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Ring Of Honor TV Report 4-4-15: AJ Styles vs Mark Briscoe, Ray Rowe returns

By Paul Fontaine,

Show opens with highlights of the show closing angle from last week when the Decade recruited Colby Corino to become their Young Boy.


Correction from last week’s report. They were correct when hyping up Supercard of Honor in “two weeks” as they’ll be airing matches from that show on TV next week, which is great news. Elgin dominated this one right from the start. Ferrara got a brief hope spot a couple minutes in but it was basically a squash match. Elgin hit a new variation of a sit-down powerbomb that looked like a three and Ferrara kicked out. That pissed off Elgin so he cleared off a ringside table and was going to powerbomb him through it but Ferrara small packaged him for a two count. Elgin then hit a buckle bomb and a sit-out power bomb for the win.


Elgin hit another powerbomb after the match for good measure. Fans chanted for one more but he wouldn’t do it. Elgin’s starting not to annoy me as much.

War Machine (Ray Rowe/Hanson) vs Anthony Green/Cam Zagami

Bobby Cruise announced Rowe with no first name. According to the ROH Hotline, one of Cedric Alexander or ACH is looking for a manager. Call 1-800-885-4ROH if you care. Don’t know which of these jobbers is which and I don’t really care. Kelly calls them the “Modern Day Warriors”. I guess Green is the second guy cause he has AG on his tights. LETS GO JOBBERS chant starts. Hanson quiets that with a clothesline that nearly takes Green’s head off. Double chokeslam  and then a flying legdrop from the top rope by Hanson ends it.


Michael Elgin interrupts their celebration. “I’m not doooooone yet” he says over a house mic. He says he’s going to punish Ring of Honor and a fan gets a line on camera “What, are you gonna wrestle again?” I LOL’d at that. Elgin challenges the two of them to a handicap match and we go to commercial before they answer but they seem up for it.

Michael Elgin vs War Machine (Ray Rowe/Hanson)

I guess this is a match. Elgin bails after about 30 seconds and starts to walk to the back but he’s thrown back in by Rowe. War Machine cuts the ring off but Elgin ends up getting a brief comeback. Hanson powerbombs Rowe onto Elgin and Elgin leaves the ring. Rowe out after him but Elgin lays him out with a chair for the DQ.


Jay Briscoe cuts a promo for next week’s main event ROH World title defence against Samoa Joe. Briscoe says he’s not the same kid he was 13 years ago when he first met Joe. He says Joe will have to kill him to take his belt.

“God’s Gift” QT Marshall vs ACH

ACH gets the streamer treatment from the crowd and a huge ACH chant. Marshall refuses to adhere to the Code of Honor and instead kicks ACH in the gut. Another plug for the ROH “Codeline” (not Hotline, sorry). What’s the point of these? Marshall actually takes the first part of the match. He looks like an Indy version of Michael Elgin, which is pretty bad since Michael Elgin’s an Indy wrestler. Corino starting to lose all credibility with me going on about how great Marshall is and five minutes in this match is about 4 minutes too long.

ACH turns it around with a head scissors into the turnbuckle and then hits a German Suplex for two. ACH chants from the crowd again. Marshall gets a two off of a turnaround suplex and then goes to the top. He misses a 450 splash, which was something to see. ACH then hit a 450 of his own for the win. That was a waste of time that just made ACH look bad as Marshall took most of the match.

WINNER: ACH by pinfall

The Decade are out to break up the celebration along with Colby Corino and his water bucket. Whitmer calls him “Albert”. It’s a shoot, brother. “No one likes you and no one respects you”. He’s getting chances and opportunities that he doesn’t deserve. Chances that he doesn’t deserve and should have gone to Adam Page. He then says that his mother thinks he’s a failure. Colby attacks him from behind and the rest of the Decade join in, laying ACH out with a 3 on 1 attack. Camera shows Corino at the announce table and he’s not impressed. Going into commercial we get a Mark Briscoe hyping up tonight’s main event. This is the first 1 on 1 match between he and AJ Styles in ROH. Can’t even begin to recap it but it was awesome.

Mark Briscoe vs “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles

Both guys get great reactions coming out, AJ moreso with a ton of multi-coloured streamers. Duelling AJ STYLES/LETS GO BRISCOE chants and it’s pretty even at the start. Matches must have been taped out of order because Kelly asks for thoughts on what happened with Colby “earlier on” and it’s clearly dubbed in after the fact. Corino obviously not happy with it as you’d imagine. At least it came during a dead part of the match where Briscoe had a chin lock on for a couple minutes.

AJ gets brief control but Briscoe ends up getting another chinlock and we see Papa Briscoe out in the crowd. AJ gets a sweet dropkick off to briefly turn things around but Briscoe shakes it off and knocks Styles out of the ring and into the guardrail. He goes for a blockbuster off the ring apron but Styles steps out of the way and goes for a Styles Clash outside the ring but Briscoe fights it off. Styles tosses him into the guardrail as we go to break.

After commercial, we’re back in the ring and Briscoe’s in control. Styles turns it around with a backbreaker followed by a gutbuster. Styles with a flying knee on the prone Briscoe and that gets a two. Styles working a slow deliberate style. Styles working the leg and knee of Briscoe to set up the calf killer. Styles gets the calf killer but Briscoe fights him off with punches. LETS GO BRISCOE/AJ STYLES chants start up again. Styles levelled with a clothesline from Briscoe and they’re both down. Back up and Briscoe with some Redneck Kung-Fu. They trade slaps for a bit until Briscoe takes Styles down with a Uranage, followed up by a Fisherman’s buster for two. Briscoe blocks a suplex attempts and puts Styles on the top.

Styles with a modified Sliced Bread and they’re both down again. Double clothesline and they’re both down again. Back up and Styles hits a Pele kick on Briscoe, who’s hanging on the ropes. Styles then starts working on the leg of Briscoe and his a low blow. Briscoe comes back with the Cactus Jack elbow after knocking Styles out of the ring. They’re both down outside the ring. AJ struggling to beat the 20 count but gets back in at 17. Briscoe with a fireman’s carry takedown and then goes to the top but misses a Monkey Drop. AJ with the Bloody Sunday DDT followed up with a Styles Clash for the win.

WINNER: AJ STYLES by pinfall

Main event wasn’t the best AJ Styles match but it was okay. Rest of the show was nothing to write home about though. They shook hands at the end. Next week it’s Joe vs Jay Briscoe for the ROH World title and Jushin Liger vs Jay Lethal for the TV belt.