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ROH TV Report 4-18-15: Michael Elgin vs Cedric Alexander; Fish Tank w/Jay Lethal

By Paul Fontaine,

Donovan Dijak (w/Truth Martini) vs Dalton Castle w/his manservants

We get highlights of Castle’s TV title match from a couple weeks ago where Dijak helped Jay Lethal retain the title. They are now calling Castle an overnight sensation. He gets multi-coloured streamers, the likes of which are usually reserved for company mainstays. DALTON chants before the match starts. They do adhere to the Code of Honor. Kind of. Castle really playing up the androgynous thing by slapping Dijak on the ass. Castle controls early with his Greco-Roman type work and then fakes out Dijak by attempting a dive but stopping short and PRANCING!!~~! There was an ROH Codeline plug in the middle of this.

Dijak takes over briefly but Castle reverses a throw into the ring apron by coming off the ropes, outside the ring, with a flying rana and then then follows up with a dive off the apron. The manservants fan Castle off as we go to commercial as the fans are going nuts with ROH chants.

Back from break and Dijak is in control, whipping Castle around the ring. Corino plugs ROH in Minneapolis next week which makes me happy cause I’ll be there live. Castle hits a series of running clotheslines and a dropkick but can’t take Dijak down. He comes off with a dive off the top rope but Dijak catches him. Castle finally knocks him to his feet with a punch and then does an impressive deadlift German suplex on the 270 lber. Fans chant THAT WAS THREE. Castle gets another two after a backbodydrop that the fans total bought. He tries another suplex but Martini holds Dijak’s leg. Dijak then hits Feast Your Eyes for the win, after Castle took 90% of the match.


The manservants fan Castle off after the match but Truth Martini pushes them away and then grabs Castle and screams at him. Castle grabs his “ding-ding” with the “P-Claw” as Corino calls it. Dijak tries to break it up with a running clothesline but Castle ducks and Dijak flies out of the ring.

War Machine (Rowe/Hanson) vs Andy Dalton/Ken Phoenix

War Machine gets the multi-colored streamer treatment. They adhere to the Code of Honor but Dalton licks his hand before shaking and Rowe shakes anyway. Rowe takes his head off with a clothesline, tags in Hanson, who comes off the top with a flying leg lariat and that’s it.


Rowe shakes Dalton’s hand again after the match, while he’s still lying on the canvas. After a break, we’ve got ReDRagon in the ring for a live in-ring Fish Tank. O’Reilly teases the crowd by saying they’re in Oklahoma (they’re in San Antonio). Fish goes over their accomplishments as a tag team, including all their titles. They bring up the word DOMINANCE, which leads them to their guest, TV Champion Jay Lethal, who has held the title for over a year. Lethal’s out, looking rather dapper with a grey dress shirt and matching fedora. Martini is plugging Lethal’s DVD. O’Reilly had brought up tapping out Jay Lethal some time back and Lethal reminds him that he’s got a TV title shot in Hopkins next week. Fans chant WHERE IS HOPKINS.

Lethal admits that he’s only out here to plug his DVD because the talk show is stupid. O’Reilly then prepares a “promo” for the DVD, calling it a cure for insomnia. Martini calls Lethal the greatest first generation wrestler, a legend and the Ring of Honor CHAMPION. He then shows off the “correction” that they’ve made to his belt, which has removed “Television” from it. Fish mocks that, saying they could’ve modified their belts to say “Masters of the Universe”. Fish reminds Lethal that Jay Briscoe is the World champion, which infuriates Lethal. Lethal goes on and on about how he doesn’t want to ever hear that name, which of course leads to a BRISCOE chant. He says Briscoe was born on the highway because that’s where most accidents happen.

This brings out Briscoe and a MAN UP chant. Briscoe starts a promo but instead nails Lethal with the mic and this starts a brawl which immediately goes out of the ring and right to the back. ReDRagon are left in the ring and they’re celebrating but KRD attack them. Chris Daniels, ACH and Matt Sydal come out for the save as the fans chant ACH ACH ACH and then FALLEN ANGEL.

Back from break and it’s a taped promo from the Decade. ACH has had everything handed to him, while Adam Page has done everything the “right way” and hasn’t gotten any chances. They promise to take “Albert” out of ROH.

Unbreakable” Michael Elgin vs Cedric Alexander

Elgin might be the only real heel in this company as he’s pretty much universally despised. There is a LETS GO CEDRIC/LETS GO ELGIN chant before the intros and they do adhere to the Code of Honor. A TEST OF STRENGTH chant is next but Elgin backs off, earning a chorus of boos. This brings on a CEDRIC’S STRONGER chant. These fans are having fun, that’s for sure. Elgin dominates the early going but Alexander turns it around by reversing out of a backbreaker attempt into a rollup and then knocking Elgin out of the ring with a dropkick, followed up by a somersault plancha.

Alexander misses a frog splash badly, which allows Elgin to take over again. Elgin gets a two after a somersault leg lariat. Elgin hits a spinning slingshot neckbreaker for two. Another LET’S GO CEDRIC/LET’S GO ELGIN chant. Elgin tosses Alexander out of the ring and follows him out. Alexander chopping Elgin and Elgin’s mocking him, asking for more as we go to commercial.

Back from break and they’re still out of the ring but both guys are down. Alexander rolls Elgin back into the ring and takes over briefly. Elgin looks to take over but misses a flying butt drop. Alexander hits 2/3 of the Trinity, drawing an EDDIE chant but Elgin powers out of the third one. Elgin misses a running clothesline and then Alexander hits a savate kick and follows off with a dive from the top rope for a two. Alexander hits a Michinoku Driver for two. Alexander playing to the crowd, looking for inspiration and Corino says that’s his problem. Just as he says it, Alexander misses a flying kick and then Elgin hits a vicious clothesline for a near fall. THIS IS AWESOME chants start up. It is much better than I thought it would be.

Alexander hits three straight running dropkicks to the back of Elgin, who is face first in the turnbuckles. He then goes to the top and hits a frog splash and goes to the other corner for another frog splash but Elgin gets his knees up on that one. Elgin hits an O’Connor roll and follows up with a double stomp to the back of Alexander’s head. He hits a running Savate kick and then a Death Valley Driver but only gets two. Elgin misses a short arm clothesline and then Alexander hits the Lumbar check for what would’ve been three but Elgin gets a foot on the ropes. This starts an ROH ROH ROH chant. Another THIS IS AWESOME chant.

Elgin sets Alexander on the top rope and then knocks him off with a running clothesline. Alexander sets Elgin up on the turnbuckles and hits a Rana but Elgin rolls through and ends up hitting a Power Bomb. He follows that up with a discus punch and then hits an Elgin Bomb for the pin.


I normally can’t stand Elgin but that main event was great. Kelly puts over how wins and losses matter in ROH and once again, Alexander lost the big one. Elgin cuts a promo after the match and reminds me why I don’t like him. No idea what he was babbling on about. He’s a killer and you’ve just dug your own grave, he says to no one in particular. He then mockingly shakes Alexander’s hand as he lies on the canvas and that’s it for the show.