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ROH NYC TV taping results: Bullet Club teases All In 2


Submitted by Richard Fein

- Dalton Castle, who had been advertised as defending his ROH World Championship against Ultimo Guerrero, came out and cut a promo where he said he wasn't cleared to wrestle tonight.

The Kingdom then entered. The Boys did about 10 consecutive planchas on them, which the crowd went nuts for.

- Kenny King defeated Jonathan Gresham

King won in a good opener.

- Women of Honor Champion Sumie Sakai & Stella Grey defeated Gabby Ortiz & Riley Shepard

Sakai got the pin on Ortiz.

- Bully Ray defeated Cheeseburger in a no DQ match

The crowd was super into this. Bully pummeled Cheeseburger with a kendo stick and a chain, then hit the referee with the chain. Colt Cabana ran down and turned the tables on Bully, with Cabana and Cheeseburger doing The Dudleys' "Wassup" spot.

Cheeseburger had the win, but there was no ref. Bully won with a boot to the face.

- Josh Woods defeated Facade

Woods challenged Shane Taylor after the match, but Taylor said he doesn't fight for free.

- Kelly Klein defeated Jenny Rose

Rose passed out in a guillotine after a realistic amount of time.

- ROH announced that a five-team gauntlet match for a future shot at the Six-Man Tag Team titles was next.

- Gauntlet match: Alex Shelley, Jonathan Gresham & Leon St. Giovanni defeated The Dawgs (Rhett Titus & Will Ferrara) & Shane Taylor

- Gauntlet match: Alex Shelley, Jonathan Gresham & Leon St. Giovanni defeated Silas Young, Beer City Bruiser & Brian Milonas

- Gauntlet match: SoCal Uncensored (Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian & Scorpio Sky) defeated Alex Shelley, Jonathan Gresham & Leon St. Giovanni

Shelley looked to have legitimate facial/dental issues and was helped to the back while the match broke down.

- Gauntlet match: Chuck Taylor, Kenny King & Eli Isom defeated SoCal Uncensored to win the Six-Man Tag Team title shot

Isom reversed the Angel's Wings into a backslide with a bridge.

- Afa Jr. won a Future of Honor match

- Matt Taven (w/ TK O'Ryan) defeated Ultimo Guerrero

Vinny Marseglia came out from under the ring with balloons and popped one to distract Guerrero, allowing Taven to pick up the win. The crowd was very into Guerrero, with Taven and O'Ryan getting tons of heat. It was a very physical match.

- Cody (w/ Brandi Rhodes and Burnard the Business Bear) defeated Titan

Cody unmasked Titan and pinned him with a small package. Cody is a superstar. He teased All In 2 being in New York City, then said he was lying and they'd never have it in this rat town. While that got heat, the crowd not being into Titan caused it not to last.

- Jay Lethal defeated Chuck Taylor

Lethal won with the Lethal Injection. This had a lack of heat due to being three and a half hours into the show.

- The Young Bucks & Hangman Page defeated The Briscoes & Punishment Martinez

One of the Bucks escaped a Doomsday Device from The Briscoes and won with a roll-up. This was what you'd expect: the crowd was super into it and they did a ton of spots. At one point, Matt Jackson was put through a table on the outside with an elbow drop. Page also hit a moonsault from the corner to the outside.

The Briscoes started beating down the Bucks after the match until Cody ran out to make the save. The Briscoes bailed and said they were still the champs -- and The Young Bucks wouldn't make it to All In after The Briscoes destroy them at Best in the World.

The Bucks and Cody got on the mic and thanked the crowd for staying hot through the four-hour show. The Bucks teased that there's a building down the street named Madison Square Garden, and maybe they should hold All In 2 there. The crowd went nuts. The Bucks said it was something to think about.