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ROH Columbus, OH, live results (Sun): Jay Lethal vs. Adam Page; new team debuts

The Addiction

Submitted by Andrew Hall

- Pre-Show: Veda Scott vs “Crazy” Mary Dodson

Veda wins with a back suplex while Mary is seated on top rope. Good enough match to warm up.

Kelly Klein and BJ Whitmer come out. Klein gives Mary a Michinoku-driver like move and BJ harasses the ring announcer to announce Klein as ‘the only woman that matters’ in Women of Honor.

Jay Briscoe comes out and tells the crowd the ROH officials are concerned about his health and he is not supposed to wrestle tonight. Roderick Strong comes out to tell him it is better that way and Jay should take the night off. Of course, Jay doesn’t accept that reasonable offer, so the main event is still on.

- Caprice Coleman vs ACH

Good match. Caprice yelled out 'Buddy Landel!' and proceeded to do a Landel-style elbow off the ropes. Maybe a dozen people in the audience got it. ACH won with the 360 splash.

- Stevie Richards vs Mark Briscoe

OK match. Mark with a DVD like move and then FroggyBo off the top for the pin.

- Beer City Bruiser (w/ Silas Young) vs Cheezburger

What you’d expect. BCB wins with his finisher. Silas mocks Cheeseburger and expresses his disgust for the crown and ACH and CB. Silas picks CB up over his shoulders, but ACH makes the save.

- ANX vs Motor City Machine Guns

Fun match. Good team spots. Heat on Alex Shelley. Finish breaks down and MCMG do a double team buster move on Rhett ( I think) for the pin. MCMG are pretty over.

- Adam Page vs. ROH Champion Jay Lethal

Big pop for Bullet Club, and a good pop for Lethal. Crowd somewhat favored Lethal during the match. Back and forth action. Lots of leg selling by Jay. Page ripped off his knee brace at one point. Big pop for a Young Bucks run in. Superkicks on Lethal, but he kicks out. Another attempt and Lethal ducks and Page gets it. Then Lethal diverts one Buck’s superkick into the other Buck. Follows with a Lethal Injection on both a Buck and Page at the same time. Good for the pin. Really good match.

- Intermission had BJ Whitmer babbling. Crowd wouldn’t let him talk at all. “We want wrestling” chant.

- Dalton Castle (w/The Boys) vs Kamaitachi 

Solid match. Fun spots w/ Castle and the Boys. Crowd into it. Castle w/ a bridging suplex for the win.

- Lio Rush vs Adam Cole

The rest of the Bullet Club came out w/ Cole. He then sent them off saying he didn’t need them. Really good match. Near falls and hope spots had me believing Rush would win it, especially after he finally hit a frog splash. But Cole caught him with the knee brain buster for a pin. Afterwards, he shook Lio’s hand and called hm the future of ROH. Then he hugged Lio … but it was just a cover for a Superkick party. Bucks were out and nailed Rush and then all 3 did. MCMG ran them off. Best match on the card.

- War Machine vs. ROH Tag Champions The Addiction (Daniels/Kazarian) in a no DQ title match

Early part was just WM mauling The Addiction with hairs and trash cans. Then they got Hanson taped outside to the corner and Rowe taped inside by his legs to bottom rope. Lots of offense on Rowe, but couldn’t pin him since feet on ropes! Daniels cut him loose and they tried to pin. Rowe kicks out. Powers up and frees Hanson. More brawling. They hit finisher on Kazrian, but Daniels saved. Then War Machine decided to get the tables.

Before they can, two big guys (Shane Taylor and Keith Lee) run in and demolish WM with power bomb moves. The Addiction recover and give Hanson a double suplex with a belly landing on the table for the pin.

- Jay Briscoe vs Rodrick Strong

Lots of heat on Strong. Back and forth match. Ref bump and Jay got visual pin. Revived ref and hit the Jay Driller, but only got 2. A short exchange and Strong hit his suplex into front codebreaker like finish for a surprise victory. Solid match.