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Conor McGregor's move to lightweight inevitable says Gunnar Nelson


UFC Welterweight Gunnar Nelson was a guest on Submission Radio yesterday. The subject of weight cutting came up. Nelson is a training partner of interim Featherweight Champion Conor McGregor and had this to say as it relates to McGregor’s tough cut:

"Yea, he does a big cut," said Nelson. "He doesn't like it and I don't think he's going to do it much longer. I think he's going to move up. I think he wants to move up. I don't blame it. I wouldn't be able to this cut too many times. It definitely takes it out of you. There's no doubt.

"He has a lot of energy and he'll toughen through it and fight really well even though he does that cut. I just think, looking ahead, this isn't good for your health. I don't think he should do it many more times and I've told him that. That's my opinion."

McGregor himself has said that he would likely defend the belt one time after beating Aldo and then move up to 155 lbs, where he has already got ready made money fights with both current champion Rafael Dos Anjos and Donald Cerrone, who challenges Dos Anjos for the belt in December.

McGregor faces Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo in a unification bout on December 12th at UFC 194. Aldo has a tough weight cut as well and in fact has been outspoken in the past about new regulations regarding the ban of IV rehydration that went into effect in October of this year.

McGregor has actually fought 12 of his 20 career fights at Lightweight and only had two fights at 145 prior to making his UFC debut in 2013.

Nelson went on to say "It's definitely not good for the athletes in this sport. It's not good for your health. It's not good for your brain. It's just not good and I don't see why we should be doing this. I think we should get rid of it quickly."

Nelson will also compete at UFC 194 on the FS 1 prelim portion of the show against Demian Maia. Coincidentally, Maia also fought most of his career at a higher weight class before dropping to 170 lbs in 2012. Nelson has fought his entire career at Welterweight.