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Mark Hunt goes off on the UFC; calls for fighter's union


In an interview with Ariel Helwani on Monday's edition of the MMA Hour, Mark Hunt passionately vented his frustrations about Brock Lesnar and fighters who cheat, but seemed more frustrated with the UFC for not doing enough to combat doping.

"F*ck that company. They’re sh*t. They’re f*cking worthless scum," Hunt said. “F*ck the UFC. You’re sh*t. You motherf*ckers don’t look after nobody.”

Hunt lost to Lesnar by decision at UFC 200, but it was later revealed that Lesnar was flagged by USADA for an out-of-competition doping violation taken before the fight, and that Lesnar also failed his drug test taken the night of the fight. Both failures were reportedly for the estrogen blocker clomiphene, which is regularly used when cycling off of steroids.

Lesnar has not yet been officially suspended by the Nevada State Athletic Commission and retains the right to due process. His only public statement was vowing to get to the bottom of the initial flagging.

Hunt said that he hasn't been contacted by anyone in the UFC after either of Lesnar's test failures were announced. 

Hunt's primary argument was that the UFC doesn't do enough to combat cheating. And he repeatedly harped on the company for not getting rid of the incentives that cheating brings. The UFC has been seemingly inundated with test failures since turning their anti-doping policy over to USADA, but Hunt said that the testing doesn't matter if the penalties aren't harsh enough.

Notably, Hunt once again called for fighters to unionize after initially doing so immediately after Lesnar's first failure was announced. And Hunt wanted all of the fighters in the UFC who were listening to get behind his unionization efforts.

Hunt claimed that these companies make nothing without fighters and that the main reason people watch is the fights, not people making their money off of fighters.

He said that the reason why he is so upset is that this is the third time he has fought someone who had failed a drug test.

Hunt repeatedly called for fighters who are caught doping to be fined their entire purse, and for opponents that face confirmed cheaters to be able to sue them in court. Hunt also said that the maximum suspension for taking performance-enhancing drugs should be raised from the current two-year ban to requiring cheaters to be out of action for five to 10 years. 

Hunt said that he wasn't complaining, he just wants something done about it. He said that inaction was telling the whole world that their sport is a pack of cheater and liars, and telling aspiring fighters to stick a needle in their butts if they want to make it.

"If I do fight again and get put in a coma or die what happens to me?" Hunt said. And he brought up the dangers that facing a cheating fighter could bring several times.

Hunt said that he assumed before the fight that Lesnar was cheating, but it's different now that he has actually failed two tests. Hunt framed the problem as not specific to Lesnar, and said Lesnar was "sticking needles in his a*s like the rest of these cheaters."

He said there is nothing special about Lesnar since he couldn't even finish him while allegedly cheating. Hunt said that if he was on what Lesnar was reportedly on, Lesnar's head would have come off.

After not being contacted by the UFC in the wake of Lesnar's failures, Hunt said that he doesn't want to be a part of the company unless they do something about this, and said that it seems like the whole roster is cheating. 

He also wondered if either the UFC or USADA knew about Lesnar being flagged before the fight. And he seemed especially concerned that Lesnar was given an exemption that allowed him to forego the standard four months of testing before a fight.

The full interview is available to watch below and starts at 3:20:09: