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Tony Khan ROH media call: Briscoes, TV deal, continued AEW co-promotion

The AEW head talked for an hour about the future of his Ring of Honor.
Tony Khan | ROH

Ahead of Saturday's Death Before Dishonor pay-per-view, AEW and Ring of Honor owner Tony Khan spoke to the media for an hour Thursday about a variety of subjects including The Briscoes, a possible TV deal, the continued AEW co-promotion, and more.

The full audio is available at the bottom of this post.

The most newsworthy bit was his revelation that former ROH Tag Team Champions The Briscoes are under a long-term contract. He used the term "exclusive," but it's unknown as of now if that means exclusive to ROH (meaning no AEW) or exclusive to his employ. The team was recently dropped from an Impact Wrestling match on short notice with the explanation of an injury.

Here are some other interesting notes from the call:

  • Similar to when AEW began to expand their programming, Khan expects the roster size to grow once they get a TV deal.
  • On the TV front, there is no new news, but they are continuing talks with Warner Bros. Discovery. Getting a deal done is important to him, but he won't do it until the distribution deal is right for everyone involved. He said Bleacher Report carrying Saturday's show is a good first step toward that.
  • The pre-orders for Saturday are good, but are on a different pattern than AEW PPVs. He said it will be one of the strongest in ROH history and that the combined numbers for Supercard of Honor and Saturday's show will be the best in ROH history.
  • The co-promotion and presence of ROH on AEW TV will continue and that it's been good for both brands. He would love the weekly focus to be on ROH's weekly TV product at some point, but likes the idea of ROH champions involved in AEW.
  • More matches will be announced for Saturday's main card and pre-show.
  • Once ROH gets TV, Khan is open to doing bigger venues for PPVs and big TV tapings.
  • The live gate for Saturday is already better than Supercard of Honor and could end up as their best of all time.
  • It's likely there will be collaboration between ROH and NJPW in the future in addition to all three companies collaborating in the future.
  • Colt Cabana will be involved in Saturday's show. Khan was asked about the relationship between Cabana and Punk and declined to answer.

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