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Ring of Honor Indianapolis, IN, results: Roddy Strong vs. Curry Man

Submitted by Jarrod Rollins

Dalton Castle d. Will Ferrara

Castle is such a great performer with his gimmick. Crowd totally into him and his charisma.

ACH d. Moose and Silas Young in a 3-way

ACH got the pin on Young before Moose could get back in and break it up. Young is one of the few true heels in the promotion and pulls it off well.

Kyle O'Reilly & Bobby Fish d. Frankie Kazarian & Chris Sabin

Really great action in this one. Both teams tried stereo submissions at different points. Lots of high spots. After Sabin was pinned, Kaz teased being angry with him but then they hugged it out.

Michael Elgin d. Tim Hughes

Can't recall who Elgin beat. It was an extended squash really. Elgin did his vertical suplex for about a 35-40 count from the crowd.

> BJ Whitmer came out on commentary for the next 2 matches.

Kelly Klein d. Solo Darling

Klein picked up the submission win with a modified dragon sleeper. She has a lot of potential with her look and the way she carries herself as a heel. Solo did some comedy stuff wearing a squirrel tail.

Adam Page d. The Outlaw

Not much of note in this match. Afterward, BJ grabbed a mic and got in the ring because he wanted to talk to Page. Crowd kept massively booing every time he tried to speak. Finally he talked and said he's willing to look past things if Page shakes his hand. Page said if BJ taught him one thing it's that the Decade doesn't shake hands and slapped BJ. Turns into a brawl with officials coming out to break it up. Corino then came out to help and took off his coat urging BJ to fight him. BJ powdered to the back. When the ring cleared, Corino out his hand out to Page and they shook hands.

ROH TV Champion Roderick Strong d. Curry Man

Strong was in full heel mode. Crowd kept doing a beat the clock countdown. Strong eventually won with the running knee.

Adam Cole d. Alex Shelley

Crowd was really into both guys. Awesome match with Cole working Shelley's knee for much of it. Kazarian eventually came out to distract Shelley and let Cole get the win with the brainbuster to the knee.

ROH Tag Team Champions War Machine & Briscoes d. All Night Express & Young Bucks

This was a wild match as you'd expect with 8 guys. They teased tension with the Briscoes and War Machine throughout with hard and blind tags to each other. Lots of superkicks and wild moves. Really amazing to see some of the moves War Machine pulls off for their size. Briscoes eventually got the pin with the Doomsday Device on Titus.