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UFC 189 World Tour Press Conference: Conor McGregor grabs the belt in Dublin

The final stop on the UFC 189: Aldo vs McGregor world tour took place today in Dublin, Ireland. To say that the crowd was raucous is an understatement. Dana White could barely hear half of the questions and what was heard was punctuated by Irish chants. 

The highlight was no doubt Aldo claiming to be the "king of Dublin" which lead to McGregor jumping to his feet, screaming, "I'M THE KING OF DUBLIN!" and literally grabbing the UFC Featherweight Championship from where it sat, right in front of Aldo. 

Aldo then sprung up and looked visibly angry at the gesture. The two had to be physically restrained before the title was eventually returned to Aldo's possession. While a Dublin crowd is obviously not a reasonable barometer of how a PPV will do, if it were then this would easily be the biggest fight in the history of all combat sports. As it stands, it will be the biggest in UFC Featherweight history. 

Video of the entire affair is above and will continue to be your home for all upcoming UFC coverage.