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ROH TV results: Jay Lethal vs. EC3


Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

Quinn McKay welcomed us to the show from the ROH studio and ran down the three match card for tonight’s show: Danhausen & PCO vs. The Briscoes, Jay Lethal vs. EC3, and a ROH World Women’s Championship match between Rok-C and Gia Scott. 

The Briscoes defeated Danhausen and PCO (8:54)

Mark Briscoe distracted Danhausen as soon as the bell rang by grabbing Danhausen's jar of teeth. Danhausen tried to argue with Mark, but was met with a right hand. Danhausen tagged out and instructed PCO to come in, which tempted Jay Briscoe to come in and exchange strikes with the big man.

When the break returned, Danhausen was being isolated by frequent tags from the Briscoe brothers. When Danhausen was able to make the hot tag, PCO malfunctioned and allowed the Briscoes to keep on the attack.

As the match went on, Danhausen came back in and poured the jar of teeth into Mark’s mouth before delivering a running kick — sending the teeth flying everywhere. When Danhausen tried to chokeslam Mark, PCO came in and helped complete the move. After the move, PCO malfunctioned again and the two partners got into a shoving match. 

PCO was going to walk off to the back when Sledge appeared out of nowhere and the two began to fight into the ringside area. Danhausen was left without a partner, which resulted in a Jay-Driller on the pile of the teeth — allowing the Briscoes to pick up the win. 

ROH Women’s World Champion Rok-C defeated Gia Scott in a title match (9:06)

Scott taunted Rok-C with the size difference early on as the two women exchanged shoulder tackles. Rok-C was dominated until she was able to string a series of moves that turned into a rolling pin that almost got her the three count. Rok-C tried to do a springboard arm-drag but lost her balance mid-move. 

Scott continued her dominance, but began to lose control. Rok-C tried to apply a guillotine lock but Scott drove her right into the middle turnbuckle. Rok-C was unphased and tried to continue her onslaught of offense, but was bulldozed out of mid-air when attempting a standing moonsault. 

In the final stages of the bout, Scott taunted Rok-C in the corner and was looking for a running maneuver. When she attempted it, Rok-C caught her with a knee to the face and followed it up with a cross face — which made Scott submit. 

EC3 defeated Jay Lethal (15:11)

Lethal was overwhelmed by EC3 early on and rolled to the outside into the first commercial break. 

Lethal looked like he had lost his confidence as he climbed back in the ring, but instead immediately turned on the jets and nailed EC3 with a dropkick. Although Lethal hit a few moves afterwards, he wasn’t able to sustain his momentum and EC3 took control shortly after. 

After another short break, EC3 was still dominating Lethal after delivering a few chops in the corner. EC3 bent down on one knee and began “preaching” to Lethal — which lit a fire underneath “The Franchise” and gave him a second wind.

Both men went to the top rope and brawled before spilling the arena floor separately. After almost being counted out, both Lethal and EC3 rolled back in the ring and began to exchange strikes. Lethal hit a Lethal Combination, followed by a top-rope elbow drop. Lethal didn’t stop there and decided to attempt a Lethal Injection, but was ultimately stopped because his “I don’t like the Foundation” video was played on the video screen. EC3 used this as a distraction and locked in his signature “The Purpose” submission, causing Lethal to tap. 

Next Week:

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  • Mandy Leon vs. Willow - ROH Women’s Title Number One Contender’s match
  • PJ Black vs. Bandido

Final Thoughts: This week's episode of ROH TV was largely fine, but didn't feature any standout matches or key storyline developments heading into the Final Battle pay-per-view that is only two weeks away.