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ROH 9/26 Lockport, NY, house show results: Jay Lethal vs. Stevie Richards, Michael Elgin vs. Adam Cole vs. ACH vs. Moose

Submitted by J.C. Gethicker

Tonight's ROH show in Lockport,NY could have been a giant mess. The Briscoes pulled out due to a funeral they needed to attend, Nick Jackson cancelled his entire weekend of shows because his wife went into labor early. Unforeseen circumstances show how much character and heart a person OR a company has. Despite the losses of talent, ROH made it work, and delivered a pretty good show tonight.

Veda Scott vs. Sumie Sukai

This started off pretty slow and sloppy. It's obvious that this roster needs more depth in the Women's division. They picked it up at the end and made it somewhat entertaining.

ANX vs. House Of Truth

Decent match but nothing too special. Funny stuff from the crowd calling J Diesel Mini-Tista! ANX gets the win and continues up the tag ranks.

Caprice Coleman vs. Pepper Parks 

Great promo by Coleman before this match started. He took the reins as the de facto heel here as Parks is from Buffalo. One of the best promos I've ever heard him cut actually. OK match. Coleman gets the win when Parks tries to use a chain to cheat, steals it, and uses it on him. Nice Let's Go Buffalo chants in the match as well by the crowd.

Roderick Strong vs Watanabe

Great, hard-hitting match as you might suspect. They really beat each other up. Roddy gets the win with a Sic Kick. One of Watanabe's better ROH outings.

Matt Jackson vs. Matt Taven

Adam Cole cuts promo saying he has some unfinished business after Matt Jackson interfered in his match the night before. He calls out Jackson, says he has a match later with Matt Taven, and refers to him as One Buck. Of course, the crowd latched onto this and we had the One Buck chant tonight! Matt Jackson came from in from behind and Super Kicked Cole. Taven then hit the ring and attacked Jackson, promptly starting their match. Even as a single, Matt was super over and had good, entertaining match with Taven. Matt had some hilarious spots using the crotch chop. Particularly when he did a crotch-chop and suck-it between a count to 10 in the corner with punches. 1... suck it! 2... suck it! 3... suck it! And so on. Cole being at ringside really added a good dimension to this match. Matt Jackson finally won with a superkick and had a good singles showing. 

Cheeseburger & Will Ferrara vs Brutal Bob Evans & GN Hughes

This was good comedy match with Cheeseburger some over as a white-meat babyface in The Nickel City. Looks like Cheeseburger & Ferrara may be a regular team. Nice new double team finisher that won them the match.

Chris Daniels vs. Hanson

First off, I just love the evolution of The Addiction gimmick with Kaz becoming The Rock N Roll Rebel and Daniels becoming The Ring General. Great promo before this match with The Addiction saying they never got pinned for The World Tag Titles of The World. So as far as they are concerning they are still the champions. War Machine interrupts and wants a match. Daniels then says Kaz is hurt. Hanson then challenges The Fallen Angel to a singles match. OK match ends in a double DQ. A brawl ensues between the two teams which requires security to come out. Two good points follows with Hanson taking a dive to the outside onto the other three and a slew of security. Also a nasty bump by Daniels, taking a double chokeslam from War Machine through 4 chairs! 

Proving Ground match: ROH World Champion/TV Champion Lethal vs. Stevie Richards

Stevie Richards is still in damn good shape and had a pretty good match with the Champ tonight. Lethal pretty over here in Buffalo as the crowd showed Lethal a lot of respect. It was well deserved, as he put in a good match giving as that classic Horsemen ring psychology. Which he does on most nights, which makes him one of the best in the business. Taeler Hendrix and Truth accompanied Lethal tonight and it added a new wrinkle to the House of Truth. After valiant effort, Lethal retains after Lethal Injection.

Michael Elgin vs. Adam Cole vs. ACH vs. Moose

Great main event! I like how they didn't let anything outshine the main event and burn the crowd out beforehand. This was the wild, insane, fun match you come to expect from an ROH main event. Great work from all of them, particularly ACH. Maybe that's why he went over. ACH with a pinfall win over Moose to win this match. ACH looks to be on the rise and getting in line for an epic program with Jay Lethal once again. ****