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UFC 203 live results: CM Punk vs. Mickey Gall; Stipe Miocic vs. Alistair Overeem


Welcome to's live coverage of UFC 203: Miocic vs. Overeem, eminating from the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio.

We're looking for your thoughts on this show, as well as tomorrow's Backlash show, so you can leave a thumbs up, thumbs down or thumbs in the middle along with a best and worest match to

The event is headlined by UFC Heavyweight Champion Stipe Miocic making his first title defense against challenger, Alistair Overeem. In the co-main event, it is a heavyweight battle as former UFC Heavyweight Champion Fabricio Werdum meets Travis Browne in a rematch of their April 2014 bout won by Werdum. Also on the card is the MMA debut of former professional wrestler C.M. Punk, who makes his much-hyped Octagon debut against Mickey Gall.

YANCY MEDEIROS (12-4 1 NC, 3-4 1 NC UFC) VS. SEAN SPENCER (12-5, 3-4 UFC)

First round:  Medeiros with a body kick.  Low kick by  Spencer.  Medeiros with a body punch.  Left by Spencer.  Spencer with a nice right.  Body kick by Medeiros.  Low kick by  Spencer.  Low kick by Spencer.  Body kick by Medeiros.  Left by Spencer.  Medeiros with a body kick which knocked Spencer to one knee.  Body kick by Spencer.  Lots of Whoo chants which often happen s at UFC shows.  Very close round.  10-9 Medeiros.

Second round:    Medeiros landed a left kick to the head which knocked Spencer down.  Medeiros grabbed a guillotine, but then let it go and got behind him and grabbed a choke and had it in deep for the submission.

DREW DOBER (16-7 1 NC, 2-3 1 NC UFC) VS. JASON GONZALEZ (10-2, 0-0 UFC)

First round:  Gonzalez hurt him with a punch.  Dober kicked him low.  Dober was given a warning.  Dober landing a flurry of punches.  He’s landing a lot of punches and the ref stopped it as Gonzalez went down.   The sequence was a right to the jaw, left to the jaw, a few punches missed or grazed, then a huge right, then a left and another right and it was over.  1:45

NIK LENTZ (26-7-2 1 NC, 10-4-1 1 NC UFC) VS. MICHAEL MCBRIDE (8-1, 0-0 UFC)

First round:  McBride missed weight by two pounds.  Lentz landed some punches.  He landed a knee to the head but McBride spun out of a choke attempt.  Lentz got behind him and took him down into back control.  Lentz with a knee to the body and another trip takedown.  McBride back up.  Lentz  got him down again.  McBride trying for a leg lock.  Lentz throwing punches from back position.  Lentz tried a guillotine again but McBride out.  Lentz throwing punches.  Lentz throwing some punches and elbows from back control.  10-9 Lentz.

Second round:  McBride landing punches.  Lentz landing  punches.  McBride seems real tired  but put Lentz down and has his back.  Lentz is back up. McBride with punches and took him down again.  Lentz is trying for a guillotine.  Lentz got his back.  Lentz working for a head and arm choke.  Lentz landing a lot of punches from back position.  McBride put his thumb up like he was okay but the ref stopped it.


First round:  Magalhaes with a body kick.  Magalhaes got the takedown.  Tavares back up.  Tavares pushing Magalhaes up against the cage.  Not much happened this round.  Both trading knees at short range.  Magalhaes 10-9.

Second round:  Body kick by Magalhaes.  Body kick by Magalhaes  Good right by  Tavares.  Front kick by Tavares.  Low kick by Magalhaes.  Magalhaes got  a takedown but Tavares right back up.  Another close round, could go either way.  19-19

Third round:  Tavares pushed him into the fence.  Magalhaes working for a guillotine.  He let it go.  Tavares  landed punches.  Low kick by Tavares.  Both traded.   Body kick by Tavares.  Right by Tavares.  Body kick by Tavares.  Magalhaes with a left hook.  Right by Tavares and a high kick.  Magalhaes in with some punches.  Tavares with a knee.  Tavares definitely took this round, so I’ve got 29-28 but the first two rounds were close.

Scores:  29-28 Magalhaes 30-27 Tavares 29-28 Tavares

(#10) JESSICA EYE (11-5 1 NC, 1-4 1 NC UFC) VS. (#11) BETHE CORREIA (9-2, 3-2 UFC)

First round:  Eye is from Cleveland and is the big crowd favorite here.  Eye landed a right.  Nice right by  Correia.  Right by Eye.  Eye took her down but Correia was let back up.  Eye landing more punches.  Eye 10-9.

Second round:  Eye landing punches.  Both were landing punches.  Both were bleeding at this point.  Eye 20-18.

Third round:  Eye landing body kick.  Correia landed.  Both traded.  Eye landed  a left.  Correia landed  a left.  Correia landing more punches.  Both in a clinch and landing punches.  Correia’s round so 29-28 Eye.

Scores:  29-28 Correia 29-28 Eye 29-28 Correia.  The crowd is really upset.  Fact is this fight could have gone either way.

(#6) JESSICA ANDRADE (14-5, 5-3 UFC) VS. (#7) JOANNE CALDERWOOD (11-1, 3-1 UFC)

First round:  Andrade took her down.  Andrade cut over the left eye from an elbow.  Andrade with a high takedown into side control.  The cut look s nasty.  Andrade landing punches.  Short power bomb by Andrade.   Andrade landing punches.  Andrade with good punches.  Andrade back in side control.  Calderwood got half guard back.  Andrade working for a guillo0tine.  Calderwood tapped.  This was a strong one-sided win for Andrade. 

Jimmie Rivera (19-1) vs. Urijah Faber (33-9)

First round:  Front kick by Faber.  Nice right by Rivera.  Low kick by Rivera.  Very little happening.  Both are moving.  A quick trade.  Very hard to score because so little happened.  Faber may have a right hand injury because he’s not throwing the right.  Rivera 10-9.

Second round:  Low kick by Rivera.  Accidental low blow kick by Faber.  Rivera landed a few punches.  Low kick by Rivera put Faber down.  Right by Rivera.  Another low kick by Rivera.  Another low kick by Rivera.  Another low kick by Rivera.  Faber’s left knee looks swollen.  Another low kick by Rivera.  Hard low kick by Rivera.  Another low kick by  Rivera.  They traded punches.  Rivera’s round I’ve got it 20-18.  Boring fight.

Third round:   Both swinging.  Body kick by Faber.  Faber tried for a takedown but didn’t get it.  Right and left by Rivera.  Rivera dropped down for the takedown.  Low kick by  Rivera.  There was an accidental eye poke by  Faber.  Rivera back with punchds.  Rivera landed more late.  Rivera said he couldn’t see out of his right eye from that eye poke as soon as the match ended.  Rivera 30-27.  Boring fight.

Scores:   All three had it 30-27 for Rivera.  It’s sad to see Faber in this position.

Rivera was almost in tears about fighting Faber saying he grew up watching him.  He said he couldn't see out of his right eye the last three minutes of the fight.  He told the doctor he wanted to finish the fight.  He kind of apologized for not finishing.  Rivera said he knew Faber doesn't check kicks so he took advantage of that.

C.M. PUNK (0-0, 0-0 UFC) VS. MICKEY GALL (2-0, 1-0 UFC)

First round:  Mickey Gall came out to “Hey Mickey” after all the controversy so Dana gave in on that.  Punk came out to “Cult of Personality.”  Punk looked so happy coming out and just being in the cage.  It’s so weird how this is the real main event.  Punk got a big reaction.  Gall took him right down.  Gall landing big shots from the top.  Gall working for a guillotine.  Gall go this back and working for a choke.  Gall gave it up and punching and again working for a choke.  Gall landing lots of punches.  Gall is landing a lot of punches and again working for a choke.  Punk escaped.  Gall got it again and Punk tapped.  This was a one-sided slaughter.   This is just reality.  2:14

Gall said this has been crazy, it was a great opportunity, said people hate too much, he hated all the things people have said with Punk.  We’ll all be dead in 100 years fuck the hate.  He said this was a great opportunity for me, he said people may say you’re a gimmicky fight but I’m no gimmick.  He challenged Super Sage Northcutt next.  That’s exactly who he should have called out.  Exactly.

Punk’s right ear looks like hell.  Punk said this was a hell of a mountain to climb.  He said this doesn’t mean he’s going to stop believe it or not.  Said Mickey was a hell of a fighter.  Said this was the second best night of my life other than getting married.  Life’s about falling down and getting up and said to believe in yourself.  Sometimes the outcome won’t always be what you desire it to be but the true failure is not trying at all, This was the time of my life.

(#1) FABRICIO WERDUM (20-6-1, 8-3 UFC) VS. (#7) TRAVIS BROWNE (18-4-1, 9-4-1 UFC)

First round:  Werdum came out with a flying side kick that landed to the chin which was one of the best moves of the fight.  Wedrum went for  takedown.  Werdum tried a Jushin Liger koppo kick but that missed as well.  Werdum looks so slow.   Browne suffered a dislocated finger and popped it back in.  The dislocation came from a punch.  The referee went to stop the fight as an injury time out which makes no sense.  The fight should have been stopped.  They all argued about whether to allow the fight to continue and they let it continue.  Werdum with a body kick.  Werdum is now landing.  Werdum landing all kinds of punches.  Browne actually landed some punches.  Werdum with a spin kick to the body.  Browne landed a left.  Another left by Browne.  Low kick by Werdum. Brown landed a right.  Front kick by Werdum.  Browne threw him down.  Werdum with low kick.  Werdum dropped him with a right.  Werdum landing punches on the ground.  Werdum got his back.  Werdum working for a choke.  Werdum landing lots of punches from back position until the round ended.  10-8 Werdum.

Second round:   Spin kick by Werdum.  Werdum landing punches.  Werdum with a body kick.   Fans are booing as nothing is happening.  Browne with a front kick.  Werdum with a right to the chin.  Uppercut by Werdum.  Left by Browne landed.  Werdum is so slow.  Brown with a left hook to the body.  Crowd booing now.  Browne with a left.  Low kick by Browne.  Werdum tried another Liger kick that missed.  Werdum 20-17.

Third round:    Browne with low kick and another.   Werdum with a low kick.  Werdum tried a takedown but Brown easily blocked it.  Side kick by Werdum. Werdum landing punches.  Werdum landing more pucnhes and knees.  Browne  with high kicks.  Right by Browne.  Browne landed a right.  Werdum dropped down for a takedown that didn’t come close. Werdum landed a right.  Left by Werdum.  The crowd is booing this like crazy.  It’s really bad fight with both looking slow and doing little aside from Werdum having him in trouble late.  Werdum 30-26

Wedum started mocking the fans booing.  Werdum threw a kick at Edmond Tarverdyan (Browne’s trainer) when Tarverdayn started mouthing off to him.  There’s going to be trouble for that.  It was broken up quickly.  Bruce Buffer went to calm Werdum down.  Werdum’s corner was hot as well.

Scores: 29-28, 29-27 and 30-27 for Werdum. 

The crowd is booing Werdum heavily in his interview.  Werdum said it was a good fight blamed the booing on this being Stipe Miocic’s house.


First round:   Loud Stipe chant.  Overeem moving backwards.  Body kick by Oveeeem.  Overeem just running away.  Overeem deked him with a left and put on a guillotine but Miocic is out of it.  That was insane.  Miocic landed a left but Overeem with a body kick and a left.  Miocic landed a right.  Miocic with good punches.  Miocic landed a good right.  Miocic landing good punches. Miocic landed punches and Overeem is running away.  Overeem with a body kick.  Overeem with an uppecut and knee to the body.  Loud “Stipe” chants.  Body kick by Miocic.  Left by Overeem and a body kick.  Body kick by Miocic.  Miocic landing several punches.  Miocic took him down and is pounding on him. Miocic finished him with punches on the ground.  Overeem was out after a series of punches on the ground.  That was a hell of a round.  This is one of the biggest celebration pops in UFC history.  Overeem was out cold.  They tried to get him on the stool and he fell back down.  4:27

Miocic interview.  Said Overeem kicked harder than he thought.  Said he kicked hard as f***.

Overeem said Stipe was the better man today, he’s a great athlete and he came to fight. Overeem said that Miocic tapped from the guillotine and the ref didn’t see it. He said it’s a bummer. He said he’s the better fighter but he wasn’t the better fighter.They showed the replay and no tap and the fans booed the hell out of it.  Now theyr’e going to look at it again. There was no tap. Overeem looked like the kid who lied and got caught red handed.