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ROH TV tapings report 7-24-15 Baltimore, Lethal vs. Hanson

By Nathan Ludwig

Women of Honor Internet Exclusive Match - Mandy Leon d. A girl whose name I did not catch. Not a good match, but everyone was into Mandy regardless.

Episode 1

1. ACH d. Takaaki Watanabe - lots of chops back and forth. ACH is ridiculously entertaining no matter what he does. Watanabe was fine here - a fun if unspectacular opener. ACH won with the 450 splash.

2. House of Truth (Dijak and Diesel) vs War Machine (Hanson & Rowe) - War Machine won via pinfall in an OK match, nothing amazing. Lots of power spots and "Babytista" and "Tinytista" chants for Diesel. I kinda feel bad for him but he seems to take it in stride.

Adam Cole on commentary for the next match:

3. The Kingdom d. reDRagon via pinfall after an assisted spike piledriver - this was my favorite match of the night. Maria, Taven and Bennett are great at working the crowd and making fun of them and Fish and O'Reilly are just as fun to watch as ACH. A really solid tag match and great fun to see live. The little things you might not see on TV like an obnoxious fan trying to start a chant and Bennett stopping him with just a look that cracked everybody up or Fish proclaiming that he and O'Reilly "collectively, we are sportsMEN!" Super duper fun.

Post match, Kingdom beat down reDRagon until Cole stopped them and ultimately sided with Fish & O'Reilly. Future Shock chants from the crowd. This led to a reunion later in the show.

Episode 2

1. Adam Page d. Tim Hughes - superfast squash match, Page won with the Rite of Passage ASAP.

Page was really laying into his young boy Colby, screaming at him, shoving him and making him pull up his kneepads.

Whitmer egged on Page to call out and challenge Jay Briscoe to the gasps of the crowd.

Steve Corino got into it with Whitmer and had to leave for a bit to cool off. The longest build in wrestling continues...

2. Dalton Castle d. Silas Young via pinfall. Castle is as over as the Bucks. No exaggeration there. His shirt was selling like hotcakes and he had the crowd eating out of his hand. After Dalton won, Silas said Castle's nothing without his boys. He challenged Dalton to another match where if Silas won, he gets Dalton's boys so he can teach them how to be real men. Lots of "Silas likes boys" chants after that, for better or worse.

3. Moose d. Will Ferrarra via pinfall. Moose in a squash. Crows loves to chant Moose a lot, but he still has a long way to go to hold an audience the whole time. Not much to the match.

4. The Young Bucks d. Roppongi Vice via More Bang For Your Buck after a wild, fun match. You know what you're getting with a Bucks match and these 4 worked well together - essentially a PWG match in ROH. The Addiction (with Sabin) attacked afterwards, tying one of the Bucks to the ropes and beating down the other. They mocked the Bucks and gave them their own superkick party, too sweeting each other the whole time.

Future of Honor Internet Exclusive Match: A tag team with a cauliflower gimmick (with actual cauliflower) d. QT Marshall & Punisher Martinez. One of the cauliflower guys looked like a smaller Dr. Death Steve Williams and actually looked pretty good, winning with a 450 splash. I just couldn't hear what their names were.

Episode 3

1. The Briscoes d. The Bloodbound Warriors (Red Scorpion & Grey Wolf) via pinfall. Crowd didn't know what to make of the Bloodbound. "Ascension" chants and what not. Average match. Briscoes beating tag teams left and right leading to a tag title shot soon, I would assume.

Jay Briscoe accepted Page's challenge after he said he didn't even know who Page was, which got a good laugh from the crowd.

2. Roderick Strong d. Donovan Dijak via pinfall after the sick kick. Typical fun, stiff Roddy match. Dijak looked better here with Strong than he has lately. Lethal and the House of Truth beat down Roddy after the match.

3. The Addiction d. Future Shock(!) via pinfall after a whole bunch of shenanigans involving the Kingdom & The Young Bucks which led to a big schmoz between the heels and faces. I guess Cole is a full on face now. It was a pretty good match until the end just fell apart with all the interference.

Episode 4

1. Jay Briscoe d. Adam Page via DQ when Page hit Briscoe with a chair. Not much to it, really. Colby interfered and hit Briscoe with one of Whitmer's crutches earlier on. Mark Briscoe came out for the save after the match when the Decade was beating on Jay. Jay cut a promo on Page promising to satisfy his death wish.

2. Caprice Coleman d. Cedric Alexander via pinfall when Moose came down and snatched the wrench away from Cedric (after Veda snuck it to Cedric) leading to Caprice getting the distraction win. Very WWE match and this very WWE feud continues.

3. Cheeseburger d. Brutal Bob Evans via countout when Evans tried to put Cheeseburger through a table but Cheeseburger reversed it and Evans ended up going through the table. Not a good match but the kids love Cheeseburger.

Bobby Fish on commentary for the next match:

4. Jay Lethal b. Hanson via pinfall after two lethal injections to retain the ROH World TV Title. Good, fun match. A little sloppy at times, but Hanson worked hard to keep up with Lethal. Hanson even did a semi-botched lethal injection on Lethal to a good pop. Hanson wouldn't go down after one lethal injection so he got a second one for his trouble. Lethal did the triple tope spot and even knocked Hanson into the crowd on the third one.

Post-match Roddy and reDRagon came out and threatened Lethal, since they're all gunning for one title or the other (Strong and O'Reilly for the World Title, Fish for the TV Title).

Overall, a fun show with a few really good matches and nothing too terrible (maybe the Cheeseburger/Evans match)

Nathan Ludwig