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ROH Survival of the Fittest report 11/15: Roderick Strong out with concussion

By Kristian Marinello

Shaheem Ali def. Kevin Lee Davidson via pinfall

Fun opening match, Davidson hit a monster clothesline and a Finlay roll early. Ali hit a powerbomb and got the pin with a frogsplash.

Cedric Alexander def. Will Ferrara via pinfall

Alexander came out minus Veda Scott, which was kind of a bummer. Alexander hit some big spots early landing a huge knee and a backwards enziguri. Ferrara gained some momentum and performed an impressive DDT of the turnbuckle for a near fall. The two trashed talked and Alexander literally blew his nose on Ferrara before a lumbar check to get the win.

An ROH staff member took the mic in the ring and announced that while Roderick Strong won his match in night 1 of Survival Of The Fittest, he would not be wrestling tonight as he sustained a concussion in his win. Roderick then came out mentioning how he would wrestle injured, but for safety he needs to be cleared first. He went on to say upon his return he would be taking challengers from all over the world for the TV title.

Dalton Castle def. Adam Page via pinfall

Match went outside almost immediately, fans were fanning the very over Castle. Match made its way back into the ring. Blows are traded and Page builds some momentum. BJ Whitmer comes out and in the distraction, castle hits a Bang-A-Rang and gets the pin.

Mark Briscoe def. Frankie Kazarian via pinfall

Match starts with Kazarian hitting Briscoe during the handshake. Briscoe gets angry and beats on Kazarian. Kazarian rakes the eyes and almost pins Briscoe. Kazarian is arguing with the ref about the two count and almost gets rolled up. Briscoe got strung up on the ropes and kicked the the outside. Kazarian beat on Briscoe to a near count out. After Kazarian hit a diamond cutter, he attempted a flux capacitor. Briscoe reversed and hit an elbow drop off the top for the pin.

Adam Cole, Michael Bennett and Matt Taven defeated Moose, Raymond Rowe and Hanson via pinfall

Match started with Taven and Rowe in the ring. Rowe no sold an impressive looking dropkick from Taven. The two had a staredown and Taven spit on Rowe before tagging in Hanson and Bennett. The two were in a very short time before Moose and Cole were tagged in. Moose gets thrown out and all of the partners followed in a huge brawl. Moose got back in the ring and dazed Cole, Bennett, and Taven in a row in time with the “Moose” chant before getting superkicked by all three. Hanson has a few cool spots in which he stacks three men on a turnbuckle before starting his 10 punch count, hits a splash of the top rope, and then does a suicide dive. Moose hit a powerbomb off the top rope before the ring getting cleared out and Adam Cole hitting an assisted piledriver on Rowe.

Joey Daddiego def. Cheeseburger via pinfall

Match after the intermission. Not a very good one at that.

Young Bucks def. All Night Express via pinfall

Match started with the Young Bucks superkicking the All Night Express to the outside in tandem. They followed up with tandem dives to the outside. Back in the ring Matt gets beat up pretty good by the Express before the hot tag. Nick cleans house, gives the crotchchop and lands a facebuster on Titus. The ref gets superkicked and is out cold. The Express regain command of the match and pinned Matt but the ref was out cold. Young Bucks turned it around and hit a Meltzer driver before waking the ref up and getting the pin.

AJ Styles def. Matt Sydal

Match started methodically with the two grappling and trading holds. The pace picked up after Sydal landed a couple of huracanranas. The match turned in Styles favor after getting his knees up before Sydal connected on a standing moonsault. Styles delivered a spinning backbreaker as well as brainbuster. Sydal mounted a comeback before Styles reversed a powerbomb with a hurricanrana into a near fall pin. Styles pinned Sydal after landing a Styles clash.

Kyle O’ Reilly and Bobby Fish def. Jay Lethal and Donovan Dijak

Lethal began the match by stalling outside with Truth Martini. Lots of crowd interaction with the wrestlers going back and forth with louder fans. O’Reilly and Fish pummeled Dijak for ahwile after knocking Lethal outside. Lethal breaks up an armbar on Dijak from O’Reilly. They gain some momentum and Dijak performs a brutal chokeslam into a backbreaker on Fish from Lethal’s shoulders. O’Reilly raises some hell and Lethal gets thrown out of the ring before O’Reilly and Fish hit a 3-D-like combo move and O’Reilly pins Dijak.

Michael Elgin defeated Jay Briscoe, ACH, Silas Young and Christopher Daniels in a 45-minute main event

  • ACH pinned Silas Young with a german suplex.
  • Christopher Daniels pinned ACH after a low blow followed by standing moonsault.
  • Jay Briscoe pinned Christopher Daniels after a Jay Driller.
  • MIchael Elgin pinned Jay Briscoe after a Burning Hammer.

Daniels and Silas seemed to have an alliance at the beginning and often broke holds on the other throughout the match. They start beating on Briscoe until he hits a double clothesline on them. Elgin German suplexes all four of his opponents and fighting moves outside. ACH dove on all four from the ring. Christopher Daniels put Elgin with Briscoe on his shoulders through a table from the apron. The match rules get changed to a “tornado style match due to the chaos”. Elgin dominated this match including a fallaway slam/Samoa drop combo with Daniels on his chest and Briscoe on his back.