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Ring of Honor TV results 11/14: ROH Tag Title match The Kingdom vs The Addiction

Kingdom vs Addiction.jpg

The Big Takeaway – Not your typical ROH show at all. Only two wrestling matches, neither of which were particularly good, surrounded by a bunch of skits involving Silas Young and the Boys and a memorable in-ring interview with Steve Corino.  

The opening is a taped skit in a parking lot with Silas Young teaching the Boys how to be men. It starts with him teaching them how to change a tire, complete with cleaning each other off with spit, rather than hand sanitizer. Then he teaches them how to drive a stick shift.

Nigel is still on commentary but promises an announcement later tonight in regards to the future of Steve Corino. Silas Young and the Beer City Bruiser are coming out to the ring with Bruiser carrying a beer keg and the Boys struggling to carry another one.

Silas Young/Beer City Bruiser w/The Boys vs War Machine (Hanson/Rowe)

No adherence to the Code of Honor and Kevin Kelly is pushing a #FreeTheBoys movement on Twitter. War Machine dominates early and when Bruiser gets thrown out of the ring, the Boys try valiantly to lift him to his feet but after a couple minutes, they’re still struggling to do so. Bruiser finally does get into the ring and intercepts a charge from Rowe with a shoulder block. Young and Bruiser get a bit of offence in at this point, cutting off the ring.

Bruiser hits a frog splash from the top that nearly gets a three right before a break. Rowe gets the hot tag after a Urinage and Hanson is a house of fire. He’s about to do a suicide dive but the Boys interfere by grabbing his feet. Rowe sets them up on the turnbuckles. Young tries to save them and he gets put on top of the boys. Rowe then chops all off them off the top, one by one. Bruiser again makes the save but ends up eating a head and arm suplex from Rowe. Young has time to recover and hits a Stan Hansen lariat. The Boys grab Rowe outside the ring and Bruiser tries to do a cannonball dive onto him but Rowe gets out of the way and Bruiser takes out the boys.

Back in the ring, Rowe takes out Bruiser with a superman punch and War Machine hits the fallout on him for the win.


Nigel reminds us that War Machine will have a tag team title shot at Final Battle. Young and Bruiser take out their frustrations over the loss by beating on the boys as we go to a pretaped package going over the Decade/Corino storyline. Corino stopped an attack by BJ Whitmer on Jay Briscoe after a no-DQ match with Adam Page and laid him out by hitting him with a role of quarters.

After a break, Steve Corino comes down to the ring for a meeting with matchmaker Nigel. He reminds Corino that he had been brought back with a zero-tolerance policy about touching wrestlers and he knew that and still put his hands on Whitmer. He tells him that he cannot reinstate him as a commentator but he can reinstate him as a wrestler. He then announces Corino vs Whitmer in a Fight Without Honor at Final Battle. Corino takes the mic and says it felt great when he hit BJ and he got that rush of being a pro wrestler again. He said that he has had numbness in his neck and arm for the last few months. He needs neck surgery and his in-ring career is over. He says it’s not goodbye because pro wrestlers never retire until their last breath. He thanks ROH for keeping him around when they didn’t have to. He puts over a ton of guys by name, including Adam Pearce, Jimmy Jacobs and Kevin Steen, who are all with WWE now.

The fans chant “Thank you Steve” and he says “No, thank you” and then says “My name is Steve Corino and I will always be an evil man”. He puts down the mic, shakes Nigel’s hand and walks out of the ring, stopping to huge Kelly and Bobby Cruise before heading to the back.

After a break, it’s another skit with Young and Boys. He is teaching them how to use the bathroom. They first want to go to the women’s bathroom and he makes them go to the men’s. When one of them sees a urinal, he tries to squat in it and tells them they need to stand up and one of the Boys gives a confused look at the camera as the skit ends.

Story Time with Adam Cole is back. He’s mad because he’s not on Nigel’s list of World title contenders. He’s made that Kyle O’Reilly is on the list and he’s not. He says that “just like Roderick” he needs to whine and complain to get a title shot, as Strong just was granted a TV title shot and we get a replay of that angle from a couple weeks ago. Cole tells us that this match will happen next week on ROH TV. He then reminds us of the World title match at Final Battle between Jay Lethal and AJ Styles. Because he’s not a contender for either title, he’s now focused on removing Kyle O’Reilly from Ring of Honor forever.

Another skit in the bathroom. Young is coming out of a stall and the boys are waving their hands in front of their noses as we hear a flush. Young emerges with a plunger and says “It’s all yours Boys, take care of it”

“Unbreakable” Michael Elgin vs Kevin Lee Davidson

Davidson looks like a slightly taller, slightly fatter Samoa Joe. Kelly and Nigel are still talking about Corino’s speech. The “Match” consists of a clothesline from Elgin and a pin.


Elgin’s got a mic. He says that after competing in the G1, he remembers why he does this and what’s important and that’s the ROH title. Unfortunately for Jay Lethal, that gold is around his waist and it’s not a matter of it, but when, they step in the ring for the ROH title and when they do, the gold is coming back to him. Solid no-nonsense promo from Elgin.

Highlights of the Kingdom winning the Tag titles at All-Star Extravaganza air next.

ROH World Tag Team Title Match – Champions The Kingdom (Michael Bennett/Matt Taven) with Maria Kanellis-Bennett vs The Addiction (“Heavy Metal Rebel” Frankie Kazarian/”Almighty” Christopher Daniels) w/Chris Sabin

The Champs are very pink today and judging by Maria’s shirt, it’s a breast cancer awareness thing as this was likely taped in October. Both teams use interference early in an attempt to get the advantage as Nigel says this may be a question of which team will cheat more. They end up with all four guys squaring off in the ring as we go to break.

Back in and the ref’s got it down to two men, Taven and Bennett. Neither team really able to get the advantage as both get flurries of offence broken up by quick tags on both sides. Fans are relatively lukewarm as they don’t particularly want to cheer for either team. Daniels makes some sort of comment that wasn’t really caught on camera and this fired up Bennett. They end up outside the ring brawling and take each other out with a double clothesline. In the ring both Kazarian and Taven have title belts and they both do the Eddie Guerrero drop to the mat with the belts beside them spot when the ref is about to come into the ring. Fans actually liked that spot.

Maria and Sabin outside the ring and both blaming the other team for the belshots. Ref makes a count on both guys but they both get to their feet arguing. They both attempt to do running clotheslines but get tripped up by Maria and Sabin from the outside. That’s enough for the ref as he throws them both out as we go another break.

After break, everyone’s brawling outside and Daniels hits a BME from the apron on Bennett and then Taven does a flying dive on the other three guys to take everyone out. Fans are pretty into it now, chanting ROH. All four guys end up in the ring and again, it’s neither team really getting a sustained advantage. Everyone’s coming in and out without tags and it’s a bit of a cluster. Bennett went for a spear on Kazarian but he moved out of the way and Bennett out the ref.

All four guys end up down and this brings Maria out from the back. Daniels gets his hands on Maria and goes for The Angel’s Wings. Bennett makes the save but ends up getting laid out by an STO from Daniels. As he’s celebrating, Maria kicks him square in the nuts and then lays him out with a Superkick. Kazarian grabs her from behind but Taven makes the save. He tries for a Lionsault on Kazarian but Kazarian gets his knees up. A guy in a red mask comes down to the ring and hits Kazarian with a superkick as Kelly says “Is that Sabin”. Bennett then hits Kazarian with a spear for the pin.


It seems fairly obvious that the third guy with the KRD mask is Adam Cole but we’ll see if that’s where they’re going. War Machine come out for a staredown with the champs as the show ends.