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ROH TV results: MexiSquad vs. Shane Taylor Promotions title match


Location: Baltimore, Maryland

The Big Takeaway --

New number one contenders to the ROH Tag Team titles were crowned in Dragon Lee and Kenny King, EC3 made his return, and Shane Taylor Promotions defeated MexiSquad to win the ROH Six-Man Tag Team titles.


Quinn McKay welcomed us to the broadcast and hyped this week's card, including a star-studded main event with MexiSquad defending their ROH Six-Man Tag Team titles against Shane Taylor Promotions. McKay also announced that Shane Taylor will get an ROH World Championship match against Rush on next week's episode. 

McKay also noted that next week’s show will feature ROH Tag Team Champions Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham defending their titles against the winner of this week's Briscoes vs. Dragon Lee & Kenny King number one contender's match.


Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman were on the call this week, per usual. One of the more underrated commentary booths in all of wrestling.

Number one contender's match: Dragon Lee & Kenny King (w/ Amy Rose) defeated The Briscoes (12:03)

King and Mark Briscoe started the match. King applied a stiff headlock early on, trying to wear down Mark. Mark fought back and tried to get King in an armbar, but King rolled to his corner and tagged out to Dragon Lee. Mark tagged out to Jay Briscoe as well.

Jay was aggressive with Lee, but Lee retaliated with seemingly triple the aggression, causing Jay to tag back out to his brother. Mark and Lee engaged in a chopping war for a moment before Lee trapped Mark in his corner and tagged out to King. King came in and was double teamed quickly by The Briscoes, with Mark hitting a flying elbow off the apron onto the floor. This took us into a commercial break.

Back from the break, King and Mark hit a double clothesline on each other which caused Lee and Jay to get ready for the hot tag. Both tags were made, Jay and Lee came in, and they exchanged stiff forearms. Jay ended the exchange by catching a running Lee in a rolling fireman’s carry slam. Jay positioned Lee on the top rope and followed him up there, but King came from behind and swept Jay’s legs, allowing Lee to perform a top rope stomp on Jay. Lee followed it up with a diving top rope stomp, but Jay kicked out.

King tagged in and hit a beautiful leg hook suplex and then applied a submission on the leg of Jay, but Mark came off the top rope with a flying elbow drop on King. 

The final sequences of the match saw Jay hold down King as Mark went to the top rope, but Flip Gordon ran in out of nowhere and kicked Mark as he was on the top rope, allowing for King to roll up Jay for the win.

As The Briscoes were heading to leave, EC3’s music hit. EC3 came out and said that he sees more in Jay then what he’s doing now. He also said there’s no honor in the almighty dollar, implying that he paid off Gordon to attack The Briscoes. EC3 told Jay to control his own narrative and chase the ROH World Championship. 


Mike Bennett defeated Bateman (w/ Vita Von Starr)

Bennett immediately opened the match with a running spear. Bateman tried to recover on the outside, but Bennett followed him and stayed on the attack. Bennett went to spear Bateman through the barricade -- but he moved out of the way just in time, sending Bennett shoulder-first into the barricade. Bateman stayed in control, launching Bennett throat-first into a piece of metal underneath the apron mat. This took us into a commercial break. 

Both men were back in the ring as we came back from the commercial.

Bennett and Bateman engaged in a chopping war that turned into a constant exchange of forearms, ending with both down and out. Bateman nailed Bennett with a brainbuster that only got him a two count. Bennett got right back up and speared Bateman. Bennett then followed up the spear with a piledriver for an anticlimactic win. 

After the match, Matt Taven ran into the ring and began nailing Bateman with punches. Taven introduced a wooden block and a chair into the ring while Bennett held Bateman down. Taven grabbed a microphone and told Vincent that he can stop all of this now if he agrees to another match. 

Vincent appeared on the video screen and told Taven something he never gets to hear: No. Taven proceeded to smash the chair into Bateman’s ankle and told the camera that he’ll do this every week until Vincent agrees to a match. 


Shane Taylor Promotions (Shane Taylor & The Soldiers of Savagery) defeated MexiSquad (Bandido, Flamita & Rey Horus) to win the ROH Six-Man Tag Team titles

Maria Kanellis-Bennett joined the commentary booth for this match. 

Taylor and Horus started the bout, but all hell broke loose quickly as Moses and Kaun jumped in to fight off Bandido and Flamita. The whole match spilled outside quickly and Taylor clocked Bandido with a forearm to the skull. Kaun unloaded a few chops on Flamita as referee Todd Sinclair restored control and brought the match back in the ring. 

Kaun and Flamita exchanged a few strikes and reversals before Kaun tagged out to Moses. Bandido tagged in and dropkicked Moses, but it didn’t rattle the big man. Moses leaped over Bandido and then bulldozed him with a clothesline. Taylor tagged in along with Horus. Taylor demolished Horus with a brutal shoulder tackle that took us into a commercial break.

Back from the break, Moses and Horus were the legal men. Horus sprung off the top rope and planted Moses with a spinning DDT. Moses and Horus both got the hot tags to their respective partners Bandido and Taylor. Taylor tried to take down Bandido, but he ducked out of the way multiple times. Flamita tagged in and sprung off the top rope and then off Bandido’s shoulders to complete a hurricanrana on Taylor. MexiSquad took advantage of Shane Taylor Promotions being on the outside and all took turns diving onto the group. 

All three members of MexiSquad took their turns performing signature moves on Kaun in the ring. Taylor made the tag and began using bodies against bodies, catching Bandido’s kick and sending it into Horus instead. Taylor sent both Bandido and Horus out of the ring while Moses flew onto them with a running cannonball from the apron.

Taylor took advantage of Bandido and Horus being out by spiking Flamita with his Welcome to The Land piledriver for the win.


Final Thoughts --

Another week, another great episode of ROH TV. It’s like clockwork at this point. The first point I'm going to make is that Dragon Lee is a top 10 wrestler in the world, bar none. ROH is very fortunate to have him on the roster and it’s a genuine pleasure to write about him every week. I’m not quite sure that Kenny King fits into the La Faccion Ingobernable stable or vibe, but they’ve only been together a few times so hopefully chemistry will be built.

Bennett vs. Bateman was good, but the focal point was the aftermath where Taven crushed Bateman’s ankle. I suppose this leads to one last match between Taven and Vincent, hopefully with a big stipulation. 

Ever since i began writing these ROH TV recaps, Shane Taylor and The Soldiers of Savagery have stood out like nobody else. Taylor has vastly improved as a wrestler and as a talker, almost weekly it seems. Moses and Kaun are guys who only joined the ROH Dojo system in early 2019, so to see them come full circle and win their first titles in ROH is impressive as hell. I would have preferred the match to get a little bit more time, but the outcome was still correct and doesn’t hurt MexiSquad at all.