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ROH house show report 5-30 Oklahoma City: World Champion Jay Briscoe vs. Hansen

Submitted by Kevin Ely

- Lots of cheers while Kevin Kelly announced the DA time slot.

- 2 big guys squashed a masked wrestler and partner. Must have been locals, but I didn't catch the names over the PA.

- Caprice Coleman vs guy I didn't know with a "dirty" gimmick. Sorry, the PA was horrible and I didn't get his name. Pretty much a CC squash match.

- Winner gets a TV title shot later on: Matt Taven vs Ray Rowe vs Mark Briscoe: Briscoe pinned Taven after fisherman buster. Mark was the first guy to get a superstar reaction

- Romantic Touch vs Silas Young: Young won. Lots of funny stuff from Romantic.

- BJ Whitmer vs Michael Bennett vs Hansen: Hansen pinned Whitmer. I think a lot of people expected Bennett to win, so they popped for the finish. Hansen was very popular with this crowd.

- Roderick Strong vs Will Ferarra: Roddy super over with the people. He's just so crisp, he seemed to be on a different level from anyone so far. Roddy with a superplex.

- Michael Elgin vs Dalton Castle: Elgin won with the Baldo bomb. Crowd was behind Dalton, and loved his act. Chanted "suplex city" when Dalton won a battle of German suplexes.

- Adam Cole vs ACH: Great match. Crowd was really into both guys. Big moves from ACH but Cole won when ACH missed a big spot. Adam Cole had the presence of a champion.

- TV Champion Jay Lethal vs Mark Briscoe: Lethal won with his finisher after hitting Mark with the book. Crowd was behind Mark but no one believed he had a chance. Lethal came off as the only true heel on the show.

- ROH World Champion Jay Briscoe vs Hansen: Crowd wasn't super into it early. It was good brawling, but they just didn't buy Hansen as a title threat. Midway, Lethal came out, with Truth, then Mark and Rowe came out to make sure he didn't interfere. Match then picked up steam. Crowd was way into it when Rowe kicked out after a Jay Driller. Jay won with two Jay drillers.

After the match, Lethal jumped in the ring, talked smack to Jay and tried to leave, but War Machine and Briscoes beat him up, threw him out, and then grabbed Truth, who escaped. Curtain call from Briscoes and War Machine. Crowd chanted ROH to end the show. Crowd really was into it in the second half.

- Briscoes, Cole, and ACH were the clear stars of the show to the fans. Lethal was really effective as the villain of the whole show.