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TUF 23 recap: Dana White gets dunked

TUF 23

Last week, Team Gadelha finished the first round 7-1 with Kate Jackson's victory over Ashley Yoder. The quarterfinals: Andrew Sanchez vs. Eric Spicely, Amanda Cooper vs. Lanchana Green, Tatiana Suarez vs. Kate Jackson, and Josh Stansbury vs. Cory Hendricks. Unfortunately, Hendricks' injury has proven to be too much for him so he's pulling out of the tournament and someone gets to come back to replace him.

Dana White sets up a Skype call with the coaches live from his location in London (presumably for the Bisping vs. Silva fight). He's bringing back Khalil Rountree to face Josh Stansbury, so Sanchez and Spicely are still fighting each other as previously planned, and if Hendricks is healed up, he gets a shot on the TUF Finale in July. Gadelha is "very happy" with the decision.

Rountree is frustrated that he's having to fight a friend for the second time on the show, and Jedrzejczyk tries to encourage him to cheer up, but in his interview, he says he has to deal with it the way he needs to. "I'm in a situation where I have to put myself first and that's not something that I'm used to." Neither team is thrilled about fighting friends in their matchups.

It's time for the annual COACHES CHALLENGE.

Two giant glass tanks have been filled up with ice water and there are platforms to stand over the top of them. The coaches have to stand up there and shoot air rifles at targets with 5, 10, and 20 point circles. The 20 is the bullseye and also says "DUNK." For every 20 points, they go in the water, which Gadelha is already very unhappy about, but after winning the coin toss, she gets to shoot first.

Gadelha scores 10. Jedrzejczyk misses. Gadelha scores 20 and Jedrzejczyk gets dunked. Jedrzejczyk scores 20 and Gadelha gets dunked. Gadelha scores 20 for another dunk. Jedrzejczyk scores 5. 10, 10. 20 and Jedrzejczyk is dunked again. Jedrzejczyk with a 20 and Gadelha is dunked. It's 80 to 55. Gadelha hits the bullseye again and that's game over - Jedrzejczyk gets dunked one last time. Gadelha gets $10,000 and her team gets $1,500 each. Jedrzejczyk vows to win even more money when they fight in July.

Now, White goes up to the platform! She gets three shots to dunk him and if she succeeds. Gadelha gets another $15,000 and $500 more to each member of the team. Gadelha hits the bullseye on her very first try.

* Eric Spicely (204.5, Team Gadelha) vs. Andrew Sanchez (201 pounds, Team Gadelha)

Spicely is in the red trunks, Sanchez is in the navy blue trunks. Sanchez is hurting him early and hurting him often and the fight is over by KO in just 47 seconds! An overhand right set it up and a head kick really shook Spicely up, and it was only a matter of time until the stoppage after that. Sanchez isn't happy about it because he had to fight a friend.

"It's very bittersweet. It's strange and unexpected," he said.