat Delirious.

Not much to say about this one. Lionheart is not a popular man amongst the fans.

Jay Lethal beat Doug Williams to retain the ROH World Title.

These two renewing acquaintances from TNA days. Looked like they had fun and it was a well worked match.

Show Three --

Dalton Castle beat Silas Young, Ashton Smith, Charlie Garrett, Martin Kirby, and Cedric Alexander.

Possibly the best multi man of the weekend so far. The very popular Dalton Castle got the pin on Silas.

Roderick Strong beat Lionheart.

Relatively short. Strong won by countout after Lionheart walked out. Such is Lionheart's unpopularity that Strong's usual "shitty little boots" chant became "awesome little boots" as he was very much the face here.

War Machine (Hanson and Rowe) beat reDRagon (O'Reilly and Fish).

This was really good and garnered "this is awesome" chants by end. Eventually War Machine killed O'Reilly and got the win.

El Ligero beat Kenny King.

King came out in BDC jacket and then faked a leg injury early on which got him some heel heat but generally fairly split crowd. Decent match, Ligero got the match after hitting the C4L.

X-Pac, Dave Rayne, Roy and Zak Knight w/ Scott Hall beat T Bone, Rampage Brown, Bubblegum, and Iestyn Rees w/ Joanna Rose.

Big reaction for X-Pac, Hall, and the Hooligans who were all surprises. Feel good match with the faces triumphing with Pac pinning Rees after some toothpick action from Hall.

Jay Lethal beat Joey Hayes to retain the ROH World Title.

With Hayes still on the mend from a pec injury this was a very respectable 10 minute match. Lethal winning with the Lethal Injection.

Sha Samuels beat Delirious.

Another clash of personalities and another choke out win for Sha.

Noam Dar beat Drew Galloway.

Originally billed as Dar vs PCW Academy trainee Jack Baron, Galloway came through the crowd and attacked him to set up Dar-Galloway III. This was really really good, match of the night. Brawling outside the ring, heated action inside it, and Dar having kicked out of the futureshock DDT made Galloway tap out.

Dave Mastiff drew 3-3 with Adam Cole in a 30-minute iron man match to retain the PCW Heavyweight Title.

This struggled to follow the previous match especially given the downsides of the iron man format. Still a decent match though, Cole took an early 2-0 lead, Mastiff came back to lead 3-2 before Cole equalised in the last minute. Declared a draw, a 5 minute overtime period was then declared a double DQ when Sha Samuels attacked both men. A bit of a flat ending to a good show.