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ROH TV taping results (Saturday): Hardys vs. Briscoes; 8-man Wild Card tag match

Hardys Ring of Honor

Submitted by reader Brian Reznick

> Hour 1:

- Opening Interview Segment

The taping opens with The Addiction coming to the ring. Already in the ring is something covered with a table cloth that Kazarian points out to Daniels. Daniels uncovers what turns out to be a martini glass and a shaker full of appletini. He drinks some and cuts a promo about becoming champion, and talks about the plan he came up with to trick the Bullet Club.

Dalton Castle comes out and says that it looks like Daniels and Kazarian were having a party and he wanted to attend. He offers and tries the appletini and appears to enjoy it. He congratulates Daniels on the title, but says that he doesn't envy him because he'll have to defend the title against Dalton Castle, a fate that Dalton wouldn't wish on his worse enemy.

Adam Cole and the Young Bucks come out. Cole cuts a promo saying that Daniels and Kazarian screwed him out of the title. He said that Daniels didn't deserve to be champion and that Dalton was a joke of a title contender. Kazarian then challenged Cole and the Bucks to a 6 man tag against the Addiction and Castle, which the Bullet Club accepted.

- Raymond Rowe def. Davey Boy Smith Jr.

Smith hit him with a cheap shot to the leg right from the beginning and worked the leg for a few minutes. Rowe eventually made a comeback and won with the Death Rowe.

- ROH TV Champion Marty Scurll submitted Kenny King (w/Caprice Coleman) to retain

They did chain wrestling early with no one getting an edge until Scurll hit an eye poke. Scurll did all of his typical work: stomps on the elbow/hand, taunts, etc. King looked pretty good in the match and hit some good offense during a comeback. Scurll eventually worked to the finger break spot and chicken wing for the victory.

> Hour 2:

- Punishment Martinez def. Warbeard Hanson

Hanson was up on the top turnbuckle when DBS Jr. came out and distracted Hanson, allowing Martinez to hit his sit out chokeslam for the pin. After the match, Rowe came out and helped Hanson walk up the ramp.

- Bully Ray and the Briscoes def. The Kingdom (with Silas Young) to win the Trios tag titles

The Briscoes and Bully Ray won the titles via 3D. Bully was plenty verbal on the apron during the match, always yelling to his partners, telling them to watch out when someone is attacking from behind, to kick out, etc. Bully cut a great promo for the crowd after the cameras were off. He said that he had never won a 6 man tag title before and that it was an honor to say that he was on a team with the Briscoes. He put the Briscoes over more, put the crowd over, and just seemed really excited about being in ROH and teaming with the Briscoes.

> Hour 3:

- Chris Sabin def. Caprice Coleman

This was a relatively short match. At one point, Sabin was sitting on the turnbuckle and Coleman did a jumping huracanrana to pull Sabin off the buckle. Sabin won with the All Hail Sabin.

- Ropongi Vice def. Cheeseburger/Will Ferrara

This was a standard, good, fast-paced tv tag match. They set up the shotei for a good pop and broken up pinfall. RPG won with the footstomp/dropkick by Rocky into the Dudebuster. After the match, Ferrara wouldn't shake hands, pushed Cheeseburger and stormed out of the ring.

- Eight-Man Wild Card Tag: Jay Lethal, Jay White, Silas Young, and Hangman Page def. Colt Cabana, Lio Rush, Bobby Fish, and Warbeard Hanso

It was explained that all eight wrestlers were drawn at random and assigned to a team.

There was a good comedy spot at the beginning where White and Cabana were going to start. Rush wanted to start, but Cabana ignored him until Hanson stepped in and then Cabana capitulated and got out of the ring.

The story of the first half of the match involved Young and Page tagging each other in and ignoring the two Jays, or tagging one of the Jays on the back when they were in. The slow portion of the match was Silas and Page working over Fish. Cabana was yelling at Fish the whole time and generally looked disgusted. The match began to break down into chaos with everyone hitting all of the moves.

At one point, Rush, Page, and Hanson were in the ring. Page got knocked down and Hanson told Rush to bodyslam him onto the downed Page. The crowd popped huge when Rush was able to get Hanson up and slam him down. The finish was Lethal getting the pin with the Lethal Injection. After the match, the two Jays celebrated while Page jawed at both of them and Silas repeatedly insisted on the ref raising his hand.

> Hour 4:

- ROH TV Tag Champions The Hardys def. The Briscoes to retain

The Hardys were announced as Jeff and Matt and had the same music as the PPV. They didn't really play up with Broken Matt stuff, but Matt did say "wonderful" after a move. They also did the spot where they each had a Briscoe in the corner and took turns doing chops. Jeff was yelling "obsolete" with each chop.

Jeff did most of the work and looked very tired by the end. Briscoes were made to look really strong with Jay kicking out of a twist of fate/Swanton. Hardys won with Matt hitting a gutbuster on Jay and Jeff hitting the Twist of Fate on Mark and the double pin.

While the Hardys were celebrating in the ring, the Young Bucks came out. Matt Jackson told the Hardys that the Bucks wanted the ROH tag titles and the stolen Superkick titles back. He challenged the Hardys to put both sets of titles up and make the match in Lakeland, FL, a match the Hardys made famous: a ladder match.

Hardys looked at each other, looked at the crowd, and started doing the Daniel Bryan "yes" arm motion. It would appear that we have a ladder match (with possibly 4 belts hanging above the ring) in Lakeland.

- Dalton Castle and the Addiction def. Adam Cole and Young Bucks

Cole and Daniels started with Cole doing similar heel things as he did during the PPV match. He told Daniels that he wasn't in his league. Dalton tagged in early and got some time with Cole. The Boys quickly became involved in the match. With the faces all outside the ring near the ramp, Cole and the Bucks set up the dive spot where Cole stays crouched in the center and the Bucks run the ropes while the crowd does the Terminator clapping.

The Boys pulled the Bucks out of the ring and replaced them to run the ropes. The Bucks pulled them back out of the ring as they ran the ropes and gave each Boy a superkick. The Bucks re-entered the ring, stood next to Cole (who remained crouched the whole time) and ran the ropes before doing the dives outside onto the faces. The faces were apparently quite shaken up before this spot, because they had to stand there while all of this happened. The Boys went to the back after this.

Match went into all of the high spots and ended when the Addiction took out the Bucks outside and Castle pinned Cole with the bangarang.

After the match, Cole cut a promo. He called the Bucks back into the ring and said he was disappointed and upset with them because they weren't there for him last night or tonight. He said he still considered the Bucks to be friends, but that he was firing them from the Bullet Club. Bucks responded that Cole wasn't the leader of the Bullet Club and couldn't fire them. They said there was only one other person in The Elite, he was the leader of the Bullet Club, and his name was Kenny Omega.