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ROH TV results: Tracy Williams vs. Tony Deppen TV title match


This jam-packed edition of ROH TV had three great matches that all furthered Best In The World storylines.

During the rundown, Quinn McKay announced that she’ll finally be taking on Angelina Love next week in singles action -- a match I am really stoked for.

Flamita defeated Bandido (13:20)

Both men started out at a million miles an hour, running the ropes and exchanging multiple takedown attempts and reversals. Flamita sent Bandido to the outside and hit a great suicide dive that sent Bandido shoulder first into the ground.

After regaining control, Flamita started working over Bandido's shoulder. That didn't last long as Bandido hit four rotations on a flying headscissors that sent Flamita reeling to the outside. Out of frustration, Bandido wrapped Flamita’s leg around the post and yanked it multiple times. Bandido then grabbed a broom from under the ring and smacked Flamita in the leg.

Later in the match, both men positioned themself standing on the barricade. They traded forearms before Bandido sent Flamita to the floor with a phenomenal hurricanrana. As both competitors got in the ring before the twenty count, we went to the second commercial break.

After the break, Flamita attempted a muscle buster but it was reversed into a leg submission by Bandido. Flamita used open hand chops to the face to escape and things broke down into a chopping/slapping war. Bandido stunned Flamita and lifted him up for his X-Knee finisher, but accidentally hit referee Todd Sinclair in the process. Flamita used this opportunity to low blow Bandido and then get the pin.

OGK (Matt Taven and Mike Bennett) defeated Ken Dixon and Beer City Bruiser (8:45)

Dixon started with Taven by cheapshotting him from behind. Taven came back fast and hit a great suicide dive on Dixon. Bruiser got angry at Dixon and tagged himself in which resulted in him being on the receiving end of a "Just The Tip” knee strike.

Dixon eventually found his way back in and immediately took Bennett off the apron. He hit a great looking powerslam and attempted a pin, but Dixon picked him up at two. Bruiser yelled at Dixon who claimed he was just trying to hit his “best move." This cost Dixon and Bruiser the match as Bennett later tagged in and joined Taven in hitting their double team finisher. 

After the match, Taven smacked Bruiser with a beer bottle and walked away. Brawler Milonas questioned Taven and Bennett as they walked away, helped Bruiser up, and admitted he was right. 

Tony Deppen defeated Tracy Williams to win the ROH Television Championship (11:30)

Deppen went for Williams' knee, but was denied quickly. Williams instead brought Deppen to the mat with a headlock. Deppen made it back to his feet and called Williams pure wrestling style “dogsh*t." That fired Williams up and was he came at Deppen, unloading multiple chops and slaps. 

Williams kept the attack, locking in a gory special submission. Deppen escaped to the apron with Williams following. Both men exchanged stiff forearms before Deppen hit a great enziguri that sent Williams to the floor. Deppen took advantage and hit a unreal cannonball suicide dive that sent Williams back about ten feet. 

After a brief commercial break, Deppen was hammering away on Williams with constant chops in the corner. Williams pushed Deppen back and wrecked him with a McCulley driver. 

In the closing sequence, Williams spiked Deppen with a piledriver. Williams went for a pin, but a rope break broke up the pinfall. Williams got back to his feet while Deppen begged to be hit. Williams went to do just that, but Deppen baited him in and locked in him a schoolboy pin for the win and the title change, his first in ROH.

Final Thoughts: 

ROH is on a roll again after a few muddy weeks as this week featured three brilliant matches (although I wanted the TV title match to be a tad longer) and even a championship change! I hope they let Deppen have a good run with the title although I think Williams deserved a longer reign too.

One criticism: they need to put Shane Taylor and S.O.S back on TV. We haven't seen Taylor on TV since his match with ROH World Champion Rush back in mid-March and they are Six-Man Tag Team Champions after all. Unfortunately, that division seems ofter overlooked by ROH quite often.