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Invicta FC live results: Cyborg vs. Van Duin headlines 3 title fight show

By Dave Meltzer,

Welcome to our live coverage of Invicta from the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas with three title fights, headlined by Cris Cyborg Justino.

Marina Shafir (1-1) vs. Amber Leibrock (0-0), featherweights

First round: Both trading punches.  Leibrock decked her and pounded her out on the gorund in less than a minute.  This MMA thing isn’t going well for Marina.  She was probably the second biggest name in the company except for Cyborg. :37

Jamie Moyle (2-0) vs. Amy Montengero (6-1), strawweights

First round:   Moyle pushed her against the fence.  Both throwing knee in the clinch.  Moyle landed punches and a front kick.  Now both throwing knees.  Moyle took her down and has her  back.  She’s working for a choke.  Montenegro got to the top when Moyle failed opusn a submission attempt.  Moyle went for an armbar and Montenegro with a short power bomb to get out of it.  Montenegro with some elbows.  Takedown by Moyle and she got back to the top with an ankle pick.  Moyle with punches.  Knee by Moyle.  Moyle 10-9.  Good round.       

Second round: Moyle landed a right.  Both throwing.  Motegegro landing more.  Montenegro keeps landing.  Moyle with low kicks.  Nice right by Moyle.  Body kick by Moyle.  In a clinch.  Knee by Moyle.  Knees by Montenegro from the clinch.  Takedown by Moyle.  Moyle with good punches on the ground but Montenegro up.  Hard elbows by Montenegro.  Montenegro’s round so 19-19.

Third round: Montenegro pushed her against the fence.  Ref Kim Winslow broke the clinch.  Lots of knees by Montengero.  They are back in a clinch and more knees.  Moyle now coming back but Montenegro grabbed a clinch and pushed her against the fence.  Montengro with punches.  Montenegro 29-28.

Scores:   29-28 Moyle 29-28 Montenegro 29-28 Moyle.  Second and third rounds were close.

Amber Brown (4-1) vs. Catherine Costigan (5-0), atomweights

First round: Brown took her down into mount. Brown with punches and elbows. Brown landing more punches and elbows.  Now Brown has her back.  Brown throwing a lot of punches from the back position.  She locked in the choke and it was over.  Total one-sided fight.  3:34

Jessica-Rose Clark (5-1) vs Pannie Kianzad (7-0), bantamweights

First round: Kianzad got behind her.  Now they are clinched.  Kianzad landing well.  Takedown by Kianzad.  Kianzad 10-9.

Second round: Both throwing but Kianzad is crisper and landing strong.  Body shot and a knee by Kianzad.  Now Kianzad has her pushed against the fence and took her down.  Kianzad now in side control.  Kianzad tried a triangle, lost it and Clark got on top.  Kianzad reversed back to the top immediately.  Now Clark working for a triangle.  Clark working for an armbar but Kianzad out.  Kianzad sat on her and threw punches.  Kianzad 20-18.

Third round: Kianzad landing strong punches early.  Kianzad landing solid punches.  Nice body shot by Kianzad.  Hard right by Kianzad.  Kianzad landing good punches.  Clark wth a knee tot he body but keeps getting tagged coming in.  Kianzad 30-27.

Scores: 30-27 across the board for Kianzad

Herica Tiburcio (9-2) vs. Ayaka Hamasaki (11-1) for the atomweight title

First round: Hamasaki much bigger.  She moved in with punches.  Tiburcio hurt her with punches and grabbed a guillotine from the top.  She’s now in full mount.  Tiburcio 10-9

Second round: Takedown by Hamasaki.  Nothing much happening and Kim Winslow ordered a standup.  Right by Hamasaki.  Tiburcio went for a takedown but Hamasaki ended up on top. Winslow ordered another standup.  Tiburcio grabbed a guillotine just as the round ended. Hamasaki’s round so 19-19.

Third round:   Hamasaki with a takedown to start the round.  Tiburcio working for a gogoplata from the bottom but not close.  Hamasaki got another takedown.  But Tiburcio turned Hamasaki over and had her back, with a body triangle.  Hamasaki’s round 29-28.

Fourth round: Hamasaki with a takedown.  Hamasaki throwing elbows to the ribs.  Tiburcio working for a triangle from the bottom.  Kim Winslow ordered another standup.  Another takedown by Hamasaki.  Hamasaki’s round 39-37.

Fifth round: Another takedown by Hamasaki.  This is quite the boring fight.  Hamasaki has her back.  Hamasaki is more active throwing punches.  Tiburcio up as Hamasaki slipped off.  Hamasaki with a few punches and another takedown.  Hamasaki 49-46, should win the title

Scores: 48-47 Tiburcio, 48-47 Hamasaki 49-46 Hamasaki to win the title

Irene Aldana (5-1) vs. Tonya Evinger (15-5) for the vacant bantamweight title

First round: Evinger with takedown.  She threw some elbows to the face.  Evinger has full mount.  She’s throwing punches. Elbow by Evinger.  Evinger has an armbar.  Aldana squirming like a Japanese pro wrestling spot.  The place went nuts when she escaped.  Elbow by Evinger.  Mexico chants for Aldana.  Evinger pounding on her.   Aldana reversed to the top in the closing seconds.  Aldana bleeding. Crowd went pretty wild at the end of the round.  10-8 Evinger.

Second round: Right by Evinger.  Evinger pushed her against the fence.  Takedown by Evinger.  Evinger just holding her down.  Evinger’s round should be up 20-17.

Third round: Evinger slowing down.  Evinger tried a hiptoss but didn’t get it.  Takedown by Evinger.  Evinger moved to full mount.  Evinger with punches and elbows,  More punches and elbows.  Evinger went for an armbar as time ran out.  Almost a 10-8 but not quite 30-26 for Evinger.  Evinger threw up in her corner after the round.

Fourth round: Aldana with low kicks.  Body kick by Aldana.  Right by Evinger.  Evinger tried a takedown and got behind Aldana on the ground dragging her down.  Evinger now in full mount.  Evinger landing punches.  More punches and elbows from the mount.  The ref stopped the first chance he really had to do so as it was a constant one-sided beating but never enough for a stoppage until that point.   4:38

Cris Cyborg Justino (13-1) vs. Faith Van Duin (5-1) for the featherweight title

First round: Cyborg clocked her off a clinch.  She’s lighting her up, took her down, was pounding her on the ground and it was stopped.  This was a slaughter. :45