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ROH Death Before Dishonor live results: FTR vs. The Briscoes II

ROH World Champion Jonathan Gresham defends against Claudio Castagnoli in one of six title matches.

Six titles will be on the line at Saturday's Ring of Honor Death Before Dishonor pay-per-view including the much-anticipated rematch between ROH Tag Team Champions FTR vs. The Briscoes in a two-out-of-three falls match.

The two teams battled at April's Supercard of Honor with FTR picking up the win and the belts.

The ROH World title will be on the line as Jonathan Gresham defends against Claudio Castagnoli while ROH Women's Champion Mercedes Martinez defends against Serena Deeb.

ROH TV Champion Samoa Joe defends against Jay Lethal while ROH Pure Champion Wheeler Yuta defends against Daniel Garcia.

Rush takes on Dragon Lee in a battle of brothers.

Six-Man Tag Team Champions The Righteous return to defend against Dalton Castle & The Boys.

The pre-show will feature four matches: Willow Nightingale vs. Allysin Kay; The Trustbusters vs. Shinobi Shadow Squad; Brian Cage & Gates of Agony vs. Tony Deppen, Blake Christian & Alex Zayne; and Colt Cabana vs. Anthony Henry.

Saturday's show emanates live from Lowell. Massachusetts.


ROH Zero Hour Preshow

Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman welcomed us to the show before pitching us to Bobby Cruise.

Colt Cabana defeated Anthony Henry w/ JD Drake

Cabana used wristlocks on Henry, which got a pop and “Colt Cabana.” There were some issues with the FITE stream here, so I had to switch to the ROH YouTube to watch the preshow, causing me to miss part of the match. Henry did a neck twist with his legs on Cabana and began to work Cabana over.

Riccaboni and Coleman noted the feuds Cabana had in his ROH past with Homicide and others that resulted in neck injuries to Cabana. Henry hit some hard kicks to the chest of Cabana as he absorbed them and got fired up. Cabana went to pick the leg, but Henry responded with a piledriver that nearly got the 3 on Cabana, but Cabana got a foot on the ropes.

Henry hit some knees to Cabana’s head, but Colt caught the leg and hit a back suplex. Cabana hit a bionic elbow to a roar from the crowd before hitting some hard chops on Henry. Cabana hit a flying apple and then a lariat for a 2-count. JD Drake distracted Cabana and was able to drive him into the guardrails behind the referee’s back, which led to Henry hitting a run kick on the floor before hitting a beautiful frog splash for a 2-count.

Cabana dodged a dropkick of the top ropes and went for Billy Goat’s Curse, but Henry slipped out and went for a German suplex. Cabana dead weighted him and countered into a Billy Goat’s Curse again. JD Drake got on the apron to distract him, and Cabana decked him. Henry ran at Cabana, but he dodged and hit a back suplex before hitting a top rope moonsault for the pinfall.

Excellent opening match, and I hope to see talent like Anthony Henry used in ROH until there is space for him in AEW beyond being an opening act. Him and JD Drake are excellent workers, and it showed here. Cabana was excellent as he usually is.

--A fantastic hype video aired for FTR against the Briscoes, highlighting the storied career of the Briscoes and how they are the greatest tag team in ROH history. FTR knows that their legacy is at stake, and Caprice Coleman right pointed out that the Briscoes now know what they are dealing with, and they learn from their losses.

Trustbusters (Ari Daivari & Slim J) defeated Shinobi Shadow Squad (Cheeseburger & Eli Isom)

I never expected to see Slim J, of the stable Special K from the early days of ROH, being on an ROH show in 2022, but here we are. He was known for getting rag dolled in his matches, and I wonder if that will happen here.

Daivari and Slim J immediately started getting the heat on Cheeseburger. Isom tagged in, but was cut off fairly quickly with a throat thrust from Daivari. Cheeseburger tagged back in and locked a lucha submission on Slim J, but he got distracted by Daivari, leading to Slim J hitting a wheelbarrow flatliner. It appears Slim J has not lost his ability to do wacky moves.

Burger rolled under a clothesline from Daivari and tagged out to Isom, who ran wild hitting a big back suplex on Daivari. Burger put Slim J on the top rope, but Slim J did a tornado double underhook suplex on Burger. Slim J then hit a cutter on Isom. Daivari then hit a frog splash on Isom for the pinfall, leading to the crowd showering Daivari with boos.

This was a decent tag match, but predictable as Tony Khan is trying to establish the Trustbusters.

--Lexy Nair was backstage with Prince Nana, who made his return to Ring of Honor, and Prince Nana announced that he had purchased Tully Blanchard Enterprises! Prince Nana has returned to ROH, and brought his Embassy back!

The Embassy (Brian Cage, Kaun, & Toa Liona) w/ Prince Nana defeated Blake Christian, Tony Deppen, & Alex Zayne

All six men kept the Code of Honor, though reluctantly on the side of The Embassy. Tony Deppen, who was at a significant size disadvantage, went right after Tony Deppen. Deppen kicked Cage in the face, who no sold it. Cage hit a gorilla press slam on Deppen, leaving him laying on the mat.

Deppen tried to hit a code breaker on Cage, but Cage caught him, kicked him in the head, and hit a German suplex before tagging out to Kaun. Deppen managed to hit a leg trip and then stomped on the back on Kaun. Zayne tagged in and hit a series of forearms and a flipping legdrop on Kaun.

Kaun ducked under Zayne in the corner, flipped Zayne off, and baited him into the ring. Liona was able to tag in and attack Zayne. The Embassy got the heat on Zayne for the next few minutes, successfully isolating him to their corner. Kaun hit a sidewalk slam on the top turnbuckle, which had to hurt, but it only got worse for Zayne as Toa Liona hit a senton on the apron before he sent Zayne in to get deadlift superplexed by Brian Cage.

Cage hit Zayne with a wheelbarrow suplex and tried to knock Blake Christian off the apron, but Christian dodged him and Zayne tagged out, hitting big moves on Cage before hitting a Fosbury Flop to the floor, but Kaun and Liona caught him. Tony Deppen, who blind tagged in, hit a cannonball through the ropes to the floor.

Alex Zayne hit a moonsault to the floor on Cage, leading to Christian hitting a springboard 450, and Deppen hitting a running knee on Cage for a 2-count. All six men then hit big moves on each other, but as Cage went to powerbomb Deppen, Christian and Zayne hit enziguris on him. Tony Deppen fired up as he faced off against Liona and Kaun, but he couldn’t handle the big men before taking three massive moves ending with Liona hitting a Dominator while Brain Cage kicked Deppen in the face for the pinfall.

After the match, Prince Nana mockingly shook the hand of the unconscious Deppen. This was a great tag match, and I love Prince Nana, so this worked.

--A hype video aired about Daniel Garcia and Wheeler Yuta, and focused on Garcia being upset that Yuta talked about targeting Garcia’s legs that were injured in his car accident. Garcia talked about how Chris Jericho saved his life, because Jericho donated to his GoFundMe and kept him afloat while trying to rehab from his injury, and that this was personal for him and he was going to take that Pure title from Yuta. This was fantastic.

Willow Nightingale defeated Allysin Kay

Willow Nightingale got a massive pop from the crowd when she came out, and it’s clear the ROH audience has really embraced her as one of their own. The Code of Honor was kept, and the bell rang to begin the match.

Allysin Kay tried to lock on a kimura, the move she beat Nightingale with in the ROH Womens title tournament a few years ago, but Nightingale learned from it and hit a one handed slam on Kay to break it. Nightingale hit a hard clothesline in the corner and went for a kick, but Kay threw her between the ropes and hit a neckbreaker and a kick from the apron for a 2-count.

Kay hit a very hard chop to Nightingale in the corner, but Nightingale ducked another one and hit some hard chops on Kay. Kay hit a lariat on Nightingale for a 2-count. Both women hit some hard shots for the next few minutes before collapsing in the middle of the ring. Nightingale hit a middle rope dropkick on Kay for a 2-count.

Kay kept going for submissions, but Nightingale kept fighting out and countering with power to get out, learning from her previous match up with Kay. Kay finally managed to hit the Strong Zero for a 2-count and went for the AK-47, but Nightingale fought out and hit a Pounce on Kay before hitting a wheelbarrow powerbomb on Kay for the pinfall!

This was a great match. Allysin Kay sold the powerbomb well, remaining folded up in the middle of the ring while Nightingale celebrated with the audience, as the announcers speculated that Nightingale is working her way back towards a title shot.

--ROH Zero Hour closed with a hype video for Jonathan Gresham and Claudio Castagnoli. The video here was excellent, firmly establishing Gresham as a champion that deserves to be in the linage of CM Punk and Bryan Danielson. The video also highlighted history of Claudio Castagnoli in ROH, succeeding in tag teams, but failing with his world title attempts. Castagnoli last challenged for the ROH World title in 2007 and failed in his attempt, but now he has come home to ROH and he wants the gold that eluded him for all his career. This was an amazing hype video.

ROH Death Before Dishonor 2022

The PPV wasted no time, and opened up with the ROH World Championship match!

Claudio Castagnoli w/ William Regal defeated Jonathan Gresham to win the ROH World Championship

FITE continued to have issues as this show aired, cutting out and stopping the stream for no reason, however, Castagnoli started the match by attacking Gresham right away going for a European Uppercut, but Gresham dodged and the technical wrestling began between both men. I missed the next few minutes due to the issues with Fite, but came back with Claudio Castagnoli hitting a deadlift wheelbarrow suplex into the ring by Gresham.

Gresham, however, did not take that laying down, and hit a dropkick to the knee of Claudio before going for some submissions. Castagnoli countered with his strength, doing a wheelbarrow backbreaker on Gresham. Castagnoli went for the Sharpshooter, but couldn’t get it on due to his knee, so he gave up and hit a double stomp on Gresham for a 2-count.

Gresham is playing the long game, hoping to wear Castagnoli down and force him to expend energy while going back to the knee. However, Gresham was unable to hit a German suplex because Castagnoli hit a backbreaker on him earlier. Gresham responded with a shotgun dropkick and a hard forearm before going for an ankle lock, but Castagnoli made it to the ropes.

Gresham hit a hard chop, which only made Castagnoli mad. Gresham continued with those chops, but Castagnoli hit a hard European uppercut to drop him. Gresham chopped the knee of Castagnoli instead and blocked an uppercut before hitting an enziguri. Castagnoli went for a UFO but his knee gave out, so Gresham hit a Lionsault and then rolled into a German suplex for a 2-count.

Gresham and Castagnoli kept countering each other until Castagnoli was able to hit hammer elbows to Gresham before hitting the Ricola Bomb and pinning Gresham! Claudio Castagnoli is now the ROH World Champion! Castagnoli sat in the ring in shock, with tears in his eyes that he was finally a world champion. Now, the Blackpool Combat Club has two World Champions in its rank with Castagnoli and Jon Moxley.

This match was awesome. Jonathan Gresham kept the Code of Honor showing respect to the new champion, as Castagnoli celebrated with the fans. This was so great.

--Lexy Nair was with Daniel Garcia, and he talked about he hated the ROH Pure title because it no one wanted more rules in wrestling, and the Jericho Appreciation Society were going to take the belt to the big leagues and smash it into a million pieces. That was great.

Dalton Castle & The Boys (Brandon & Brent Tate) defeated The Righteous (Vincent, Bateman, Dutch) w/ Vita VonStarr to win the ROH World Six Man Championship

The Righteous had a significant size advantage over The Boys, and spent most of the early parts of the match using their size to get the heat on them. Bateman hit a knee and then a Twist and Shout on Brent Tate. However, Tate was able to roll under an attack and tag out to Dalton Castle. Castle hit a basement DDT on Bateman and suplexed people all over the ring to the delight of the crowd.

Castle grabbed each of the Boys and threw them over the top rope onto all the members of the Righteous. The crowd cheered their approval after several times. The Boys managed to dodge an attack from Vita VonStarr, but Dutch, of all people, hit a tope con giro on The Boys. The Righteous hit a series of moves on The Boys and nearly got a 3 count, but Castle broke it up to cheers from the crowd.

Vincent hit a tope on Castle, but Castle hit a rebounding hurricanrana on Vincent before tagging in and hitting a huge German suplex on Dutch and then that Bang-a-rang on Bateman for the pinfall! We have new Six Man Tag Champions!

Wheeler Yuta w/ William Regal defeated Daniel Garcia to retain the ROH Pure Championship

The judges for the title match were Josh Woods, John Walter, and Ace Steel, with Woods having his mouth guard in for some reason, which amused me. Yuta and Garcia went straight to grappling, but both of these men are familiar with each other, as they had a one hour draw last year on the indies.

Regal talked about his history with ROH and how he sent many young wrestlers to ROH while he worked for WWE because ROH was the foundation of professional wrestling, noting that he gave Bryan Danielson his tights and boots, which he wore for years, in ROH. As they were grappling, Garcia hit a headbutt on Yuta and then dumped him to the floor over the top rope.

Regal was great putting over Yuta and Garcia here, talking about the little things they are doing. Regal talked about how Garcia was among the best young wrestlers today, and he was pleased Yuta was facing it, as it forced him to work hard and learn more. Yuta managed to catch Garcia with a slam and a senton right in the middle of the ring.

Yuta transitioned from a single leg crab to a bow and arrow lock on Garcia. Yuta managed to hit a series of German suplexes on Garcia before transitioning to a double wrist lock and going for a kimura. To break out Daniel Garcia bit the ear of Yuta, to boos from the crowd. Garcia then rolled his elbows across the ear of Yuta, working over it.

Regal talked about how working the ear like that can create a cauliflower ear, which burns when attacked like that, even if you get it drained later. Garcia hit hard forearms to the ear of Yuta, continuing to work over the vulnerability he created. Yuta grabbed the ears of Garcia while they were on the top rope and hit forearms to knock him off before hitting a dropkick from the top rope.

Both men exchanged hard chops and slaps in the middle of the ring while on their knees before getting back to their feet and continuing to slap each other. Garcia went down after a hard shot, and Yuta asked for a 10 count because he thought he knocked him out. Garcia got up at 9, but Yuta hit a German suplex for a 2-count.

Garcia and Yuta exchanged a series of submission attempts, but Garcia went back too far on the sharpshooter, and Yuta caught him with a bulldog choke. Garcia went and locked on a Regal Stretch but wasn’t able to get it how he wanted. Yuta locked on the Liontamer on Garcia to a roar from the crowd, but Garcia had to make his first rope break to get out.

Garcia hit a piledriver on Yuta for a 2-count, but Garcia decided to do the Bryan Danielson stomps on Yuta, but Yuta dodged it and trapped the arms for a flash pinfall at about 17 minutes into the match.

Yuta didn’t have to use one rope break, and the crowd roared at the pinfall. This was excellent. Daniel Garcia refused the handshake after the match, flipping off Wheeler Yuta.

Rush w/ Jose the Assistant defeated Dragon Lee

Rush facing his brother for the first time here, showing respect that he wouldn’t normally show as it was his little brother. Rush and Lee engaged in mat wrestling to open, but Rush was frustrated fairly early on, and resorted to striking his younger brother. Lee responded by hitting a huge kick to the face of Rush. Rush responded by hitting a shotgun drop kick and a tope con giro, to a massive pop from the crowd.

Rush started taking Dragon Lee around the ringside smashing them into the guardrails in order to keep the advantage. Rush facewashed Dragon Lee before going for his corner dropkick, but Lee got his hands up. Rush paused then simply kicked him in the face, which fired Lee up, but Rush anticipated it and hit a bodyslam.

Dragon Lee ended up on the outside with Rush and sat him on a ringside table. Dragon Lee decided to lawn dart himself into the table through the ropes, crashing through it with Rush, which was insane. Lee hit a double stomp back in the ring for a 2-count. Rush and Lee proceeded to hit a series of hard strikes and suplexes leaving both men laying in the middle of the ring.

Rush hit a deadlift superplex into the ring for a 2-count. Dragon Lee and Rush exchanged hard chops on the apron, ending with a superkick from Rush and a flying knee on Lee. Lee then ran at Rush, and Rush hit a belly-to-belly suplex to the floor on Dragon Lee! That was insane. Rush argued with a fan and that gave Lee enough time to hit an over the top rope hurricanrana to the floor on Rush.

Lee and Rush exchanged strikes and chops in the middle of the ring, but Rush hit a belly-to-belly in the corner before hitting the huge corner dropkick on Lee, but Lee kicked out! I don’t think I have ever seen someone kick out of the Bull’s Horns before. Rush put Dragon Lee on the top rope and went for a superplex, but Lee cut him off and hit a double stomp on him for a 1-count! Dragon Lee responded with a Liger bomb, but Rush kicked out.

Dragon Lee hit Rush with the Incinerator, but Rush kicked out! Rush then pretended to be knocked out to lure Lee in and hit the Bull’s Horns for the pinfall. This match was awesome. Rush needed a high-quality match like this, and it showed how good he can be when he wants to be. Dragon Lee should be signed immediately, as he is fantastic.

Mercedes Martinez defeated Serena Deeb to retain the ROH World Women’s Championship

As one would expect, there was a lot of grappling in the early portions of this match, with Serena Deeb staying barely one step ahead of Martinez. Deeb blocked an O’Connor roll, but Martinez got up and hit a spinebuster then a dropkick that sent Deeb to the floor. Deeb hit a spear on the apron after a few exchanges, but Deeb crashed to the floor in the process, so both women were hurt.

Deeb and Martinez ended up battling while on the top rope, with Martinez getting dropped into the tree of woe, where Deeb kicked the back of Martinez repeatedly before hitting a dropkick in the corner. Deeb tried to transition into the Deebtox, but Martinez fought out and hit a wristlock takeover. Deeb tried to roll up Martinez, but Martinez countered into an cross armbar but Deeb maintained control over her own wrists, so Martinez gave it op and transitioned into a type of guillotine choke.

Deeb and Martinez exchanged kicks while on the ground before both fell backwards, exhausted. The crowd seemed to get behind Serena Deeb here a fair bit, chanting her name at this point. Martinez blocked the straight jacket piledriver and hit a running knee on Deeb, but was unable to capitalize. Martinez missed a corner charge and Deeb went to the top ropes, but Martinez cut her off and hit a spider German suplex into the ring. Deeb landed right on her head, which looked brutal.

Martinez went for an execution forearm, but Deeb fell face first to the mat, seemingly unconscious. Martinez went for a dragon sleeper, but Deeb baited her in and bit her arm to escape. Martinez went for a Landslide, but Deeb countered into a Twist and Shout. Deeb hit a tornado DDT and transitioned into the Serenity Lock right in the middle of the ring, but Martinez rolled out into a pinfall attempt for a 2-count.

Deeb hit a dragon screw on Martinez and went for the lock again, working over the knee by driving it into the mat. Matinez managed to roll out and sent Deeb into the middle turnbuckle. Deeb had her head trapped on the top turnbuckle, and Martinez hit the OG Drop on Deeb for a 2-count.

Martinez went for the Brass City Sleeper again, locking it onto Deeb in the middle of the ring, finally tapping out to Martinez. This one felt like Deeb should have won based on fan response, but they responded positively to the finish, and cheered as both women hugged in the ring. Another excellent match.

--The hype video before this match highlighting the long and storied history of Samoa Joe and Jay Lethal was fantastic. It’s clear Lethal thought he was living in Joe’s shadow in Ring of Honor for all this time.

Samoa Joe defeated Jay Lethal to retain the ROH World Television Championship

Before Lethal could even make it to the ring, Joe’s music hit and he came out and both men started brawling at ringside. Joe was fired up, hitting hard chops to drive Lethal to the floor. Lethal managed to hit three of his suicide dives on Joe before the bell even rang. Lethal hit some hard chops on Joe before putting Joe into the corner of the guardrails, calling for Joe’s Ole kick on the floor. Joe responded with a chop and then kicked Lethal to threw the guardrail in classic Joe style.

Samoa Joe went to put Lethal through the announce table, but Satnam Singh came out of nowhere and attacked Joe, and since the match hadn’t started yet, he could get away with it. Lethal wrapped a chair around Joe’s arm and then shoved him into the ring post before getting in the ring. The referee refused to start the match until Singh left, however, so he left with much protest.

It seemed Lethal’s efforts were for naught, as Joe hit his enziguri in the corner on Lethal for a 2-count. Lethal and Joe exchanged chops in the ring, ending with Lethal hitting a dropkick on Joe. Lethal hit a European uppercut on Joe, and Joe responded with a palm strike that nearly knocked Lethal out.

Lethal hit an enziguri on Joe before collapsing. Lethal tried again with the strikes, but Joe responded with an elbow and a his forearm dive to the floor on Lethal. The fans chanted for Joe as Joe went for a sunset flip and then nailed Lethal with a lariat for another 2-count. Lethal broke up a powerbomb attempt by attacking the injured arm of Joe, but ate a power slam after hitting the ropes for a 2-count.

Lethal ducked under an STO attempt from Joe and hit the Lethal Combination. Lethal put Joe on the top rope and went for the Muscle Buster, but Joe shoved him off. Joe hit a leg lariat from the middle rope for a 2-count. Joe went for the Muscle Buster, but Lethal slipped out and hit the Lethal Injection but Joe barely kicked out!

Joe stumbled to his feet and hit a dropkick that sent Joe into the corner. Lethal charged at Joe but ate an STO from Joe in the corner. Joe called for the Muscle Buster, but as he went for it Sonjay Dutt distracted the referee and Lethal hit Joe with the TV title. Joe kicked out again, to a roar from the crowd.

Lethal went for the Lethal Injection again, but Joe caught him and went for the Rear Naked Choke, but Lethal hit a jaw breaker and went for a Dragon Suplex, but Joe pulled Lethal back into the Rear Naked Choke and choked Lethal out! Excellent match with Samoa Joe and Jay Lethal here.

--Ian Riccaboni ran down the card for AEW Dynamite: Fight for the Fallen, with the huge announcement that Bryan Danielson was making his return against Daniel Garcia!

FTR (Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood) defeated The Briscoes (Jay & Mark Briscoe) to retain the ROH World Tag Team Championship in a 2/3 Falls Match

The fans chanted ROH loudly as the bell rang and before the teams did anything. Dax Harwood and Mark Briscoe locked up to a roar from the crowd. Ian Riccaboni talked about how Harwood and Mark Briscoe both had children who have fought through health issues, with Briscoe’s son being born prematurely recently.

Harwood hit a shoulder block on Mark Briscoe while selling it a little bit, as he has a legitimate shoulder injury he has been dealing with for a fair bit. Wheeler tagged in, but Mark Brsicoe hit a Japanese armdrag before hitting a palm strike, doing his Redneck Kung Fu pose. Jay Briscoe tagged in and went face to face with Harwood, showing incredible intensity.

Jay Briscoe hit a back suplex on Harwood for a 2-count, which sent Harwood to the floor and the ringside doctor went there to check on him. The doctor indicated he was fine, as Harwood sold the move and his injured shoulder. Harwood tagged out to Wheeler to rest up after that blow that rocked him.

Wheeler and Jay Briscoe exchanged hard chops in the middle of the ring, and as Briscoe hit the ropes, Wheeler went low with a shoulder tackle that took the wind out of him. Briscoe went to the floor to reset, and the doctor tried to check on him, but Jay Briscoe shoved him away. Briscoe then tagged out to Mark Briscoe and the chopfest continued.

Jay Briscoe came back in, but was isolated quickly and FTR soon cut him off and Harwood hand Wheeler exchanged quick tags to keep him isolated. Wheeler hit a back suplex on Briscoe for a 2-count. Jay and Mark were able to use their synergy to finally shift the momentum in their favour after a hard chop and Wheeler trying to fight off both men.

Mark Briscoe picked up Wheeler by his nose, which had to suck, and chopped him before hitting a vertical suplex. Jay Briscoe tagged in and began to focus on the neck of Wheeler, setting him up for the Jay Driller later, presumably. Mark Briscoe ate a powerslam from Wheeler before Harwood tagged in and started running wild with chops and punches on Mark Briscoe before hitting a few German suplexes on Jay Briscoe.

Harwood’s advantage did not lost long, but as Mark Briscoe went for the Cactus Elbow on Harwood, Wheeler took his head off with a lariat on the apron. Harwood faked a punch and hit a DDT like Arn Anderson would on Jay Briscoe for a 2-count. Harwood was slingshotted into the corner, leading to Mark Briscoe being able to hit the Doomsday Device on Dax Harwood to finish the first fall.

Second Fall

Mark Briscoe hit a series of ridiculously hard chops on Harwood on the floor, with each one getting a louder reaction from the audience. Jay Briscoe went to the floor and drove Dax Harwood into the guardrail, as blood poured down Harwood’s chest from the hard chops moment before.

Bobby Cruise announced that 20 minutes have passed in the time limit, and that there was 40 minutes left in the time limit, with only one fall passing so far. Mark Briscoe kept Harwood locked in a headlock, but was eventually able to power up with a back suplex. Jay Briscoe came in and stopped the tag, but Harwood hit two German suplexes and put Jay Briscoe on the top rope.

Harwood went to tag out, but Jay Briscoe took Wheeler out earlier, so there was no one to tag. Harwood decided to hit a super back suplex on Briscoe instead, as he couldn’t tag out. By the time Wheeler was back on the apron, the move was done and Harwood. Harwood considered going for the cover by rolled over to go for the tag again, but Mark Briscoe pulled Wheeler off the apron.

The Briscoes hit Redneck Boogie on Wheeler next, but Wheeler managed to kick out at 2. Mark Briscle and Dax Harwood exchanged chops in the middle of the ring again, with Mark Briscoe continuing to get the best of those exchanges. Wheeler managed to lure Briscoe into sending him with an Irish whip, which allowed Harwood to run to Wheeler to tag in.

Wheeler then hit a belly-to-belly on Jay Briscoe before hitting a brainbuster on Mark Briscoe for a 2-count. Wheeler managed to hit a Gory Special on Mark Briscoe, but he managed to barely kick out. Jay Briscoe dumped Dax Harwood over the guardrail and started brawling in the crowd with him. Mark Briscoe and Cash Wheeler ended up brawling around the timekeeper’s table, but when they got back into the ring, Jay Briscoe hit Wheeler with the ring bell but only got a 2-count.

Cash Wheeler was bleeding after the bell shot and as Mark Briscoe hit the Froggy Bow on Wheeler, Harwood pulled Jay Briscoe off the pinfall and then hit a flapjack on Mark Briscoe into the ring steps. FTR managed to bait Jay Briscoe in at this point and hit the Big Rig on Jay Briscoe for the pinfall in the second fall.

Third Fall

Mark Briscoe made his way back to his corner, and he was bleeding as well from his crash into the ring steps earlier. Mark Briscoe tagged and went face to face with Cash Wheeler, and both bleeding men started to exchange chops and other strikes in the ring before Briscoe hit a capture suplex on both members of FTR.

Harwood and Mark Briscoe exchanged chops yet again on the apron, with Mark Briscoe winning the battle again and hitting a blockbuster to the floor on Harwood. Jay Briscoe tagged in and hit a superkick on Harwood before going for the Jay Driller, but Harwood fought out and hit a piledriver perfectly on Briscoe for a 2-count.

The Briscoes went for another Doomsday Device, but Wheeler shoved Mark Briscoe off. FTR went for the Big Rig, but Briscoe fought out and Harwood accidentally punched the referee right in the face. Jay Briscoe then picked up Harwood and hit the Jay Driller, but the referee was out. Jay Briscoe got a visual pinfall, but he referee was not there to count the pinfall.

Briscoe picked up Harwood and called for the Doomsday Device as Harwood called for Wheeler to save him. Wheeler complied and helped Harwood hit a Big Rig on Jay Briscoe! Wheeler shoved the referee, who was bleeding from the mouth, into the ring, but Jay Briscoe managed to kick out!

Harwood went for a superplex into the ring, but Mark Briscoe shoved Wheeler off the ropes as he got into position for the big splash from the top rope. Jay Briscoe fought out of the superplex and brought Harwood over to hit the Doomsday Device on Harwood, but Wheeler broke it up. Mark Briscoe and Wheeler started exchanging hard strikes again. Briscoe and Wheeler spilled to the floor after a suplex attempt from Wheeler as the 40 minute mark of the match was called.

Dax Harwood and Jay Briscoe started throwing punches in the middle of the ring, exchanging hard strikes, but Briscoe got the best with a single arm camel clutch. Wheeler was also locked in one by Mark Briscoe and both men refused to tap out as they held each other’s hands in solidarity before Harwood made the ropes.

Jay Briscoe setup for the spike Jay Driller with Mark Briscoe, but Wheeler hit a back suplex off the top rope to the floor through a table on Mark Briscoe! Jay Briscoe looked on in shock, but decided to hit a Jay Driller anyway, but Dax Harwood kicked out! Briscoe went for another Jay Driller, but Harwood fought out and put Jay Briscoe on the top rope, fighting with him before hitting a piledriver off the middle rope for the pinfall victory after a 45-minute war.

My goodness, this was one heck of a main event match. The first Briscoes/FTR match was one of the best matches in ROH history, and this one may have topped it. What an incredible match this was. FTR are on an all time great run at the moment, and the Briscoes remain one of the best tag teams of all time.

After the match, Cash Wheeler grabbed the mic and asked Mark and Jay Briscoe to come back into the ring to shake hands and be shown the appreciation they deserved. The Briscoes slowly came back in and kept the Code of Honor with them. Harwood cut a promo about how wrestling saved his life, and that he loves this. Caprice Coleman noted that he was scheduled to interview them, but they took it themselves, and he was more then happy to let them.

As the show closed, Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta walked out with William Regal, looking like they were going to challenge FTR next. The crowd chanted ROH as the show went off the air.

Final Thoughts

This was an incredible PPV, with every single match delivering to some degree. I don’t thnk there was one bad match on the card at all, and it’s clear ROH has potential to be a very successful brand if they keep producing shows like this. Tony Khan is in this for the long term, and if he keeps delivering true ROH shows like this, everyone will be happy. This is one of the best shows of the year, and anyone who missed out would do well to buy the replay and catch up.