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ROH TV results: Rey Horus vs. Demonic Flamita no DQ match


Location: Baltimore, Maryland

Ian Riccaboni was our host yet again as usual host Quinn McKay has a match tonight. Riccaboni recapped last week’s episode of TV and ran down the card for tonight's show. Rok-C vs. McKay and Miranda Alize vs. Nicole Savoy will take place as the ROH Women’s World Championship tournament continues, while the main event will see Rey Horus face Demonic Flamita in a no DQ match.


ROH Women's title tournament quarterfinal match: Rok-C defeated Quinn McKay (10:14)

McKay wrestled Rok-C to the mat early and focused on her head, transitioning back and forth between a headscissors and a headlock.

As the match went on, McKay started showboating the same way Rok-C does. Rok-C showed signs of struggling with McKay’s constant offense, but the two were still at a stalemate into the commercial break.

As the match returned from the break, McKay hurt her knee on a drop down. Rok-C tried to let McKay get back to her feet, but shortly after that she began targeting the knee.

Later on in the match, Rok-C tried a double knee strike in the corner. McKay moved at the last second, sending Rok-C knee-first into the turnbuckle. This wouldn’t affect Rok-C as much as McKay’s injury would in the closing stages of the match.

McKay tried to lift up Rok-C in a fireman's carry, but her knee buckled. Rok-C took advantage of the situation and hit her signature move, a Code Red, for the win.


ROH Women's title tournament quarterfinal match: Miranda Alize defeated Nicole Savoy (13:04)

Savoy and Alize exchanged holds on the mat in the early stages of the bout, but nothing came from it. They followed it up with exchanging a few pinning combinations -- but yet again, they came to a stalemate.

After a short commercial break, the two women resorted to a striking exchange. Savoy would strike harder, allowing her to start a chain of suplexes.

After a few near falls, Savoy began showing severe frustration. This allowed Alize to pick her spot and hit a draping DDT, followed by her Drive By knee strike for the win.


Demonic Flamita defeated Rey Horus in a no DQ match (12:08)

Both guys wasted no time in getting straight to the action, nailing each other with chops. Flamita slid to the outside and grabbed a chair, but Horus dropkicked him through the ropes. When Horus went to dive onto Flamita, he was met with a chair straight to the face.

Flamita kept full control of the match after whipping Horus head-first into a chair positioned on the turnbuckle. Flamita rolled Horus to the outside and tried to beat him down more, but Horus was able to spike Flamita with a rotating DDT on the floor. As Flamita recovered, a commercial break ensued.

When the action returned, Horus and Flamita made it back in the ring. Flamita's trash talk fired up Horus and gave him the motivation to hit another satellite DDT.

Both wrestlers made their way out to the apron. After a small exchange of strikes and counters, Flamita and Horus headed to the top rope. Flamita got the advantage and hit a Spanish Fly through a table on the outside, but Flamita got the worst of it.

Flamita rolled Horus in the ring and tried to pin him, but Horus kicked out. Flamita followed up with a rotating 450 splash for the win.


Final Thoughts --

This great episode of ROH TV capped off a excellent weekend for the company in general. I enjoyed all three matches, and while I expected Savoy to defeat Alize, it's nice to see a surprise every now and then. 

I’ve recently introduced a scale in order to let you know if the current week of ROH TV is worth your while. The scale is as follows:

  • Must-Watch TV
  • Go Out Of Your Way
  • Recommended Viewing
  • Watch YouTube Clips
  • Avoid At All Costs

This week’s episode of ROH TV is: Must-Watch TV