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ROH June 6 Nashville, TN, house show report: Daniels & Kaz vs. Bennett & Taven vs. War Machine vs. Briscoes

Submitted By Lee Thomas

Solid for the most part with some good matches but most I won't remember next week.

Pre-Show Match: A 5:40 6-man match that I didn't know anyone & couldn't make out a couple of names. The team of Everett Connors, Austin Blackburn & ??? beat Curt Stallion, Black Baron & ???. Bunch of green guys getting experience. 

I think this was still part of the pre-show but not for certain. Lethal & Truth came out & said there would be a 3-way with the winner facing Lethal later tonight. 

Samson Walker beat Corey Hollis & Mike Posey in 5:45 in a battle of journeyman indy guys

A couple of good spots by Hollis & Posey. Walker was fairly agile for a bigger guy. Lethal & truth commentated on this match. It was OK. 

Then they did the TV opening I guess for VOD on their website. Scarlett Bordeaux was the ring announcer & Kevin Kelly & Steve Corino were the announcers. 

The Kingdom w/Maria beat Danny Adams & Paco Gonzalez in 4:00

Adams & Paco were out 1st with no entrance & no introduction. That tells you everything you need to know about this one. The Kingdom cut a post-match promo wanting to be inserted into tonight's main event. It was announced via text from Nigel McGuinness later on that they got their wish. 

Adam Page w/BJ Whitmer beat Will Ferrara in match that had no heat

Nothing special. 

Moose beat BJ Whitmer, Silas Young & Cheeseburger in 10:15 in a 4 Corner Survival Match

Just OK to me. Some may have liked it better than I did. 

Roderick Strong beat Dalton Castle in 19:00

Good match. Love Castle's antics & the Tate Twins are doing more as part of the act. Not the best Strong match by no means I've seen in the last month but Mr. ROH never fails to deliver. 

Intermission. They announced a November 20th return with tix going on sale to Ringside members Monday & to the general public Wednesday. This will be another house show. 

TV Champion Jay Lethal beat Samson Walker in 7:42 to retain the title

Solid little match. Walker was a pleasant surprise with both power & agility. 

ODB beat The Romantic Touch by DQ after ODB was superkicked by Jay Lethal in 8:05

Jay Briscoe made the save then cut a promo on Lethal. The match was pretty bad as you would expect. Mostly comedy with almost zero bumps taken not that there should of been. Lots of sexual innuendo as you would imagine with these two. 

Michael Elgin beat Matt Sydal in 8:00

Good match. Solid action all the way. 

The Addiction beat The Kingdom, War Machine & The Briscoes in 18:00

Match of the night. Solid action all the way but the last 5 minutes had a lot of insane spots highlighted by Hanson doing a flip off the top to the outside on several of the wrestlers. Crowd popped huge for that. Lethal came down & attacked Jay afterwards. Lots of insane brawling post match. Lethal lost it & was throwing chairs, pretty recklessly I might add. The night ended with the Briscoes standing tall. 

The fans were pretty solid most of the night with a couple of lulls. I think most everyone had a good time. Considering that ROH is the only indy running in Nashville these days, I think most people were pretty appreciative of having live action again in their backyard. That's if ROH is still considered an indy. The boys worked hard as always. Hard enough for me to try & make it again in November.