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ROH Glory by Honor live results: The Young Bucks vs. The Addiction


Submitted by Jared Walsh from the Frontier Fieldhouse

- Kelly Klein defeated Thunderkitty

Klein remained undefeated with the victory.

- Cheeseburger & Will Ferrara defeated The Tempura Boyz (Sho & Yohey)

Fans were very into Cheeseburger, and both teams received nice ovations after the match.

- Donovan Dijak defeated Beer City Bruiser and Punishment Martinez in a triple threat match

Really fun match here as all three guys showed a lot of athleticism as well as big power spots. Dijak pinned Bruiser to pick up the win.

- Kamaitachi defeated Nick Jackson, ACH, and Angel de Oro in a four corner survival match

This was exactly what you'd expect from a match with these participants. There were lots of big, high flying spots that the crowd ate up. All four guys had a chance to shine at various times, and they certainly took advantage.

- Jay Briscoe defeated Dalton Castle

This one got a lot of time and turned out to be a really solid match. Lots of shenanigans and posing early from Castle, and the crowd really enjoyed playing into them. A good amount of very physical offense from each wrestler.

- Jay White & The Motor City Machine Guns defeated The Cabinet (Rhett Titus, Kenny King, and Caprice Coleman)

Lots of great combination spots by both teams. The match got a bit out of control at the end with everyone hitting big moves in the ring at once, but White ended up getting the pin on Coleman.

The Cabinet hit the ring again after the match and attacked the face team, drawing a lot of boos from the crowd.

- Colt Cabana defeated Mark Briscoe

 A fair bit of comedy during the early portion of this one, but they settled into a serious, physical match with a lot of chops back and forth. As the hometown guy, Cabana received an enthusiastic ovation after the match.

- Jay Lethal defeated Matt Jackson

Some back and forth action led to Matt superkicking the referee by mistake. Nick came out to perform the Meltzer Driver on a fallen Lethal, but they were taken out as The Addiction
ran in to make the save. Kazarian demanded The Addiction receive their tag title rematch, and the bell rang to begin the unscheduled bout.

- The Addiction defeated ROH Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks via DQ

So much high risk, spectacular offense in this one. Many fans stood the entirety of the match, expecting to see a follow up of sorts to their Ladder Wars match. Each team hit all their big moves, and a ladder spot was teased (but not delivered) as well.

A table was set up and teased for quite awhile outside the ring, and just as it seemed that The Addiction would be taking the titles back, Adam Cole and Hangman Page ran out and put Daniels from the top rope through the table outside, causing the DQ and allowing the Bucks to remain champions. Bullet Club then put the boots to Kazarian, but reDRagon came out in order to make the save.

Before starting the scheduled main event of reDRagon vs. Adam Cole & Hangman Page, the two teams brawled outside the ring, exchanging chair shots and blows to the barricade. Referee Todd Sinclair stopped Fish from hitting Page in the head with a chair inside the ring, and called for the bell in order to begin the match as he regained control.

- reDRagon defeated Adam Cole & Hangman Page

This one brought the crowd down a bit after all the previous action, but they got up for the big spots throughout the duration of the match. The match ended as Fish got Page to submit, though Page got the last laugh as he took out Fish afterwards.

As Cole went to take out O'Reilly with the belt, Jay Lethal came out and took the strap away to make the save. The three stared each other down, and Silas Young (who had been on commentary with Kevin Kelly and Steve Corino), took the belt from Lethal, making it a four-way stare down. Each wrestler went their separate ways, and Young and Lethal cut promos with Kelly and claimed they would become the next ROH champion.