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UFC 191: The Velten Scoring System

UFC 191

Submitted by Dan Velten

In this article we will continue to evaluate my new scoring system and other options related to improving MMA scoring, focusing on last Saturday's UFC 191: Johnson vs. Dodson 2.

There are no adjustments to be made after part 3.  I’m still fine-tuning the wording of the True 10 Point System, but I have not altered the points. The goal is still to find a way to use more of the 10 points consistently. I’m still leaning towards making it a five point system but I’m going to give this at least one or two more shows. 

Rules of the column as always, I’ll score only the main card fights and only report on those that actually go to the judges.  Anything controversial will be covered in more detail. For more details of the scoring system I’ve created called “True Ten,” search for 'Velten Scoring System' in the archives. 

With each article, I will look at one fight (if there was one) from the previous show that may have had a controversial decision.

Questioning the Decision:  Neil Magny vs. Erick Silva

Official Result:  Magny by Split Decision, on scorecards of 29-28 Magny, 29-28 Silva, and 30-27 Magny

From last show, the only kind of controversial decision was the fact that this match was ruled a split decision.  The right guy, Magny, won but in my book, he clearly won every round.  OK, you could maybe have scored the third for Silva, but the fact that one judge gave Silva two rounds and the win, is an error in judgment and not really an indictment of the system.  No system can correct for stupidity.  This was not as heinous as I may be making it out to be, but bad judges need to be reprimanded.


LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHTS:  Jan Blachowicz vs. Corey Anderson

Official Result- Corey Anderson def. Jan Blachowicz by unanimous decision (30-25, 30-25, 30-26)

True Ten: Rd 1) Anderson 10-8  Rd 2) Anderson 10-7  Rd 3) 10-7 Anderson

Result: 30-22 Anderson

Weighted: Rd 1) Anderson +1  Rd 2)  Anderson +2  Rd 3)  Anderson +3

Result:  6-0 Anderson

Pride:  Anderson

Analysis:  This was a one sided butt kicking by Anderson, and it was nice to see all three judges using more of the 10 points giving Anderson a wider margin of victory. I can’t believe it honestly. The score of 30-25 is very rarely seen.  Maybe we are moving in the right direction. 

HEAVYWEIGHTS:  Andrei Arlovski vs. Frank Mir

Official Result- Andrei Arlovski def. Frank Mir by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

True Ten: Rd 1) Arlovski 10-8  Rd 2) Arlovski 10-8  Rd 3) Mir 10-9

Result: 29-26 Arlovski

Weighted: Rd 1) Arlovski +1  Rd 2) Arlovski +2  Rd 3) Mir +3

Result: 3-3 Draw

Pride: Arlovski

Analysis:  I’m fairly convinced Arlovski won this fight, and no one thought this was going to the judges, but my weighted score system created a draw situation.  I don’t think that’s a bad call actually because Mir fought a hell of a third round, especially for being incredibly fat. 

UFC FLYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP:  Demetrious Johnson(c) vs. John Dodson

Official Result- Demetrious Johnson def. John Dodson by unanimous decision (49-46, 49-46, 50-45) to remain UFC Flyweight Champion

True Ten: Rd 1)  10-10  Rd 2) 10-9 Dodson   Rd 3) 10-9 Johnson  Rd 4)  10-9 Johnson  Rd 5) 10-8 Johnson

Result: 49-46 Johnson

Weighted: Rd 1) Johnson +1 Rd 2) Dodson +1  Rd 3) Johnson +2   Rd 4) Johnson +2 Rd 5) Johnson +3

Result: 8-1 Johnson

Pride:  Johnson

Analysis: This fight had a lot of really close rounds and really the first three could have been 10-10’s, but DJ came on in the end and got the rightful decision.  

Overall Analysis: 

We all knew the main event was going to go 25 minutes, but no one could have thought Mir vs. Arlovski was going 15 minutes.  I wonder if the judges, who no doubt thought the same thing, had the mindset that someone is getting KO’d and thus they didn’t pay as much attention to the heavyweight match.  I think a case could be made that Mir won rounds 2 and 3, but if you assumed this fight was not going to the distance, you may have sort of tuned out. 

Random Thoughts:

What would happen if UFC did away with weigh-in’s the day before completely, and went to a cyclical or seasonal weigh-in system, where a fighter has to make weight 4 times a year?  It would have nothing to do with when you fight, and the fighter could do it at their gym or wherever.  Then they’d be free to enter the cage at whatever weight, as long as they made weight 4 times.  This would make it so that no fighter would ever fight dehydrated and thus it would be much safer.