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ROH TV results: departures, drama and destruction

Ring of Honor television from Philadelphia was a wild and exciting show. Besides the action that channeled the spirit of ECW from the building in Philly where it rose to prominence, drama on the show continued developing storylines. Likewise, stories from the show included Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis finishing up with the company after being written off. AJ Styles also appeared in what would develop into likely his last appearance on ROH TV before starting in WWE. In other developments, BJ Whitmer and Colby Corino confront Mr. Wrestling 3 about his true idenitity. First after the opening match, a villianous act leads to a storyline suspension.

The Addiction (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian with Chris Sabin) beat ACH & Alex Shelley

Sabin and Shelley are former teammates as the Motor City Machine Guns. That would play into the match and its conclusion. In the opening moments Shelley was dominating exchanges with the Addiction until Sabin caused his first of several distractions. Sabin jumped on the apron to distract Shelley and they had a momentary staredown.

With the Shelley’s attention diverted, Kazarian got a nearfall with a cradle of sorts. Shelley fired back up and tagged ACH, who flew around the ring. ACH stomped on the hand of Sabin when he tried to interfere by grabbing ACH’s foot as he ran the ropes. The distraction allowed for the Addiction to dastardly gain the advantage nonetheless.

However, ACH still ran wild on them until they double teamed him to cut off his flurry of offense. Addiction looked to get the heat on him through a commercial but, after the break, Shelley tagged in to jump off the top rope with a missile dropkick. Going back to the top moments later, Shelley missed a double foot stomp and the Addiction took over.

Shelley escaped their clutches to make a hot tag. ACH came in like a house of fire. All four began fighting at once and Addiction double teamed Shelley to take him out. ACH countered their double teaming only for Sabin to cause a distraction. That allowed Addiction to execute their Celebrity Rehab finisher and Daniels covered ACH for the pinfall.

Afterwards, Addiction did their finisher on Shelley. Daniels grabbed the timekeeper’s hammer used to ring the bell. Referee Paul Turner tried to pry it from Daniels hands and Daniels dropped him with a right hand. Authority figure Nigel McGuiness stormed to ringside to admonish Daniels. He told him there was a zero tolerance policy regarding wrestlers assaulting officials.

“Poke the dog enough, mate, he is going to bite,” Nigel said.

Nigel suspended Daniels without pay and ordered him to leave. The crowd mocked Daniels as he protested while being escorted away.

Mark Briscoe beat Adam Page (with BJ Whitmer & Colby Corino)

In a match with some wild and crazy bumps, the crowd was solidly behind Briscoe. Instead of booing Page, they chanted insults at Whitmer. Page hung with Briscoe at the outset but he was no match for redneck kung fu. Page countered with a powerslam sending Briscoe bouncing upside down off the turnbuckles into a nasty landing.

After Page got a nearfall, Briscoe made a wild comeback that led into a blockbuster off the apron on the floor. Back in the ring, they exchanged strikes before Page caught Briscoe with a swinging DDT for a nearfall. Moments later, Page broke out the money clip for another nearfall. Page went for his finisher but Briscoe escaped.

During all this, the masked Mr. Wrestling 3 was seated at ringside doing commentary. During the finish of the match, Whitmer was yelling about the identity of the masked man being Steve Corino. The commotion at ringside distracted Page. Chicken swooped in to finish him off.

Briscoe hoisted up Page to deliver a fisherman’s brainbuster followed by Briscoe climbing the turnbuckles. Briscoe dove off the top with a froggybow and covered Page for the pin. Like previously seen on TV, a distraction by Whitmer cost Page another match as tension mounts within The Decade.

The Decade remained in the ring after a commercial break. Page glared at him as Whitmer continued ranting at Mr. Wrestling 3. In cutting a promo, Whitmer told him to be a man, unmask and show everyone he was really Steve Corino.

“This Wrestling 3 nonsense has got to end,” Whitmer said.

Whitmer kept demanding that Mr. Wrestling unmask. He said everyone knows he is Steve Corino. He called into question Corino’s manhood then told him to set an example for his son Colby, who was serving as a the Decade’s young boy. With the mention of his son, Mr. Wrestling left his seat at the broadcast table and entered the ring.

Whitmer demanded again for Mr. Wrestling to unmask. The crowd heavily booed BJ.  Addressing BJ, Mr. Wrestling noted there was a zero tolerance policy like in the events from earlier in the show despite Whitmer trying to incite violence. The masked man also denied being Corino. BJ and Colby scoffed.

Mr. Wrestling admitted he knew Steve Corino. He went on to say Corino was an evil man. According to Mr. Wrestling, Corino wanted BJ and Colby to know he had someone to deal with Whitmer.

Before the main event, Silas Young cut a promo addressing his feud with Dalton Castle over possession of The Boys. He described his disappointment over them leaving him to rejoin their partnership with Dalton. Silas said he brought them into his home, let them sleep in his basement and treated them like family.

The crowd chanted “you got dumped” at him. Still, Silas went on to claim those Boys appreciated being taught about being a man by doing chores like mowing the lawn and shoveling snow. Silas speculated Dalton had some sort of “mental hold” on The Boys. Silas said he was giving them one more chance to ether be boys or became men. He urged them to make the right decision or cautioned they would be sorry.

The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson) won a three team Philly street fight over The Kingdom (Adam Cole & Mike Bennett with Maria & Matt Taven) and reDRagon (Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly)

Much like the action packed nature of the entire show, the main event channeled the spirit of ECW with weapons being used to compliment the brawling. The Kingdom were already in the ring when the Young Bucks attacked reDRagon on the entrance ramp. The Bucks rushed into the ring for a superkick party. They superkicked Taven, who was on crutches. Bucks dodged Adam Cole as went for a superkick that nailed ring announcer Bobby Cruise. He would not be the first hapless victim.

Craziness ensued with brawling and dives. Props used included chairs, tables, a shopping cart and a ladder. Many spots were a direct ode to ones popularized in ECW. Adam Cole did the Terry Funk spot of swinging a ladder around on his shoulders. He paused with the ladder to do his BAY-BAY catchphrase and pose. Then, Fish and O’Reilly clobbered the ladder with chairs.

In his swan song in finishing up with ROH, Mike Bennett made everyone look good by taking a variety of big moves. In doing so, he took a lot of punishment. Then again, everyone took punishment. Still, Bennett notably took a beating. He fell victim to More Bang For Your Buck and Matt covered him. Cole pulled the referee out of the ring to break up the count.

Nick gave chase as Cole backpedaled. Nick went for a superkick but Cole moved out of the way. The superkick caught Kevin Kelly. He went down at ringside as Mr. Wrestling screamed, “SUPERKICK!” Kelly joined Cruise as a hapless victim. Nick took a nasty bump on his head during an apparent botch.

Bennett took Chasing the Dragon on the floor as Cary Silkin somewhat replaced Kelly on commentary. Shortly thereafter, Fish speared Bennett through a table propped up on the guardrail. O’Reilly squared off with Cole then Cole took a powder and tried to flee. O’Reilly chased him up the ramp and they fought their way back through the curtain.

When a table inadvertently broke during a spot, Nick still jumped off the top turnbuckle with a splash on the floor. Back in the ring, Nick and Matt sat Bennett down in a chair, placed a party hat on his head. From behind, Maria gave the Bucks a dual low blow. Bennett went to hit them with a chair when AJ Styles in street clothes ran in to make the save.

Styles hit Bennett with the chair and delivered Bloody Sunday. The Young Bucks grabbed Maria and gave her the Meltzer Driver. They also gave Bennett the Indy Taker. As Styles held him, the Bucks gave Bennett a double superkick before AJ hit the Styles Clash. The Bucks both covered Bennett to score the pinfall.

Though unknown at the time of the TV taping, this would serve as the farewell of Styles on ROH TV. Styles celebrated with Nick and Matt in going out as a hero as the show closed in stark contrast to the heel departure of Mike Bennett and his wife Maria.