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ROH TV Report 3-14-15: Young Bucks vs. The Kingdom, Samoa Joe returns, Matt Sydal teams with ACH


By Paul Fontaine,

Steve Corino for some reason is now going by King Corino. Assuming it’s a rib on Jerry Lawler. Crowd is electric to the point where you can barely hear the announcers.

ACH/”Re-Bourne” Matt Sydal vs The Addiction (Frankie Kazarian/”Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels)

Both teams get a great reception from the crowd with multi-colored streamers. “Sexy Beast” is right up there with the Kingdom’s entrance music as my favorite in ROH. Both teams adhere to the Code of Honor. Sydal’s haircut is interesting, buzzed on the sides and tied up in a bun on the top. Mat wrestling from Sydal and Kaz to start. The Addiction cut off the ring with quick tags from Kaz and Daniels as the fans start a Fallen Angel/Matt Sydal chant. ACH gets the hot tag and cleans house on the Addiction while Kelly and Corino talk about their gambling in Vegas. Corino was “up 20” and Kelly was down 2 dollars, the only 2 dollars he put in a machine. Daniels hits a BME on ACH and Sydal, who were outside the ring and then tosses ACH back into the ring for Kaz as we go to break.

Back in and ACH is still isolated in the corner of the Addiction. Both teams working babyface style but crowd is into it. A weird cut in as Kevin Kelly is plugging a free ROH codeline where you can call in and find out which ROH superstar’s dad is an Elvis impersonator, Adam Cole or Roderick Strong. WTF? 1-800-855-4-ROH if you’re interested and have a time machine to take you back to 1996. I’m sure Bryan Alvarez will call it on the radio show when he and Vinny review this show.

Back to the match and ACH is still in and makes the hot tag to Sydal, who cleans house. Sydal hits a cool neckbreaker (on Daniels) DDT (on Kazarian) combo but Addiction quickly takes over. Legdrop to the back of Sydal’s neck gets a two for Daniels but ACH breaks it up. Daniels misses a BME and ACH hits the double foot stomp to the back of Daniels and Sydal gets a near two but Kaz breaks it up. THIS IS AWESOME chants. ACH hits a Fosbury Flop on Daniels and Sydal sets up for the Shooting Star Press but he’s taken out by a chair shot from a member of KRD. Kaz and Daniels hit a double-team move on Sydal to get the pin. Both teams shake hands after the match.


Back from break and we get a recap of the main event of the PPV over top of Samoa Joe’s promo from the show. This also includes the return of Ray Rowe and Ciampa saving Nigel from an Elgin powerbomb. Closes with the handshake between Samoa Joe and Jay Briscoe that closed the show. This leads to Jay Briscoe coming out for an in-ring promo. Briscoe has the World title belt as well as his old title belt, formerly the Furry Pink Title of Love. He thanks ODB for returning that belt. You can call him lucky, you can call him vulnerable but don’t forget to call him the champ.

Promo is kind of heelish, saying he hasn’t been beaten in over two years and he’s got the best streak going of all time and he’s the “baddest man in pro wrestling”. This brings out Samoa Joe, meaning ROH is now more current in their TV than TNA. WELCOME BACK chants from the fans and Joe takes the mic. He takes exception to Briscoe calling himself the Baddest man in pro wrestling but then gives him props and says he pickup up the ball when Joe left ROH. He then says that he can’t be the Baddest man in pro wrestling until he beats Joe’s ass and challenges him to a match at Supercard of Honor. Fans chant YES YES YES. Briscoe accepts with a handshake and the fans chant JOE IS GONNA KILL YOU. After Joe leaves, the crowd chants MAN UP. Great, simple angle to build up the title match for Mania weekend.

After a commercial break, Jimmy Jacobs is in the ring bitching that Joe is getting a title shot. He’s another one who left and came back and now he’s getting a title shot, which is kind of the point behind what the Decade is fighting against. Joe walked out and “that worked out so good for you, didn’t it”. That draws a reaction from the crowd. Jacobs then demands a title because he’s earned it. Says he’s taking it. He says there’s a feeling in the air and something’s changing, something’s gotta give. He then just lays the mic down in the centre of the ring and stares out to the crowd. Weird promo. They were trying to do something different here but it just didn’t click because no one buys Jacobs as anything close to the World title picture. Video package setting up tonight’s main event airs next, which leads into the Kingdom’s entrance and the best entrance song in ROH. With the Kingdom beating the Briscoes, they’re moving on it appears.

The Kingdom (Matt Taven/Michael Bennett w/Maria Kanellis) vs The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson)

Both teams (kind of) adhere to the Code of Honor right before we go to break as the fans alternate YOUNG BUCKS and SUPERKICK chants. Bucks use double teams moves on both guys to start. Fans start an ROH ROH ROH chant. Matt hits a moonsault from the top onto the Kingdom who are outside the ring and a Young Bucks chant start. Matt’s first attempt at a superkick is blocked and Kevin Kelly plugs the stupid hotline again. Kingdom take over, isolating Matt Jackson and Maria briefly joins commentary whining about her title being gone. Taven gets a little cocky with posing and mocking Nick, who’s reaching for a tag, so Nick spits at him, which gets a reaction from the crowd. YOUNG BUCKS chant starts up as Matt Jackson fights for a tag but Bennett cuts him off and Taven gets a near fall that the fans bought just before we go to commercial.

Back from break and Matt gets the tag to Nick and Corino calls it a “little Ricky and Robert action” from the Bucks. Both teams trades dives outside the ring, which leads to a splash from Taven onto Matt but Matt gets his knees up. Bucks use some doubleteams to get the advantage and Maria gets on the ring apron to distact the Bucks, which allows the Kingdom to regain the advantage. Bennett his the Twist of Fate on Matt Jackson and then Taven hits a Swanton but it only gets a 2. Corino brings up the Hardy as this was an obvious homage to them. YOUNG BUCKS chants. First superkick of the match is actually thrown by Bennett but Matt Jackson ducks and Bennett hits Taven. Matt then nails Superkick #1 on Bennett. The Bucks hit a standing moonsault/Senton Splash combination on Taven for a two. Bucks protest a slow count. Superkick #2 is Matt on Matt.

Then another Matt on Matt but this time is Taven on Jackson for Superkick #3. Bennett then goes for a spear on Matt Jackson but misses and hits Taven. Superkicks #4 and #5 as both Bucks hit Bennett. Powerbomb into the turnbuckles by Matt combined with a kick to the back of Taven sets up a Senton by Nick onto Taven while Matt’s holding him in the air, propped up on the second rope. That only gets a two. YOUNG BUCKS chants again and rightfully so. They set up for the Indie-taker but Bennett pulls Nick out of the ring. This allows the Kingdom to set up for a Spike Piledriver on Matt. As Taven dives from the top, Nick hits Superkick #6 on him and then both Bucks hit #7 and #8 on Bennett. Crowd is going insance at this point. An Indie-taker on Taven appears to finish it but KRD pulls the ref out of the ring. Superkick #9 is Bennett on Matt Jackson. A low blow to Nick sets up the Spike piledriver for the win.

WINNER: The Kingdom by pinfall

The Kingdom earn a tag team title shot at Supercard of Honor with that win. Late-breaking news at the end of the show is that Jimmy Jacobs will get his title shot next week on ROH TV. The Kingdom poses to end the show.