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UFC 194 Las Vegas live results: Jose Aldo vs. Conor McGregor, Chris Weidman vs. Luke Rockhold

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Welcome to's live coverage of UFC 194: Aldo vs. McGregor from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. The biggest UFC event of 2015 is headlined by two title fights, two of the most intriguing fights of the year, and possibly the best main/co-main combination the UFC has ever put together. UFC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo takes on Interim UFC Featherweight Champion Conor McGregor to unify the titles in the main event, and UFC Middleweight Champion Chris Weidman defends against Luke Rockhold. Follow along with our live coverage beginning at 6:30 PM eastern time with preliminary action. We are looking for your thoughts on the show, so send us a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best fight and worst fight to Dave Meltzer.

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Coverage provided by Dave Meltzer



First round:  Former TUF winner in the first of 13 matches.  That’s how you know a show is loaded.  Body kick by McGee.  Left by Alexandre.  Body kick by Alexandre landed.  McGee gave him an accidental low blow.  That was a kick straight through the uprights.  Alexandre grabbed a guillotine and pulled guard.  McGee out and threw punches.  Close round 10-9 Alexandre.

Second round:  Body kick by Alexandre and McGee with a low kick.  McGee pushed him into the fence.  McGee with a body kick.  They were in a clinch against the fence and noting has been happening.  McGee throwing knees to the thigh.  They were separated with 50 seconds left.  Body shot by McGee.  High kick by Alexandre blocked.  Left by Alexandre.  Spin kick by McGee barely grazed  him.  McGee’s round so 19-19 going into the third.

Third round:  McGee took him down.  Trading body kicks.  McGee trying for a takedown but doesn’t have it.  McGee can’t take him down but he’s working for it.  McGee finally picked him up low and slammed him and is busy from the top.  McGee working the body.  McGee pounded him out late in the round.  29-28 McGee.  First and second rounds were close however, third was the only decisive round.

Scores:  30-27, 29-28 and 29-28 for McGee      


First round:  Makdessi connecting on low kicks.  Medeiros with a  solid low kick.  Makdessi with a low kick.  Left and right by Medeiros.  Spin kick by Makdessi.  Close round.  Makdessi 10-9.

Second round:  Makdessi with a  body kick.  Left uppercut by Medeiros.  Head kick by Makdessi.  This fight is more like technical sparring than a fight.  Nice spin kick by Makdessi  just as I wrote that.  Left to the body by Makedessi.  Low kick,but most blows  don’t have a lot of force.  Medeiros with a body kick and and a nice right.  Side kick by Makedessi.  Body shts and side kick by Makedessi.  Medeiros went for a takedown but couldn’t get it.  Spin kick to the body Medeiros.  Left by Medeiros.  Medeiros with  a right.  Another close round.  Medeiros’ round so 19-19 going into the third.

Third round:  Medeiros with aleft.  Medeiros landing jabs.  Right by Medeiros.  Another jab by Medeiros.  Makdessi back with a low kick.  Medeiros with a right. Spin kick to the body by Makdessi.  Body kick by Medeiros but he was momentarily tripped.  Low kick by Makdessi.  Medeiros  landing the jab.  Right by Makdessi.  Makdessi with a side kick.  Big right by Makdessi .  Makdessi landing shots but Medeiros knocked him down.  Very close, Medeiros was winning the round early, Makdesssi was really coming on late but that knockdown may have been the difference.  All three rounds close.  Medeiros 29-28.

Scores:   29-28 Medeiros 29-28 Makdessi 29-28 Medeiros


Magomed Mustafaev (12-1) vs. Joe Proctor (11-3), lw

First round:  Mustafaev moving forward.  Proctor with a low kick.  Proctor in with punches.  Mustafaev with punches.  Body kick by Mustafaev.  Body kick and punches by Mustafaev.  Hard knees by Mustafaev.  Hard knees by Mustafaev and another knee put him down and its’ over.  Proctor’s a tough guy so Mustafaev is clearly legit.  1:54



First round:  Hard body kick by Alves, Knee to the body by Alves.   Covington took him down.  Alves grabbed a guillotine, Covington power bombed him, in, but Alves held on and Covington tapped out.


First round:    Huge size difference here.  Lybarger much taller and larger.  Torres landed some punches.   Nice combo by Torres.  Left to the jaw by Jones.  Right by Jones.  Torres now landed.  Torres trying for a takedown.    Torres 10-9.

Second round:  Crowd starting to boo as Jones has Torres pressed against the fence.  Now Torres reversed the position.  Body kick by Jones.  She’s again pressing Torres against the fence.  Torres landing punches.  Joes went for a takedown but Torres landed on top and is throwing punches on the ground. Now she’s landing elbows.  Torres landing hard punches from the top late in the round. Crowd gave Torres a big hand.  20-18 Torres.

Third round:   Torres landed some punches.  Body kick by Jones as she moved in.  Nice right hook by Torres.  Torres  now landing several punches.  She’s turning it on.  Torres with hard punches.  Now Jones landed a solid right.  Head kick by Torres.  Crowd really liked this fight.  They raised each others’ arms when it was over.  The crowd took to Torres.  Torres 30-27.  Pretty much has to be that score unless you do a 10-8 second round which is possible.

Scores:   All three have it 30-27 for Torres.

BANTAMWEIGHTS- (#4) URIJAH FABER (32-8, 8-4 UFC) VS. (#13) FRANKIE SAENZ (11-2, 3-0 UFC)

First round:  Trading low kicks.  Faber out fast, landed a right and took him down.  Faber tried another takedown but Saenz ended up on top.  Faber threw a right but it was blocked.  Seanz missed pnches.  Faber ducked for a takedown but Saenz out of the way.  Faber with a left and low kick.  Saenz back with an elbow and Faber with an elbow.  Seanz with a low kick.  Faber wih a knee.  Faber failed on a takedown attempt but back up. Saenz landed good shots.  Body kick by Saenz.  Faber failed on a takedown attempt. But he hit an elbow.  Saenz missed a knee.  Body kick by Saenz.  Faber 10-9.

Second round:   Body kick by Faber.  Faber landing a ton of elbow and has Saenz in trouble.  He’s hurting him with elbows.  Saenz surviving some huge right and left elbows.  Faber with a hip toss into side control.  Saenz reversed to the top.  This is a great fight.  Crowd gave both a huge  hand.  Saenz swept his leg and Faber went down.  Body kick and punch by  Saenz.  Saenz with a punch and low kick.  Right by Saenz.  Low kick by Saenz and another.  Faber  went for a takedown but Saenz blocked.  Faber 20-18 because of the opening flurry but it was Saenz the last half of the round.

Third round:  God low kick by Saenz.  Body kick by Faber.  Body kick by Saenz.  Left and right by Faber.  Knee by Saenz and another knee.  Saenz going for a takedown.  Faber blocking.  Trading knees from a clinch.  Elbow by Faber.  Faber with a punch but Saenz fired back.  Saenz with a  right.  Low kick by Saenz.  Big right by Faber.  Left by  Faber.  Body kick by Saenz.  Faber took him down.    Saenz back up.  Another takedown by Faber.  Crowd gave both a big hand.  Really good fight.  Close round but I gave it to Saenz, 29-28 Faber.

Scores:  29-28, 29-28 30-27 Faber.  Everyone cheered the decision.  I thought they’d boo it just because of how much heart Saenz showed.

Faber said he was going after the belt because at the end of the story the good guy wins and that’s me.  Rogan said you mean against TJ Dillashaw and Faber said Dillashaw or Dominick Cruz.


FEATHERWEIGHTS- (#5) MAX HOLLOWAY (14-3, 10-3 UFC) VS. (#8) JEREMY STEPHENS (24-11, 11-10 UFC)

First round:  Both missing punches.  Super hot crowd anyway.  Slow open.  Both continue to miss punches.  Holloway landed a punch.  Stephens with a low kick.  Holloway with a body kick.  Body kick by Holloway.  Stephens with a low kick.  Holloway missed a punch and Stephens got behind him momentarily.   Very close because little happened.  Holloway 10-9.

Second round:  Holloway tried a spin kick to the body but Stephens blocked it.  Crowd is quiet.  Stephens going for a takedown.  Body punch and uppercut by Stephens. Low kick by Stephens.  Holloway with a right.  Stephens landed a right.  Right by Holloway.  Stephens again working for a takedown and can’t get it.  Low kick by Stephens.  Very close round again.  Stephens, so 19-19 after two.

Third round:  Holloway took him down.  Holloway got behind him, throwing punches and working for a choke.  Stephens out of trouble but Holloway is on top.  Holloway with an elbow.  He got Stephens’ back again and is working for a choke.  Stephens back up.  Stephens landed  some punches.  Low kick by Stephens.  Holloway with a left.  Stephens landed two punches and went for a takedown .  Holloway blocking.  Spinning elbow by Holloway.  Holloway got the takedown.  Stephens swinging wildly  but mostly missing.  Both threw at the fight ended.  Holloway 29-28, but this is another close one.

Scores 30-27, 30-27, 29-28 for Holloway

Holloway challenged McGregor  at Croke Park and challenged Aldo as well.

WELTERWEIGHTS- (#6) DEMIAN MAIA (21-6, 15-6 UFC) VS. (#12) GUNNAR NELSON (14-1-1, 5-1 UFC)

First round:  Nelson got the takedown.  Maia back up.  Everyone wanted a Tokoro match on the ground here.  Maia went for a takedown  and Nelson tried to get his neck.  Nelson now on top after a Maia takedown attempt.  Crowd going crazy for Nelson.  He trains in Ireland so he’s honorary Irish.  Maia has his back.  Maia throwing punches.  Maia moved to mount and is punching him.  Maia got his back.  Maia punching hard from back position as the Brazilians chanted “You’re gonna die.”  Maia punching from back position.  He’s got Nelson is a body triangle.  Maia working for an armbar.  Nelson escaped and on top.  The place went nuts for that reversal.  The place is going crazy for a grappling match.  It’s awesome.  Maia 10-9.

Second round:   Both landed punches.  Maia with a takedown and Nelson reversed .  Maia now behind him.  Maia has his back again.  Maia is in the piggy back position with a body triangle.  Maia throwing punches from that position.  Nelson reversed to the top.  Maia reversed to the top.  Maia landing elbows.  Maia 20-18.

Third round:  Maia took him down monentarily.  Nelson trying for a guillotine.   Maia out of it.  Maia with punches and elbows from the top.  Maia with elbows.  Maia is working for a choke but he can’t get the arm under the chin.  Maia gave it up to throw punches.  Nelson reversed to the top with 15 seconds left.  The crowd liked it and the two guys hugged.  Maia easily 30-27.

Scores:   30-26, 30-25 and 30-25.

Maia challenged the Lawler vs. Condit winner. 

MIDDLEWEIGHTS- (#2) RONALDO SOUZA (22-3 1 NC, 5-0 UFC) VS. (#3) YOEL ROMERO (10-1, 6-0 UFC)

First round:    Romero came into the ring and did a roundoff.  He’s an athlete at a completely different level from almost anyone in this sport and a lot of others.  Traded body kicks.  Nice right by Souza.  Souza moving forward.  Body kick by Souza.  Left to the body by Souza.  Romero threw a kick but it was checked.  Romero landed  a hard left.  Spinning  punch by Romero decked Souza.  Romero throwing punches from the top.  Romero starting to land good punches on the ground.  He’s really weary, however.  Romero with punches and elbows.  Romero just got out of trouble and more punches. Romero with hard elbows.  Souza went for an armbar.  Romero  got out and got his back and punching.  10-8 Romero

Second round:  Body kick by Romero.  Left by Romero.  Souza went for a takedown.  Romero totally holding onto the fence but Souza got him down and  Romero reversed.  The ref should have called a penalty point for that one.  It was too long and too flagrant.  Body shot by Souza.  Body kick by Romero.  Body kick by Souza.  Souza landed a right.  Romero looks shaky.  Body kick by Romero.  Body kick by Souza.  Body kick by Romero.  Souza’s round 19-18 Romero after two.

Third round:  Body kick by Souza.  Low kick by Souza.  Souza missed a kick.  Front kick and left by Romero.  Souza tried a takedown.  He couldn’t get it.  Hard left by Romero.  Body kick by Souza.  Souza landed some good shots.   He’s got Romero hurt and took him down.  Souza landign punches on the ground.  He’s working for ahead and arm choke.  Souza with some elbows and punches.  Romero back up.  Souza’s round so I’ve got 28-28, but if not a 10-8 first then it’s Souza’s fight.

The two hugged after the match and both posed with a “Jesus”  flag.

Scores:  29-27 Romero, 29-28 Souza 29-28 Romero.  I don’t agree with that decision in the sense Souza won rounds two and three.   


First round:  Weidman got a huge positive reaction but no boos for Rockhold.  Crowd going nuts and stomping before the match even started.  Trading low kicks.  Chris jumped on his back right away and got in piggy back position.  Rockhold tried to throw him off but Weidman staying out of a bad position.  Rockhold has him against the cage.  Right by Weidman and he got the takedown.  Rockhold back  up.  Loud let’s go Weidman chant.  Elbow by Weidman.  Another takedown by Weidman.  Rockhold had a guillotine.  Weidman motioned like he’s got nothing on it.  Herb Dean called a standup.  Weird to stand up from there.  Hard body kick by Rockhold.  Weidman took him down.  Rockhold reversed and got another guillotine.  Close round.  Rockhold 10-9.

Second round:  Rockhold landing punches.  Hard body kick by Rockhold. .  Weidman with a body kick.  Both missed punches.  Hard body kick by Weidmnan.  Head kick by Rockhold.  Low kick by Rockhold.  Weidnan went for a takedown but Rockhold blocked and landed a body kick.  Hard body kick by Rockhold. Weidman went for a takedown but Rockhold blocked and landed a body kick hard.  Hard body kick by Rockhold.  Another body kick by Rockhold.  Weidman missed a kick.  Rockhold with a right.  Left by Weidamn.  Hook kick by Rockhold just missed.  High kick by Rockhold. Big right by Rockhold.  Best punch of the fight.  Right by Rockhold.  Left by Rockhold.  Body shot by Rockhold.  Weidman with a right.  Body kick by Wiedman. Body kick by Rockhold. Weidman with low kicks.  Rockhold slipped a punch and landed a right.  Low kick by Rockhold.  Body kick by Weidman hurt him.  Rockhold with a left.  Rockhold 20-18.

Third round:  Body kick by Weidman.  Body kick by Rockhold.  Body kick by Weidman.  Weidman wants a takedown.  Rockhold blocked him.  Two body kick by Weidmann.  Hard left by Weidman and he got the takedown.   Rockhold back up.  Rockhold with a left,  a body kick and a low kick.  Another left by Rockhold.  Body kick by Weidman.  Left and right by Rockhold.  Body kick by Weidman.  Another body kick by Weidman.  Both guys are really tired at this point, slower and more measured.  Hard kick by Weidman.  Weidman missed a wheel kick and Rockhold took him down and got his back.  Rockhold has full mount.  Rockhold punching  and elbows.  Rockhold landing a lot of punches now.  Weidman is in big trouble.   Rockhold dropping a ton of punches and elbows.  Rockhold is killing him with punches.  It really should have been stopped.  Rockhold 10-8 round for sure, I’ve got 30-26.  That should have been stopped and I don’t know if Weidman is getting up from that.

Fourth round:  Weidman answered the bell.  Body kick by Rockhold.  He tried for a takedown but Weidman blocked it.  Rockhold got him down.  Weidman has several cuts.  Rockhold landing punches.  Rockhold on top throwing punches again.  Herb Dean stopped it and Rockhold is the new champion.  3:12

Rogan with Luke Rockhold.  “It’s hard to describe.  I can’t believe this is real.”

Rogan with Chris:  He says this was Luke's night, at the end of the the day I've got a beautiful family, fans love me, I'll be back.  He said the spin kick wasn't the smartest move, I wanted to give everything I had, all I can do is work hard.   


First round:  McGregor landed a left and side kick. McGregor knocked him out in seconds.  Aldo went for a left as did McGregor, McGregor landed perfectly on the jaw and Aldo went down.  Aldo is in tears.  :13