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Ring of Honor TV 9/19 results and recap: Briscoes/Goto vs CHAOS (Roppongi Vice/Okada)

The Big Takeaway – Nothing spectacular but an entertaining hour of canned matches that mean next to nothing in the overall direction for ROH. The US debut of IWGP IC Champion Hirooki Goto was probably the most notable thing on the show.

It’s New Japan vs ROH tonight with a show taped from the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia just after the G1 tournament ended but obviously before the All-Star Extravaganza PPV.

“The Last Real Man” Silas Young vs “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin

Kevin Kelly claims that Elgin may have been the MVP of the G1 tournament. That’s a big of a stretch but he did very well and really turned a corner with me. Kelly now calling Elgin “Big Mike” as well.

They do adhere to the Code of Honor before the match. Elgin did the stalling vertical suplex that the fans counted along with. They got to 30 and Elgin was motioning to continue. Fans chanting BIG MIKE as well so I guess that’s a thing. I can’t help but think of Big Johnny when I hear that but I guess he was big in Japan as well.

Young hit the headstand moonsault but only got a 2. Elgin hit a couple Enziguris and then a lariat clothesline that he’d been teasing the whole match. He then did the dealift vertical suplex from the top turnbuckle into a Falcon Arrow that he did on the PPV but only got a two. Kelly called it a Super Falcon Arrow,so that’s what I’ll go with.

Young connected with his Misery finisher but Elgin rolled out of the ring. Young followed him out and pulled back the mats but Elgin powerbombed him into a barricade. Back in the ring and Elgin hit an Elgin bomb for the win


Young refused Elgin’s offer of a handshake after the match. Cole did a backstage taped promo hyping up his main event next week with Nakamura. In nice continuity, he was wearing a Kingdom shirt, given the events at the PPV.

Caprice Coleman vs ACH

They replayed the angle from a couple of weeks ago where Prince Nana handed Coleman an envelope during a match. That never went anywhere and wasn’t elaborated on here. Crowd was really behind ACH during the intros but died right out once the match started.

Lots of flips and jumps and dives but neither guy having any kind of sustained advantage. Coleman hit the Trinity to no reaction but ACH kicked out of the pin attempt. Coleman hit the one inch punch, which of course ACH waited about 30 second to sell, when he was about to hit a dive. Coleman hit the Sky Splitter but only got two.

Coleman nailed a top rope Rana but ACH rolled through the pin attempt. He then hit a brainbuster followed by the Midnight Star for the pin.

WINNER – ACH by pinfall

ACH was still selling the punch after the match and Corino called him his third favorite Hardy brother. They shook hands after the match and Corino interviewed Coleman about the note he got from Nana. Coleman said there was money and a letter in the envelope. He took the money and then read the letter several times. He says he gets it now and that Nana is right and then walked away.

“The Exotic Goddess” Mandy Leon was next with Inside ROH. She talked about the new working relationship with ROH and New Japan, showing clips of ROH and New Japan officials announcing the show in Japan in February. A 2 day show in Japan and then New Japan stars coming back stateside for the Anniversary show in Vegas and more shows for the New Japan tour in May. Leon was wearing a New Japan shirt and wearing it very well. Delirious interrupted her at the end and said a bunch of stuff that only he could understand and then hid in a locker behind her.

Roppongi Vice (Barretta/Romero) and IWGP Heavyweight Champion Okada vs The Briscoes (Mark and Jay Briscoe) and IWGP Intercontinental Champion Hirooki Goto

Crowd reacted the second Okada’s much started, chanting OKADA and he got the mega-streamer treatment. Goto got a nice reaction as well for his first US appearance. Goto refused to adhere to the code of Honor.

Somewhat of a dream matchup to start as long-time ROH World champion Jay Briscoe opened against multi-time and current IWGP champ Okada. Fans firmly behind Okada when they squared off. Goto was tagged in quickly and held his own against both members of the Roppongi Vice. Corino talked about how Goto wants to unify the World and IC belts in Japan.

Mark did some comedy involving Baretta’s headband. Eventually that led to some double and triple teaming from the Chaos members and Mark was trapped in their corner for several minutes. Corino also mentioned the Okada/Tenryu New Japan match coming in November.

All three Chaos members did the Rainmaker pose, after Okada did the fake dive and then facewash spot with the foot, looking to the Vice for approval. Goto eventually got the hot tag and cleaned house, eventually ending up against Okada, getting a nearfall off a Saito suplex.

Okada recovered and got a two count off a running uppercut  and then hit a flying elbow and did the Rainmaker pose. Goto blocked the Rainmaker and hit a backbreaker as we went to a break.

Some stuff was cut out as Jay Briscoe is getting double-teamed by the Vice when we come back. He gets the hot tag to Mark. Romero goes for his three running clotheslines but Mark ducks out and hits some redneck kung fu. Jay and Goto are in and they took turns taking runs at Romero. Mark got a nearfall off an assisted backbreaker but Baretta broke it up.

Eventually all six guys were in and took turns hitting moves on each other. Mark Briscoe blocked a rainmaker attempt but got hit from behind by Barretta. All six guys down in the ring and the fans chanting THIS IS AWESOME.

The Briscoes nailed Baretta with a Doomsday outside the ring and then Mark hit the Froggie-Bo inside the ring on Barretta but he kicked out at two. Mark hit a Fisherman’s buster on Romero but Okada grabbed him and hit a Tombstone. Goto in to help  but Okada hit a perfect dropkick and then had a rainmaker blocked by a headbutt from Goto. Jay and Barretta ended up in the ring isolated and Jay hit the Jay Driller for the pin.