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ROH Final Battle Reader Feedback

Thumbs way up!
Best match: Jay Lethal vs AJ Styles
Worst match: By default, The Kingdom vs War Machine

Everything on this show was good to great, except for the tag match which was obviously hindered by Taven's leg injury.  I've become a ROH fan in 2015 after never really watching them before and I have no reservations about continuing to give them my money for their top-notch professional wrestling product.


-Thumbs up for the show

- Best Match: AJ Styles vs Jay Lethal

- Worst Match: 6 Man Tag Match

Interesting show when it's all put together. The opener was great and got the crowd pumped (still shocked at the ANX heat). Castle vs Young & the six man tag match felt a little flat. The Cole & O'Reilly match tore the house down along with the AJ & Lethal match. Fish vs Roddy and Elgin vs Moose were very solid matches.

The crowd was very hit and miss. I was there live and a portion of the crowd (10-20 people all lumped together) were absolutely putting out garbage chants for attention that took away from some matches. Other parts of the crowd were surprisingly quiet, which let the obnoxious ones sound loud. At times the crowd got it together and really supported the in-ring work. Far cry from the amazing crowd at War of The Worlds night 2.

Taven's injury looked bad when it happened. When he was being helped out you could see him crying, the man was devastated, thinking its a nasty injury. 

Luis Gonzalez

I was there live, sitting on the camera side in the 6th row. 

Thumbs up!

Best match: AJ Styles VS Jay Lethal, but O'Reilly/Cole was great
Worst match: Kingdom VS War Machine, poor Matt Taven

Crowd was into everything. Biggest pops were for the Young Bucks, the entire finish of Lethal/Styles, Dalton Castle and the Boys reuniting, Roderick Strong was actually very very over as a babyface, little to no boos, Adam Cole was very over, even cheating to win he got a huge pop. It's crazy how well ROH can put on an entertaining show, everyone looks good, everyone gets over, and they have great wrestling matches. It's ridiculous how much talent is on this roster and the kind of guys that I saw tonight, the promos I saw tonight, and the fact that WWE or TNA reject these guys and won't even take a flyer on them when they're better talkers or workers than 90% of the WWE roster. Guys like Adam Cole, Jay Lethal, the Briscoes, Fish/O'Reilly, Roderick Strong, not even mentioning AJ Styles. Just crazy. 

Richard Kelly

Best matches were a tie between the main event and Cole / O'Reilly.  Moose & Elgin was very good too.

Six man, TV title, and Tag title matches were all disappointing, but I guess it's understandable in the tag title match given the injuries.  For the Six Man, the reveal of Alex Shelley as the man in the mask was a good angle but poorly delivered.  There was no buildup to Sabin coming out for the segment and Shelley just walks out and unmasks and that's it.  For the TV title, I just didn't care.  I'm blaming Fish, since Roddy was my favourite wrestler this year probably.

I had actually thought the main event would have some sort of referee screwup since Sinclair was the official.  Wonder if that goes anywhere.

I have no interest in Lethal vs. Lynn if it happens.

Overall thumbs up, but not as good as my expectations (though they were sky high).

Kevin Elliott

ROH Final Battle feedback

Thumbs up

Best match: Adam Cole vs Kyle O'Reilly

Worst match: Rhett TItus and Kenny King vs The Briscoes vs The Young Bucks

The three-way tag match was fine but was the low end of stuff on the show for me. The bell-to-bell stuff in the tag title change was short but I really like War Machine and could never dislike this match.

Cole and O'Reilly had an incredible match, doing state-of-the-art working style with strikes and submissions.

There was lots of other great stuff to. Strong and Fish had a good match and I was actually ok with the finish. And Elgin going over Moose was good by me too.

The world title match delivered in my mind. Given some people's contract statuses it is hard to know what is coming at the Dome show but I do think some freshening up of the roster would be good. But to be positive everything was quite good on this and it caps off a great year for the company

Dave Musgrave
Oshawa, Ontario