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Shinjiro Otani to undergo surgery for spinal cord injury

The 49-year-old suffered an injury on Sunday after being suplexed into the turnbuckle.

Shinjiro Otani will undergo surgery as a result of the spinal cord injury he suffered during a ZERO1 show on Sunday. 

The promotion sent out an update on Tuesday noting that the surgery will take place on Wednesday, April 13 and is being done to "prevent future deterioration." 

Otani incurred a cervical spinal injury after taking a German suplex into the turnbuckle during a match with Takashi Sugiura. He remained motionless on the mat after taking the move. Fans were asked to leave the venue, the ring ropes were removed, and eventually he was transported to hospital. He has not been able to move his limbs since the injury.

Numerous personalities from around the wrestling world have sent out well-wishes to Otani on social media.

"Sending every ounce of positive vibes to Shinjiro Otani. Join me in doing the same, if you please," wrote WWE's Adam Pearce on Twitter.  

"Praying for you this morning my brother. I know your spirit is too strong to be broken," wrote AEW/ROH's Samoa Joe. 

"Best wishes go out to Shinjiro Otani for a speedy recovery!" wrote AEW's Christopher Daniels. 

Stardom's KAIRI also announced she will be donating a portion of the proceeds from recent merchandise sales to Otani's recovery.