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ROH TV tapings report 9-19 San Antonio Next month of TV (updated)

ROH TV taping spoilers from San Antonio (taped 9-19)

By Chris Aiken

There was a dark match beforehand with two local indie teams.

Show #1

Matt Sydal beat ACH. This was good of course. It took a little time to warm the crowd but once they did the crowd was popping for the highspots, and there were a lot of them. This was a great way to kick off the tapings.

The Addiction (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian) came out to cut a promo about being upset they were “robbed” of the tag team titles the previous night. As they ranted and raved, All Night Express (Rhett Titus & Kenny King) came out to a great reaction to confront Addiction. This set up a match for later on in the show, which will be framed as “next week” when it airs.

Silas Young & Beer City Bruiser beat The Boys. Silas got on the mic beforehand and insulted The Boys manner of dress before saying one of their first lessons would be to get beaten up by real men. Silas and the Bruiser then squashed The Boys. Bruiser may have a regular role in ROH as he appeared on two different episodes teaming with Silas.

Jay Lethal (with Truth Martini) beat Takaaki Watanabe to retain the TV title. The crowd knew Lethal was the heel as they chanted his name during his entrance but still treated him like the heel in the match. Watanabe was more over than one would think, but judging by all the New Japan shirts in the crowd and the big pop when the lion mark logo popped up on the video screen, they really wanted to see someone from New Japan that wasn’t American.

Show #2

All Night Express beat The Addiction. Daniels & Kazarian were the most jeered act of the night as the crowd really took to booing and taunting them. Early on in the match, Chris Sabin was at ringside and caught Kazarian when he was thrown over the top rope to the floor. The referee ejected Sabin. For the finish, someone in a red mask ran in and caused a distraction that allowed the Addiction to lose. Was it Sabin or someone else? Time will tell.

The Kingdom (Adam Cole, Matt Taven, Michael Bennett & Maria Kanellis) came out to the ring all dressed up. The men wore suits while Maria wore a dress and heels. They all cut a promo bragging about their recent accomplishments like winning the tag team titles and Cole playing a role in the finish of the ROH title match the night before on the PPV. Out comes reDragon to confront them as security holds them back from entering the ring. Michael Elgin also enters the scene to even the odds. A six-man tag match is made for later on in the show.

Jay Briscoe beat Adam Page (with BJ Whitmer) in a no holds barred match. With his shoulder in a sling the night before on the PPV, Page had his shoulder taped up here. The match was a wild brawl with chair shots and a table was broken amongst all kinds of other crazy spots. BJ Whitmer provided guest commentary and he gave Page his crutch at one point to use on Jay. Mark Briscoe ran in to grab the crutch and take it to the back. Whitmer began arguing with Steve Corino as Page tried to get his attention. Distracted by trying to yell at Whitmer, Page fell prey to a Jay and was pinned.

Following the match was arguably the best and most notable angle on the show. Whitmer got in the ring afterwards and he started beating Briscoe with his other crutch. Corino jumped in the ring to make the save. He took off his sport jacket and began a staredown with Whitmer. Then, Corino clocked Whitmer with a roll of quarters in his hand. Down goes Whitmer. Coins went flying everywhere and the crowd popped big. Corino got out of the ring and hugged Kevin Kelly. Corino left the scene with the story likely  being he can no longer be an announcer due to becoming physically involved in an angle after knocking out Whitmer. He would not be seen again in front of the live crowd as Nigel McGuinness replaced him on commentary for the rest of the night.

Show #3

Moose (with Stokely Hathaway) beat Donovan Dijack (with Truth Martini). Moose looked almost even better in the ring than he did the previous night and this was a straight match without all of the gimmicks used in his PPV match.

Dalton Castle beat Cedric Alexander (with Veda Scott). Castle was without The Boys of course and he was also without his jumpsuit or winged cape. He loses a lot of his aura without the full gimmick but they may be trying to distance him from the comedy aspect of it in favor of a more serious tone. He strolled to the ring in a t-shirt and showed more fire and aggression than usual playing off the story of being upset about losing The Boys. Alexander had various parts of his body taped up selling the brutality of his PPV match with Moose. After the match, Veda Scott cut a promo threatening ROH with a lawsuit over being subjected to an unsafe work environment. That’ll show ‘em, Veda.

Jay Lethal and Truth Martini cut a promo in the ring. They were bragging when Roderick Strong interrupts them. He wanted another title shot. Lethal said he already beat him in ROH title matches. Lethal tells Nigel to tell Strong the same thing. Nigel says it’s true. However, instead of a ROH title match, Nigel gives Roderick a match for Lethal’s TV title. No announcement was made as to when or where the match takes place.

reDRagon (Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly) & Michael Elgin beat The Kingdom (Cole & Taven & Bennett with Maria). The match was good and it culminated in an angle where an angry O’Reilly demanded a match with Cole on this very night in San Antonio. Nigel said Cole already had a match booked for later on (“next week”) with AJ Styles and, while he couldn’t cancel that match in favor of another, he could add O’Reilly to it making it a three-way match. Admittedly, I was barely paying attention to the angle itself as I was transfixed on Maria’s assets like I was a New Japan cameraman.

In a match taped after intermission but before the open of the fourth episode, Chesseburger teamed with a masked man in patriotic red, white and blue gear (which was likely indie wrestler Andrew Lockhart who also worked as a ring attendant at the PPV the night before) calling themselves American Fighters as they beat a local team called The Dirty Outlaws. Mark Briscoe provided guest commentary on this match and the next episode being taped as well.

Show #4

The Young Bucks vs. Silas Young & Beer City Bruiser (with The Boys) ended in a no contest. The Bucks were super over. They were probably more over with the crowd than anyone else. After admonishing The Boys earlier in the night about their choice of gear, The Boys came out wearing blue jeans and wifebeaters. The Boys would cower down from Silas and the Bruiser. When Bruiser and Silas weren’t looking they would fan The Bucks. After the Bucks began to run wild, Silas grabbed the house mic and said the match was originally scheduled as The Boys vs. The Bucks so he ordered The Boys to finish the match in the place of himself and the Bruiser.

The Young Bucks beat The Boys. The crowd as still super hot for this like they were for the previous match. Lots of superkicks as it was a superkick party after all. After The Boys were beaten, Silas and Bruiser went to beat them up some more. The Bucks made the save then helped The Boys to their feet and raised their hands. Despite the show of sportsmanship, the crowd wanted more superkicks and The Bucks obliged by giving The Boys a dual superkicks to leave them laying.

Roderick Strong beat Will Ferrara. While the crowd was into Strong during his angle with Lethal earlier on, they were mixed on Strong during this match (at least that’s the perspective from my section). He got cheered some, but not as much as in other markets. Nevertheless, it was a strong (pun intended) performance as Roddy showcased his great in-ring skills before making Ferrara tap out to the Stronghold.

Adam Cole beat Kyle O’Reilly & AJ Styles in a three-way match when Cole pinned O’Reilly. They had a barnburner of a match. Beforehand, Nigel ejected everybody that was in the three corners, which was the other Kingdom members, the Young Bucks, Bobby Fish and Michael Elgin. After the match, they all ran back in for a big brawl that saw the Bullet Club members dispatch the Kingdom. Styles and Lethal had a staredown building to their future title match.

It should be noted that besides the Young Bucks, the person most over with the crowd at times seemed to be referee Todd Sinclair. Yep, you read that right. On both nights in San Antonio, some fans passed out “Sinclair Section” signs and many people chanted for Sinclair throughout the night. It sounds odd but Todd Sinclair is hugely popular in the market for some reason. It’s like an inside joke though some people seem rather genuinely passionate about their support of ROH’s senior referee.

By Travis Banks

 Local indie wrestlers working as ROH staff included Thomas Munoz, VG Allin, Bolt Brady, Barrett Brown, and Gregory James. - Dark Match: Keith Lee and Shane Taylor def. The Washington Bullets. Finish was botched as Lee tried to throw one of the bullets up for a powerbomb but couldn't catch him. Taylor got the pin with a splash. Bobby Cruise comes out with a hot girl, followed by Kevin Kelly, then Steve Corino. Cruise goes through the usual opening spiel and introduces Nigel McGuinness, who recaps All Star Extravaganza and announces the main event of the evening: AJ Styles vs. Adam Cole. Taping 1:- Matt Sydal def. ACH in a Best of 5 Series match to tie the series at 2-2. Sydal won with the Shooting Star Press.- After the match, the KRD attacked both men and complained about being screwed out of the tag titles by some guy stealing their red mask shtick. The All Night Express comes out and says they never lost the tag titles, and declare their intention to get the titles back.- Silas Young and Beer City Bruiser def. The Boys. Before the match, Silas yells at The Boys for still wearing their usual outfits, and has Bruiser squash the two. The Boys actually hold their own until Silas puts them away. A sad Dalton Castle watches from a balcony.- ROH TV Title: Jay Lethal (w/ Truth Martini) def. Watanabe with a low blow and Lethal Injection. Taping 2:- All Night Express def. The Addiction after a distraction from the Mystery Man.- The Kingdom cuts a promo about how they fooled us. reDRagon comes out and wants a 3 on 2 match but Michael Elgin comes out to back them up. A brawl occurs with reDRagon and Elgin getting the upper hand.- No Holds Barred: Jay Briscoe def. Adam Page with a Jay Driller through a table. BJ Whitmer does commentary at ringside. After the match starts, Mark Briscoe comes out and steals one of BJ's crutches. After the match, BJ beats Jay down with another crutch, but Steve Corino comes in for the save. BJ demands Corino hit him, so Corino knocks BJ out with a roll of quarters. Corino hugs Kevin Kelly and leaves up the ramp. Taping 3:- Nigel McGuinness has replaced Steve Corino on commentary.- Moose (w/ Stokely Hathaway) def. Donovan Dijak (w/ Truth Martini)- Dalton Castle def. Cedric Alexander (w/ Veda Scott). Castle came out in just his gear and a t-shirt. After the match, Veda complains about ROH's lack of care for their employees, and says she and Cedric are filing a lawsuit.- Jay Lethal and Truth Martini are out for a promo but are interrupted by Roderick Strong, who wants a title shot. Nigel says AJ is the #1 contender for the World title, but there is no #1 contender for the TV title since Lethal beat Watanabe. No date is given for this match.- reDRagon and Michael Elgin def. The Kingdom (w/ Maria) when O'Reily pinned Bennett following Chasing the Dragon. A brawl erupts after the match, and O'Reily demands a match against Cole. Nigel says he has AJ Styles vs. Adam Cole booked for "next week" but adds Kyle, making the main event a triple threat. Intermission - Dark Match: Cheeseburger and Americos def. Andy Dalton and ??? Taping 4:- Mark Briscoe is on commentary.- The Young Bucks def. The Boys. The Boys are now dressed in wifebeater tank tops and baggy jeans. Originally supposed to be the Bucks vs. Silas Young and Beer City Bruiser, but after a few minutes of getting their butts kicked, Silas announces that The Boys will take their place. Chants of "Fan Up" and "Boys to Men" for The Boys, who hold their own against the Bucks in a fine comedy match.-  BJ Whitmer comes out and gets into an argument with Mark Briscoe- Roderick Strong def. Will Ferrara- Adam Cole def. Kyle O'Reily and AJ Styles. Jay Lethal is on commentary. Before the match, Nigel bans The Kingdom, Bobby Fish, Michael Elgin, and The Young Bucks from ringside. After the match, all three stables get into a brawl with The Kingdom being beat down. It eventually leads to Bullet Club hosting a Superkick Party on The Kingdom. As Bullet Club poses, Jay Lethal comes up behind Styles and taunts him with the World title. AJ grabs the mic and thanks San Antonio, and has two words for us if we aren't down with Bullet Club. Overall a long but fun show. Only negative part was a small group of fans acting like jerks and trying to bring attention to themselves with stupid chants.