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ROH TV results: Foundation vs. MexiSquad, Romero vs. Delirious


Rocky Romero defeated Delirious in a Pure rules match (14:52)

Delirious had a pre-match promo discussing his history with Romero. He revealed that his first ROH event was also Romero’s first in the company as well and that a scar above his eye is from one of the many battles they had years ago. 

Romero also reflected on his past battles with Delirious and made an interesting comment about potentially winning the Pure Championship and defending it in another company he works with such as NJPW. This was his first match in ROH since last August.

Both attempted multiple different holds to start the match but to no avail. Romero eventually picked the ankle and got an ankle lock, but Delirious used his first rope break. Once Delirious recovered, Romero hit a few armdrags and sent him reeling to the outside into a commercial break.

Back from the break, Romero drilled Delirious with a great running clothesline. Romero tried to follow it up with a few more big moves, but Delirious trapped him in a cobra clutch. Romero fell to the mat while in the clutch and used his first rope break. 

Once Romero recovered, the match went into next gear. Delirious planted Romero with a fisherman's buster, followed by a gorilla press. Romero tried to fight off a slew of Delirious offensive attacks, blocking a few cobra clutch attempts. Delirious used a closed fist out of frustration which opened the door for Romero to take him to the ground and lock in his signature armbar, making him submit.

The Foundation (Jonathan Gresham and Jay Lethal) defeated MexiSquad (Bandido and Flamita) (13:45)

Earlier, Quinn McKay revealed that Rey Horus was originally supposed to be Bandido’s partner, but was pulled from the match due to injury. Flamita came in and offered to be Bandido’s partner.

Flamita and Lethal began with Flamita taking Lethal to the mat immediately with an armbar that had Lethal grabbing the ropes. Lethal was overwhelmed by Flamita after he did a springboard hurricanrana, leading to him tagging out to Gresham. Gresham slowed down Flamita after exchanging a few hip tosses which sent us into a commercial break. 

Back from the break, Bandido was the legal man with Gresham. Bandido got the better of him and frustrated him quickly because he tagged back out to Lethal. Bandido also frustrated Lethal quickly, dodging and countering most of his offensive attempts. 

Flamita tagged in and did a bit of heel work, much to this to Bandido's disapproval. They also miscommunicated on a few double team moves. Gresham tagged in and began working on Flamita's arm and leg. Lethal came back in quickly and continued the work that Gresham began. Lethal kept Flamita grounded for a good while before Gresham tagged back in.

In the final stretch, Gresham tried to apply his octopus submission. When Bandido came in to try and break the hold up, he accidentally kicked Flamita in the head. They tried to get back on the same page one more time, but Flamita dropped Bandido when he attempted an around the world. Flamita loaded a forearm to Bandido's head and walked out on him. Lethal came in, planted Bandido with a powerbomb and transitioned it into a figure four leglock for the submission

Final Thoughts:

I'm ready for the build to what I assume will be for the Best In The World PPV. While i wasn’t too keen on seeing Delirious wrestle after a good Mania week, he had a good match with Romero. Gresham & Lethal vs. Bandido & Flamita was the best television match ROH has put on in a good while. While it’s sad to see MexiSquad split up, I hope it leads to the inevitable Bandido push.