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TUF 23 Season Finale: The finals are set


Tonight are the final semis before the TUF 23 Finale. Josh Stansbury faces Khalil Rountree in an all Team Jedrzejczyk bout, and Kate Jackson faces Tatiana Suarez in an all Team Gadelha bout. These winners are headed to International Fight Week in Las Vegas. 

The winner of the all-Gadelha fight gets to face Amanda Cooper, and the winner of the all-Jedrzejczyk gets to face Andrew Sanchez.

The two coaches can barely tolerate standing next to each other at the weigh-ins for Jackson vs. Suarez. Jackson is 115.5. Suarez is 115.

Suarez says nobody in the house has put in more time than her and that she's been working for this goal since she was three years old. She says she skipped her own prom to compete.

Jackson says she never imagined a UFC contract was possible at the start but now it's within her reach.

Kate Jackson (Team Gadelha) vs. Tatiana Suarez (Team Gadelha)

Jackson is in the red trucks and Suarez is in the dark trunks. Herb Dean is the ref for this fight.

Suarez charges forward immediately and is firing off jabs with her right hand. She gets a takedown to side control 25 seconds in but it's in an awkward position against the fence. She switches to the other side and is looking for an opportunity to pass.

I know Jackson is pale as hell, but it's still amazing how bright and splotchy the bruises are from the strikes that have already landed. Suarez goes for the neck as Jackson tries to get back to her feet. Once Suarez gets her to the ground though - it's a wrap. Jackson taps at 2:53.

So in our TUF 23 Finale for the women, it's Amanda Cooper vs. Tatiana Suarez.

Stansbury talks about how he's facing a replacement fighter in Rountree, who also happens to be his best friend in the house. They play ping-pong together as they discuss how weird the situation is, but Rountree says he definitely won't make the same mistakes he did last time now that he has a second chance.

Stansbury says Rountree might be the best striker in the house but his cardio and ground game could be an issue. Rountree says if he gets taken down it could be trouble.

Weigh-in time. Stansbury is 204.5 and Rountree is 205.5. Fight's on!

Josh Stansbury (Team Jedrzejczyk) vs. Khalil Rountree (Team Jedrzejczyk)

Stansbury is in the red trunks. Rountree is in the black. Jason Herzog is our ref.

Rountree stuffs the first takedown and Stansbury flops to his back before getting back up. Stansbury momentarily gets knocked down but Rountree is being patient. He's backing Stansbury up with kicks and power shots.

Stansbury occasionally tries to connect with the overhand right but he's getting tagged a lot. Rountree is even having success with the head kick as Stansbury isn't getting his arms up to block it. The left side of his head is bright red. The danger for Rountree is he's spending so much energy he could be blown up any second.

Stansbury grabs a clinch and gets off a few good blows before Rountree breaks away. Rountree looks like he's breathing hard. He tags Stansbury with a big left and pours it on on the ground - TKO at 4:14.

Khalil Rountree is advancing to the finals to face Andrew Sanchez.