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UFC 192: Cormier vs. Gustafsson live results and coverage

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Welcome to our live coverage of UFC 192: Cormier vs. Gustafsson from the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. The event is headlined by UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier making his first title defense against Alexander Gustafsson. In the co-main event, it will be light heavyweight contenders Ryan Bader and Rashad Evans squaring off. The original co-main event, Johny Hendricks against Tyron Woodley, was removed from the card prior to weigh-ins due to Hendricks weight cut issues.

The action kicks off with preliminary card fights at 6:30 PM eastern time on UFC Fight Pass. The action moves over to FOX Sports 1 at 8 PM eastern time with additional preliminary fights before the main card kicks off on PPV at 10 PM eastern time. We are looking for your thoughts on the show, so send a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle as well as a best fight and worst fight to

Fight Pass Prelims -- 


ROUND 1- Lewis is from Houston so he got a big reaction from the crowd. Lewis gets a quick takedown against the fence and they clinch against the fence. Big foot stomps by Pesta. Pesta gets a takedown and moves into side control. Pesta with punches from side control but not doing much otherwise. Lewis rolls out from bottom and they get to their feet. Lewis trips Pesta down but they get up and Pesta scores a takedown. Lewis looking for a kimura from the bottom. They get tp their feet and and tie up against the fence. Pesta gets a big takedown. Lewis rolls to his feet. Pesta with some knees to the body. Both men battling against the fence. Lewis tries a trip but Pesta stays on his feet as the round ends. 10-9 Pesta.

ROUND 2- Lewis lands a big right hand that stumbles Pesta. Pesta goes for a takedown but Lewis sprawls up against the fence. Petsa trips Lewis down to the mat and goes into the half-guard. Pesta moves into full guard and landing punches as the crowd boos. Pesta doing enough to keep the fight from being stood up but not a lot of damage. They are stood up by Kerry Hatley. Pesta goes right back for the takedown and gets it. Lewis works it back to the feet as both men are visibly tired. They break and Lewis lands a big punch. Pesta goes for a takedown but eats some punches from Lewis. Lewis gets Pesta down and is landing from the top but eating upkick. Lewis with some hammerfists and looking for the finish. Lewis lands a big punch and close to finishing. The round ends just before he can get it done though. Pesta may be done as he is slow to get up. 10-9 Lewis, 19-19.

ROUND 3- The crowd comes alive as Lewis came close to finishing. Lewis with a big leg kick. Lewis with a head kick and a punch and he defends a takedown. Lewis landing some fists from the sprawl. Lewis gets in the guard and lands big punches. Lewis gets into mount and is landing big punches and looking to finish. He gets it. Lewis with the big TKO win and the crowd gets loud.

Official Result- Derrick Lewis def. Viktor Pesta by TKO (punches) at 1:15 of Round 3


ROUND 1- Big fight for the younger Pettis against a ranked former title challenger. Cariaso with a body kick and Pettis catches the leg and trips him to the mat. Pettis goes into the guard. Cariaso looking for the neck. Pettis remains in the guard of Cariaso. They get to their feet against the fence. They break. Each land some punches. Cariaso with a body kick and they clinch but break. Cariaso with a body kick and another two. Pettis with a body kick and a jab. They trade strikes. Cariaso with a solid kick-punch combo. Pettis with a body kick and then drops Cariaso with a right hand. Pettis with a series of punches looking for the finish but Cariaso survives. Pettis goes into half-guard and lands a big elbow. Back into full guard for Pettis. Pettis with more punches from the top but Cariaso kicks him away. Pettis ends the round with more punches from the top. 10-9 Pettis.

ROUND 2- Cariaso with a body kick as Pettis pushes him towards the fence. Cariaso with a solid combo. They tie up and Pettis gets a nice trip takedown and into the half-guard. Pettis with some body punches from the top as he looks to pass guard. We have our first round of Ric Flair "Woooo"'s from the crowd. They are stood up as not much happened on the mat. Cariaso with a leg kick. Solid combo from Cariaso. Pettis lands a leg kick after blocking a head kick. Pettis scores a takedown after ducking a punch. Pettis in side control. Pettis stands on his feet and lands a big butt kick. 10-9 Pettis, 20-18 Pettis.

ROUND 3- Pettis looking very sharp in the first two rounds. Pettis gets a takedown They get to their feet but go back to the mat as Cariaso tries to pull guard. They reverse and Cariaso is in the half-guard and lands a big punch. Cariaso with some punches from the top. Cariaso remains in the half-guard as he tries to pass. Cariaso goes into the guard and lands some punches. Cariaso taking over the final round. Pettis looks for the neck. Cariaso postures up but eats an upkick. Pettis looks like he's just trying to hold on for the decision. Each man going for a leg lock. Cariaso going for an armbar with ten seconds left but can't get it. 10-9 Cariaso, 29-28 Pettis.

Official Result: Sergio Pettis def. Chris Cariaso by unanimous decision (29-27, 29-27, 29-28)


ROUND 1- Northcutt is 19-years-old, making his UFC debut, and got a huge reaction. You know, I'm fairly good-looking, but as Dave tweeted, Northcutt is proof life isn't fair sometimes. Northcutt got an even bigger reaction when introduced, a lot of hype around him. Northcutt with a side kick. Trevino trips on a spin kcik and Northcutt is going for the finish against the fence. Northcutt gets the takedown and a ton of punches and it is over! Big finish for Northcutt, who backs up the hype in this fight. Trevino protested the stop but it just justified.

Official Result: Sage Northcutt def. Francisco Trevino by TKO (strikes) at :57 of Round 1

Fox Sports One Prelims -- 

Rose Namajunas def. Angela Hill by first round submission (2:47)

This was over quickly as Namajunas stood with Hill for a while and then took advantage of a Hill mistake, clamping on a rear naked choke on the ground. Hill stood up and Namajunas was her backpack, sinking in the choke as Hill tried to fight her off. Hill was tapping at air and Namajunas got the victory, her first after a very long time on the sidelines. 


Paul Fontaine here, taking over for RFred, who's having IC issues in Houston.

Makhachev with early Octagon control. Martins with a nice punch combo at 1:15. Martins dropped him and Makhachev was out cold.

WINNER - ADRIANO MARTINS (28-7) by KO (punch) at 1:46

They showed the Northcutt fight in between fights. The guy could be the biggest star in the sport in a few years. I saw him fight on an AXS.TV show about four months back and it was quite obvious he had serious star potential and he did not disappoint in his UFC debut. Already talk that he could be back in a month or two as he took no damage here.


Tumenov with a throwdown right away to start but lets Jouban back up. Tumenov staggers him with punches 30 seconds in. Jouban controlling the Octagon but Tumenov landing hard counter punches. Loud USA chants from the crowd at 1:30. Tumenov with a nice punch/kick combo. Jouban lands a series of jabs at 1:45. They exchange head kicks at 2:00 and Tumenov hit with a low blow. Tumenov drops him with a series of punches tothe head. Jouban protesting but he's about to fall over.

WINNER - ALBERT TUMENOV (16-2) by TKO (punches) at 2:55


Kerry Hatley is the ref, this could be trouble. Lots of stalling at the start and the crowd booing 1:30 in. Rodriguez with a knockdown but lets Hooker back up. Cage clinch at 2:45 with Hooker in control. Rodriguez with a takedown and right into mount. Hooker escapes and to his feet fairly quickly. Rodriguez with knees from the clinch but Hooker maintains control. Hooker with a takedown at 4:30 but Rodriguez right up and they separate. 10-9 Rodriguez

Rodriguez with a throwdown early but lets Hooker up. Clinch on the cage at 1:15 with Hooker in control. Rodriguez pulled guard, going for a leglock. Hooker escapes and they're to their feet at 2:00. Rodriguez lands a rolling upkick at 2:30. He had tried that at the end of the last round. Hooker controlling the Octagon but the standup is fairly weak from both guys in the middle part of the round. Rodriguez with a knockdown but lets Hooker up at 3:45. Rodriguez is starting to look tired at the end of the round. Rodriguez with a takedown with 15 seconds left. 10-9 Rodriguez

So if you're wondering what I mean by a rolling upkick, it's basically RVD's Rolling Thunder. Rodriguez hit with a low blow early in the round, which will give him more time to recover. Hooker pressing the action on the restart. Hooker takes his back standing and takes him down at 1:00. Rodriguez takes the leg and working for a leglock. Rodriguez lets that go but takes an arm. Hooker escapes that but Rodriguez has his legs all tied up. Rodriguez landing elbows from the bottom and opens up a cut that starts bleeding heavily. Hooker landing weka punches form the top. Both guys landing a ton of punches at 2:30 but nothing terribly hard. Signficant strikes are 36-15 for Rodriguez. That must be a 3rd round stat, not the whole fight. Rodriguez really landing a ton of strikes to the head from his back heading into the last minute. This may be the rare case where Hooker has been on top  the whole time but losing the round. Crowd booing heavily but explode when the ref stands them up at 4:30. Ref stops the action to look at Hooker's cut. Doctor lets it go. I would hope so, with 30 seconds left. Hooker chases him around the Octagon for the last 3o seconds but Rodriguez should have this one easily. Rodriguez tried another Rolling Thunder at the end. 

WINNER - YAIR RODRIGUEZ (6-1) by unanimous decision (30-27 x 2; 30-26)

Rodriguez' foot was in terrible shape after the fight and she said in his post-fight promo that he may have broken it in the first round. Hell of a performance considering that. 



Both ladies throwing bombs early. Clinch in the centre early and Pena pulled guard 30 seconds in. Both ladies up 1:00 in and Eye with a standing guillotine. Pena pops out and in control of a clinch. Pena landing foot stomps from the clinch. Pena with a trip takedown at 2:30. Pena landing punches to the head but Eye up quickly. Another cage clinch with Eye in control at 3:00. Pena with a takedown at 3:45 and right into side control. Pena lands a series of hard elbows to the head. Pena takes her back at the end of the round. 10-9 Pena

Pena with some swelling around her right eye from the elbows at the end of the round. Eye goes right to a cage clinch early. Quick separation. Pena with a head kick and follows up with punches but Eye gets a takedown 45 seconds in. Eye not doing much from the top and Pena landing light body punches from the bottom. Crowd getting restless. Eye takes her back at 2:15. Pena works her to front position but Eye with a triangle choke. It's in tight but Pena defending well. Pena out at 3:30. Pena landing elbows to the head from the bottom at 3:45. Pena tries to get to her feet but gets caught in another triangle choke but she's on top. Eye gives up the choke and Pena on top in side control. Ref breaks it up due to an illegal knee from Eye. Eye loses a point but the ref starts them on their feet, which is bad for Pena. They trade punches to close the round. 9-9 round with the penatly deduction to Eye.

Pena with an early takedown. Eye looking for a sub from the bottom. Eye with a triangle choke at 2:00 but Pena escapes quickly. Pena takes her back at 2:30 and gets a rear naked choke. Eye escapes but that was close. Pena lands some hard shots to the head at 3:30. Pena with a neck crank at 4:30 but it's a weird angle. Eye looked almost out but she was saved by the bell. Nearly a 10-8 but I'll go 10-9 Pena

WINNER - JULIANNA PENA (7-2) by unanimous decision (29-27 x 3)


Bagautinov with early Octagon control. Very tentative standup. Benavidez is landing solid counter strikes while backing up and one of them caused some swelling on Ali's cheek. Bagautinov with a nice punch combo at 3:15. Benavidez cut around his left eye in that exchange and it's bleeding heavily. Benavidez falls while throwing a punch but gets up before Bagautinov can take advantage. Benavidez controlling the Octagon in the last minute. 10-9 Bagautinov but close 

Corner did a good job stopping the bleeding on Benavidez' cut. Benavidez pressing the action 1:00 in. Total strikes are 18-14 for Benavidez and both under 40% landed. Crowd starting to boo as neither guy is throwing much of anything and they're just keeping their distance from each other. Benavidez slightly more aggressive so probably ahead with 1:00 left. Bagautinov tried for a takedown but stuffed by Benavidez at 4:15. Bagautinov with a knockdown, lets Benavidez up and then a takedown right before the round ends. Nothing else happened that round really so I think that steals it for him. 10-9 Bagautinov

Looking at people's scores on Twitter and it's all over the place so this is likely heading to a split decision if no one finishes. Neither guy looks good at all though. Bagautinov controlling things early in the third. Crowd booing heavily 1:45 in as it's a repeat of the second round so far. Benavidez starting to control the Octagon 2:00 in. This fight is terrible. Bagautinov with a takedown at 4:15 but can't hold him down. I've got it 30-27 Bagautinov but wouldn't be surprised by any score, including 30-27 the other way.

WINNER - JOSEPH BENAVIDEZ (23-4) by unanimous decision (30-27 x 2; 29-28)

Crowd booing so hard you could barely hear Benavidez' promo. "He's a really tough guy, you try fighting him", Benavidez says to the crowd, clearly rattled. Not surprisingly, that did not make the booing go away. In fact, quite the opposite.


Kerry Hatley is the ref again and he's had a good night so I'm expecting a late stoppage here. Jordan initiates a cage clinch 1:00 in. Jordan with a takedown at 1:45. No one throwing any strikes. Magomedov to his feet at 3:00. Magomedov working for a standing Kimura but Jordan breaks free. Jordan bleeding around his nose. No idea how. Jordan controlling the Octagon at 3:45, stalking Magomedov. Magomedov with a nice kick/punch combo at 4:15. Magomedov with a punch combo at 4:30. 10-9 Jordan

Not sure what happened to my second round writeup but I had Magomedov taking the round rather easily. 10-9 Magomedov

Jordan backs up Magomedov with punches early and goes for a takedown but stuffed by Magomedov. Magomedov working for a choke and gets separation. Magomedov with a head kick and a spinning back kick to the head. Jordan bleeding around both eyes and in very rough shape but still pressing forward. Magomedov lands another head kick, followed by a kick to the body at 2:15. Magomedov up 51-13 in significant strikes. Jordan initiates a cage clinch at 3:00. Magomedov gets separation at 3:45 with a head kick. Magomedov with a takedown attempt but stuffed by Jordan. Magomedov with a nice jab combo at 4:30. 10-9 Magomedov, 29-28 overall

WINNER - RUSLAN MAGOMEDOV (14-1) by unanimous decision (30-27 x 2; 29-28)


Bader looks 2 weight classes bigger than Rashad. Like, I've seen welterweights that look bigger than Rashad does right now (Hendricks, for instance). Bader controlling the pace early. Bader badly misses a takedown attempt at 1:45. Neither guy landing much but Bader slightly more. Rashad controlling the pace in the second half of the round but Bader landing jabs while retreating. Bader with a kind of half-knockdown at 3:45 but lets Evans up. Evans backs him up with a punch combo and tries for a takedown but stuffed by Bader. Nice punch exchange at 4:45. Close round, 10-9 Bader

Rashad with early Octagon control. Bader with a takedown at 1:30. Bader takes his back but Evans to his feet right away. Bader with another takedown but Evans right back up. Evans' eyes are both swollen. Evans pushing the pace but Bader again landing punches while retreating. Evans is landing punches of his own though and they're definitely hurting Bader. Evans with a hard leg kick at 3:45. Head strikes are 19-13 for Bader. Evans rocks Bader with a punch combo at 4:30. Evans with a takedown attempt stuffed at the end of the round. Another very close round. 10-9 Evans

I've seen scores of 20-18 either way and some have it tied up. No way either guy can feel they're comfortably up two rounds. Evans the aggressor early in the round. Evans backs up Bader with a punch combo at 2:15. Evans with another punch combo at 3:15 and tries for a takedown but Bader stuffs it. Bader lands a hard elbows as they break up. 1:00 to go and the round and fight are still up for grabs. Evans still pushing forward. Bader with a takedown at 4:30 but Evans right back up. Evans with a punch combo against the cage at 4:45. Another very close round, 10-9 Evans

WINNER - RYAN BADER (20-4) by unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)


Cormier pushing the action early and landing leg kicks. Cormier with a slam takedown 45 seconds in and right into side control. Cormier landing rapid-fire punches to the head. Gustafsson works him back to guard. Gus briefly to his feet but brought right back down. Cormier landing body punches at 2:45. Total strikes 43-9 through 3:15. Gustafsson trying for a sub but  Cormier fights it off easily and back into side control at 3:45. Gustafsson scrambles to his feet. Gustafsson's face is all cut up. Gustaffson with a leg kick/body kick combo at 4:15. Cormier slips while defending a takedown at the end of the round. 10-9 Cormier

Cormier with Octagon control to start the round. Gustafsson bleeding under his left eye. Cormier cut as well and chasing Gustafsson around the Octagon. Cormier's cut is bleeding heavily. Gustafsson with a takedown at 1:30 but Cormier right back up. Both guys siwnging wildly at 1:45 and Gus is hurt. Cormier trying for a takedown but eats a hard elbows to the head. Cormier's right eye looks terrible. Clinch in the centre and Cormier landing hard uppercuts at 3:00. Nice punch exchange at 3:45. Total strikes in round 2 are 32-29 for Cormier. Gustafsson with a takedown at 4:30 and takes Cormier's back. Cormier right to his feet but Gus still on his back. Very close round. 10-9 Gustafsson

Again, somehow my third round writeup disappeared but I had it 10-9 Cormier.

Cormier asked his corner "who won that round" and they said "I don't know". I'm seeing 29-28 either way on Twitter. Gustafsson shoots for a takedown early but stuffed by Cormier. Gus wants no part of a clinch and backs away. Gustafsson lands a hard body kick at 1:15. Cormier chasing Gustafsson around at 1:30. Cormier bleeding from under his right eye and also from his nose now. Custafsson with a significant cut on the bridge of his nose. Loud DC chants from the crowd. Cormier stalking him at 3:!5. Gus with a hard body kick at 3:30. Gustafsson lands a hard knee to the head at 4:00. This round is really close. Clinch in the centre and Cormier lands more uppecuts. Gustafsson with a trip takedown but lets Cormier right back up at 4:45. Cormier with a punch combo right before  the buzzer. 10-9 Gustafsson so all tied up going into the fifth. 

Cormier controlling the Octagon early in the round. Cormier with a punch/kick combo at 1:15. They put up a distance travelled stat and Gustafsson had travelled about 30% more than Cormier because he has been retreating most of the fight. Crowd booing at 2:00. No idea why, this fight is great. Cormier chasing him around the Octagon and catches him in a clinch in the centre at 2:30 and lands a few shots before Gus breaks away. Cormier catches him again at 2:45 and lands more uppercuts and knees to the body. Gus breaks away at 3:00. Another clinch in the centre at 3:30 and both guys landing uppercuts. Gus bleeding very heavily. With a minute left, Cormier is winning this round and the fight. 30 seconds left and Cormier peppering him with uppercuts. Gustafsson lands a hard knee to the head with 15 seconds left. 10-9 Cormier, 48-47 overall

WINNER - DANIEL CORMIER (17-1) by split decision (47-48, 48-47 and 49-46)

Scorecards for Cormier vs Gustafsson

This is how the judges saw tonight's Daniel Cormier vs. AlexanderGustafsson light heavyweight title fight.

Judge Sal D'Amato gave rounds one, three and five to Daniel Cormier.

Judge Kerry Hately gave rounds one, three, four and five to Cormier.

Judge Derek Cleary, the lone judge for Gustafsson, gave Gustafsson rounds two, three and four.

Cormier put over Gustafsson in his post fight promo. Said Gus made him a better fighter and a better man. Said he couldn't see out of his right eye in the second round but once his vision cleared, he was okay. No call out or mention of Jon Jones. 

Gustafsson was interviewed as well. Gustafsson said Cormier can box, he can wrestle and he's the real champion. He walked out of the cage with his head down. 

Thanks for joining Ryan and I tonight. Hope you enjoyed the coverage!

So, after the main event, they aired a promo for UFC 193. This may be the best promo I've ever seen. "Every revolution starts with a fight" has got to be a dig at WWE and anyone who sees this will want to watch the fight. Go out of your way to see this promo video.