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Daniel Cormier calls out Brock Lesnar after UFC heavyweight title win

Daniel Cormier

Image: UFC

At UFC 226 Saturday, light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier became just the second simultaneous two-division champion in UFC history after knocking out former champion Stipe Miocic in the first round.

After winning the belt, Cormier challenged former heavyweight champion and current WWE Universal champion Brock Lesnar to face him and come into the Octagon. Lesnar had walked out to cageside before the main event, fueling speculation that he is indeed returning to the UFC.

Lesnar walked in and shoved Cormier, eventually getting the microphone. He cut an expletive-ridden promo calling Miocic and Francis Ngannou "pieces of sh*t" and said that he would beat Cormier before throwing the mic in the camera and shoving it. Cormier got the microphone again and said that Lesnar was from "the stone age" and that 2010 is a long time ago. He told Lesnar to get out of the cage as he had pictures to take. Dana White eventually escorted a heated Lesnar out of the cage. 

The fight is rumored to be taking place at Madison Square Garden in November in what will serve as the unofficial UFC 25th anniversary show and celebration.

Cormer started his career at heavyweight and won the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix prior to entering UFC, amassing a 13-0 record in that weight class before moving to 205. His teammate Cain Velasquez was the champion at that time and Cormier was adamant that he didn't want to fight him.

Cormier is still the promotion's light heavyweight champion, but speculation could increase that he will vacate that belt as he has stated that he will not fight beyond his 40th birthday, which is in March of 2019. Prior to the Cormier loss, Miocic had established himself as the most dominant UFC heavyweight champion in history, being the only fighter to successfully defend that belt three times.