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Conor McGregor claims he is back on UFC 200, Dana White says not so fast

Photo: Sherdog

The silliness that lasted all week may or may not be over with Conor McGregor claiming he is back on UFC 200.

Early Monday morning, McGregor tweeted, "Happy to announce that I am back on UFC 200!  Shout out to Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta on getting this one done for the fans."

However, Dana White contradicted that claim Monday morning, sending a text message to Los Angeles Times reporter Lance Pugmire that read, "Not true.  We haven't talked (to) Conor or his manager since the press conference.  I don't know why he
would tweet that."

McGregor's tweet was done early enough West Coast time (where UFC operates) where the promotion would have theoretically confirmed such a story. After hours went by with no confirmation, it raised questions as to not just the veracity of the McGregor tweet as well as the reason.

As noted on previous shows we've done, McGregor is playing a dangerous game because if the fanbase starts thinking of him as someone who makes stories up, he just becomes another attention seeking worker.

McGregor's trainer John Kavanagh was on The MMA Hour today with Ariel Helwani where the situation was addressed.