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ROH TV results: Dalton Castle vs. Eli Isom vs. Dak Draper


Location: Baltimore, Maryland


Quinn McKay joined us from the ROH studio to start the show. McKay revealed that beginning next week on ROH TV, the Women’s World Championship tournament will officially begin. Miranda Alize vs. Alex Gracia, Nicole Savoy vs. Mazzerati, and Sumie Sakai vs. Rok-C are all scheduled for the episode.

McKay then ran down the card for tonight’s show. After falling in defeat to Shane Taylor Promotions at the Best in the World PPV, Dalton Castle, Eli Isom and Dak Draper will face each other in a triple threat bout. PCO vs. Sledge and Flip Gordon vs. The World Famous CB are our other matches.


Flip Gordon defeated The World Famous CB (8:46)

Gordon and CB started off the bout by exchanging various wristlocks and holds. CB got an early advantage and was able to start working Gordon down into the commercial break.

Coming back from the break, CB had full control of the wrist of Gordon. Gordon eventually got frustrated with the style CB was working, which led to him showing a more aggressive side. Gordon took the match to the outside and hit an impressive axe handle from the top of a barricade before rolling CB back in the ring.

Gordon took a breather for a moment before charging at CB, who dodged out of harm's way and sent Gordon shoulder-first into the turnbuckle. CB wasted no time and capitalized on Gordon’s arm injury by performing a running bulldog to the arm.

CB’s success wouldn’t last long, though. Gordon popped up rather quickly and caught CB on the top rope with a superkick. Gordon followed it up with his version of the STF for the win.


PCO vs. Sledge ended in a no contest (9:43)

Danhausen joined commentary for this match.

PCO and Sledge wasted no time getting right into the match, with both men exchanging stiff strikes early. Sledge held his own well with the former ROH World Champion, and the two ended up having a very physical bout.

It was pretty even throughout until PCO dove onto Sledge on the outside. PCO followed that up with a brutal-looking senton onto Sledge, who was laying on the apron. PCO looked to be in full control before he “malfunctioned," to which Sledge took advantage of by kicking him in the head.

Referee Joe Mandak went to check on PCO, but he was greeted with a shove. Sledge also shoved Mandak, therefore prompting him to throw the match out.


Triple threat match: Dak Draper defeated Eli Isom and Dalton Castle (6:21)

This bout got out of hand rather quickly and spilled to the outside within the first few seconds. Most of the action was between Isom and Draper, with Castle attempting to pick the leftovers. Draper got so frustrated with Castle at one point that he just heaved him over the barricade at full speed.

Isom and Draper have fantastic chemistry and they had a great exchange while Castle was recovering at ringside, including an incredible second rope moonsault from Isom to the outside onto Draper.

While Isom was celebrating, Castle re-emerged and launched a chair into Isom’s face. Castle then encouraged Draper to get in the ring and take advantage of Isom, which he did. Draper hit the Magnum KO for the win shortly after.


Final Thoughts --

Eli Isom is quickly becoming one of my favorite wrestlers in the company. Isom’s past ventures in ROH have been very underwhelming, but since making his return this year he’s been great. Dak Draper is quite enjoyable as well. Otherwise, this was a bit of a throwaway show with nothing of great importance happening.

In recent weeks I’ve introduced a scale in order to let you know if the current week of TV is worth your while. The scale is as follows:

  • Must-Watch TV
  • Go Out Of Your Way
  • Recommend Viewing
  • Watch YouTube Clips
  • Avoid At All Costs

This week’s episode of ROH TV is: Watch YouTube Clips (specifically of Eli Isom)