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ROH TV results: Death Before Dishonor go-home show

Lethal vs. Cole

In the final episode before the Death Before Dishonor pay-per-view, Ring of Honor television featured a contract signing between Jay Lethal and Adam Cole for their world title match this Friday night. Also, the Young Bucks must go through Roppongi Vice to become the next contenders for the tag team titles.

After opening with a video package recapping the feud between Lethal and Cole, the show started with the last two Top Prospect tournament winners in a match against one another.

Donovan Dijak w/ Prince Nana defeated Lio Rush

In adhering to the Code of Honor, they went to shake hands before the match. The height difference between the two was quite noticeable. Dijak played on that by mocking Rush when he crouched down to shake Rush’s hand, smirking as he looked him in the eyes.


The smaller Rush got ragdolled by Dijak as he got thrown around early on. He came back and looked to have the advantage after Dijak crashed into a guardrail. Nana caused a distraction and got shoved down by Rush in the process. However, the distraction allowed Dijak to gain the advantage.

Still, Rush made another comeback that led into him doing a springboard off the apron into a corkscrew plancha.

The pace quickened and they exchanged near falls in the latter half of the match. Lots of flying from Rush then Dijak would counter with power moves. When Dijak gave Rush a chokebreaker (chokeslam into a backbreaker), Nana ordered him to do it again. Rush countered and hit a splash off the top for a near fall.

The crowd was really into the match at this point. Dijak went to set him up for his Feast Your Eyes finisher, but Rush countered that with a crucifix to score the deciding pinfall. Afterwards, Dijak attacked Rush and started giving him a beatdown. Jay White ran in to make the save. Kamaitachi ran down to attack White. They all began brawling before being separated. This sets up a match at Death Before Dishonor.

Dalton Castle, with The Boys, was cutting a promo when The Cabinet interrupted so they could make political puns and threaten Castle.

Footage from earlier in the day showed Shane Taylor and Keith Lee attacking War Machine as they arrived to the building. They beat them down and left them laying, setting up a future match.

At ringside, Kevin Kelly interviewed “Hangman” Adam Page. He talked about the Bullet Club wanting to have all the titles they could get. He mentioned wanting the Briscoes IWGP heavyweight tag team titles, which was referring to a match from Japan last week on the G1 finals card.

Page said the issue with him and Jay Briscoe is also personal. Briscoe came down to ringside to confront Page and they had a pull-apart. The two meet in a match this Friday night on the PPV.

Highlights from footage taped earlier had tag champions The Addiction bragging about having the night off since their originally scheduled opponents, the Motor City Machine Guns, were out due to an injury.

Roppongi Vice came out to challenge the champs, then the Young Bucks interrupted and suggested making the match a three-way dance. Instead, an impromptu match with the Bucks vs. RPG Vice was made to determine new contenders for a tag title match in two weeks.


The Young Bucks defeated Roppongi Vice

The Addiction provided guest commentary. Matt Jackson and Rocky Romero started off with several exchanges until Romero went for an eye poke only for Matt to too sweet him in the eye. Romero cut him off moments later. Romero worked over Matt until tagging in Trent Baretta, who looked to run wild. Nick Jackson jumped in the fray to knock both Baretta and Romero off the apron.

Shortly thereafter, the action spilled to the outside where the Bucks both did dives out to ringside, spoofing Kenny Omega’s Terminator routine in doing so. However, the Bucks were soon cut off and Baretta picked up Nick so Romero could hit a flying knee off the apron.

RPG Vice got heat on Nick, building to a hot tag. Matt ran wild with a series of moves before hitting a superkick on Romero, followed by superkick on Baretta. Matt jumped off the top with an elbow drop for a near fall. Romero jumped in to help cut off a crotch-chopping Matt. Back-and-forth action for a bit before Nick saved Matt from a double team.

The Bucks superkicked the trash-talking Addiction as they sat at the announce table. That started a superkick party that led into Nick doing a 450 splash as Baretta was draped on the ropes for a near fall.

The crowd started a “Meltzer” chant as the Bucks set up for their finisher. The Addiction broke it up by trying to interfere. Nick stopped them with a moonsault to the outside. Baretta hit his Dudebuster finisher for a near fall.  

Baretta gave Nick a German suplex off the top and Romero did a tope to the outside on Matt. Baretta hit a running knee and went to cover Matt, but Matt hooked him in a crucifix and got the pin as the crucifix appeared to be the key to victory in both matches on this episode.

Jay Lethal and Adam Cole contract signing and melee


Matchmaker Nigel McGuinness presided over the contract signing for the world title match at the PPV. Challenger Adam Cole sat down at at the table. Champion Jay Lethal tossed his chair out of the ring, choosing to stand.

Cole spoke first and tried to belittle Lethal. Cole told Lethal that the now infamous head shaving was not personal. Rather, he said it was a message that he can take from Lethal as he pleases. Cole added he plans on stealing the title instead of them stealing the show.

Lethal took his shirt off and asked McGuinness where to sign the contract. Before signing, Lethal wanted to point out something to Cole. In the past, Lethal said his matches were about the world title. This time it's different because it's personal. He wants revenge for the head shaving.

Cole taunted him by saying he was signing away the world title when he signed the contract. Lethal produced a pair of scissors and slammed them down on the table. Then, he smashed Cole’s head into the table and a brawl broke out.

Cole was getting the better of Lethal when Lethal hit him with a low blow. The Young Bucks ran down to pull Cole out of the ring to safety. Lethal raised the title overhead and sneered at Cole as the show closed.