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Interesting name surfaces in latest round of UFC/USADA database updates

Chael Sonnen.JPG

An interesting name has surfaced in the latest update to the UFC/USADA drug testing program database, updated weekly as more fighters are tested. That name: the "American Gangster" himself, Chael Sonnen.

Sonnen retired from MMA competition following a failed drug test prior to his UFC 175 bout, which was scheduled to be originally against Wanderlei Silva, and then against Vitor Belfort after Belfort replaced Silva, who fled from a drug test himself. He was later suspended from competition for two years by the Nevada State Athletic Commission for failing multiple drug tests for five different substances.

As a retired fighter, Sonnen was not subject to random testing under the new UFC Anti-Doping Policy, which came into effect last year. Had Sonnen not officially retired, he could have, and likely would have, been tested multiple times. However, if a retired fighter intends to return to competition, they must go through drug testing for four months before the date they intend to return.

With Sonnen's name now being in the testing protocol, it opens him up for returning to action in four months which happens to be around the time the UFC makes its debut in New York at Madison Square Garden for UFC 205.

Sonnen last fought in November 2013 at UFC 167, a loss to Rashad Evans.

Sonnen recently confirmed his intentions of staying retired during an interview with our own Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez, but as he has so often proven, you never know what he's up to. Now that he's entering the testing protocol, never say never on the chance of him returning.