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True Ten Scoring System Part 10 - UFC Fight Night 77

True Ten Scoring System

UFC Fight Night 77 – Hendo vs. Belfort 3

You knew I had to score this show, as my main man, my numero uno favorite fighter, Dan “Hendo” Henderson was on the card.  For the record, I’m picking the H-Bomb to drop tonight.  Granted, you’ll read this after the show, but my money is literally on Hendo. 

We are down to the final scoring report and after this I will put together a whole article on the numbers and statistics from the experiment.  We are not changing anything tonight.  As always, I will score all the fights and report on the ones that go the distance.  I will compare my “True Ten” scoring system, to the current “Ten Point Must” scoring system.  In quick summary, they are the same, except I use more of the 10 points.  A 10-8 in TT is equivalent to a 10-9 in TPM, and a 10-6 TT score is the same as a 10-8 in TPM.  I also use way more 10-10 scores especially for pick ‘em rounds.  (I may go one more week with this article and cover the Ronda match next week.)

Questioning the Decision…


True Ten:  Rd1) 10-8 Till, Rd2) 10-8 Till, Rd3) 10-6 Dalby

Result:  26-26 Draw

Official Result:  Majority Draw

Judges: 29-28 Till, 28-28, 28-28

Analysis:  Well, this was great a call.  I figured it was going to be a unanimous decision for Till and I’d write my usual rant about not giving 10-8s, but two of these judges showed some guts because clearly the last round was a 10-8 for Dalby.  It could have been stopped at least one time.  Till got very lucky here. 

Further Analysis:  This was a great call.  Neither man deserved the duke here, but both fought hard, so why not let them do it again?  Having more draws would result in more rematches, which would result in having to step guys up or down in talent level unnecessarily.  If a fighter has a draw, then don’t push him or her to the top yet. 

On with the show…


True Ten Rd1) 10-9 Cabral, Rd 2) 10-8 Case, Rd 3) 10-9 Case

Result:  Johnny Case 29-27

Official Result:  Johnny Case by Unanimous decision (3 x 29-28)

Analysis:  This was a pretty easy decision, except of course my score is different, and I’d argue, more accurate, than the typical 29-28 that probably everyone scored.  My 29-27 score is more nuanced.  Cabral won the first, but not by much, and really only because he had an opportunity at a Kimura.  Case decidedly won the second so I gave him the 10-8, and he won the third, but barely by turning that back control into the ground and pound. 


True Ten Rd1) 10-8 Anderson, Rd2) 10-8 Anderson, Rd3) 10-8 Anderson

Result:  Anderson 30-24

Official Result:  Corey Anderson by Unanimous Decision (3 x 30-27)

Analysis:  You’d think Maldonado would have come out to fight, but I guess he’s done.  An easy pick here as Anderson easily won all three rounds.


True Ten Rd1) 10-10 Rd2) 10-8 Magomedov, Rd3) 10-8 Magomedov

Result:  Rashid Magomedov 30-26

Official Result:  Rashid Magomedov by Unanimous Decision (3 x 30-27)

Analysis:  I guess Burns got hurt early, and just decided to not fight for 13 minutes.  Another easy call here.

Overall Analysis:  A pretty easy show to pick with nothing crazy.  A bad showing by my boy Hendo.  Is he done?  I'm sad to say so, but yes.